...and then there were four

Taylor is patiently waiting for her baby sister to arrive!

Payton Leigh Bowser

Estimated due date:  11/9/06

Next Appointment:  11/1/06 for "almost" 39 week OB appt


3/2/06:  1st of four positive pregnancy tests!


3/3/06:  Went to dinner with Justin, Roxy and Simon and told our little secret.


3/10/06:  Went to dinner with Mom and Dad Bowser, Justin, Roxy and Simon.  Taylor wore her "I'm the big sister t-shirt" and we didn't say anything to Mom and Dad.  For 10 minutes they were talking to Taylor, patting her head, tickling her tummy and no one noticed a thing!  Finally we told Taylor to show Grammy and Papa the teddy bear on her t-shirt and it still took another minute for Grammy to catch on!  She gasped (very loudly) and we knew she knew.  Papa was still confused and put on his glasses to read the news!


3/10/06:  We took a picture of Taylor in her Big Sister t-shirt and emailed it to Mom and Dad Wilson.  I left a message on their machine that they had to check their email to see the pic of what Taylor did today.  About an hour later a very happy Nana and Papa Wilson called with congratulations!


3/15/06:  Talked with Matt on the phone and told him our little secret.


3/26/06:  I'm going on week 2 of all day nausea.  So far this pregnancy is VERY similar to what I went through when I carried T. 


3/31/06:  Today was the big day!  We went to see Dr. O'Sullivan for our 1st prenatal appointment.  After doing all the mommy "checks", off to the ultrasound room we went.  Here is the very first picture of our Desert Baby!  The baby measured 16.4mm (crown to rump length).  That is about the size of a pinkie fingernail.  We saw arm and leg buds and the HEARTBEAT!  Dr. O turned on the doppler and let us listen to the heartbeat for about  a minute.  The heart rate was 166 bpm.  The baby measured 8 weeks, 2 days and I was 8 weeks along.  Dr. O said the baby looked great!  I did get two scripts for Phenergan and Zofran to help with the vomiting/all day nausea.  Hoping they will work!  They took about 5 vials of blood and we were on our way!


4/4/06:  The scripts for nausea aren't working.  I am still vomiting (maybe 1 x per day) and am nauseas all day long.  This is the pits.  I hope it goes away soon.  It went away with Taylor around 9.5 weeks.  I will be 9 weeks on Thursday.


4/29/06:  The little desert bean was semi nice to me on our trip to San Diego.  I wasn't really "sick", just had evening issues with gagging.  Isn't it glorious?!  My 12 week appointment was last Thursday (4/27/06).  Dr. O used the external doppler and she found the baby down low to the left.  I could hear the heartbeat loud and clear...swish swish swish swish.  Doc says the heart rate was 150.  All of my blood work from last appt came back fine and she gave me a write up to have my anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks.  This is the BIG ultrasound where they check to make sure everything is ok with the baby and we will hopefully get to see if it's a boy or girl!  My ultrasound is scheduled for 6/12.  Other than that, this appt marks the start of my "pee in a cup, listen to the heartbeat, go home" visits.  I am getting bigger in the lower abdomen and can't wear any of my normal pants anymore.  Guess it's true what they say, you show faster the second time around.  Great lol.


5/29/06:  Well, here goes...my first "official" belly shot with this baby.  I am 15 weeks, 1 day in that photograph.  I had my 16 week (4 month) appointment on 5/25/06.  Dr. O found the heartbeat on the lower left side again and we heard it loud and clear.  This time the heart rate was 140.  That is also the same heart rate that Taylor had at my 4 mo appointment!  I had my blood draw at this appointment for the "Quad Screen" which screens for things like Down's Syndrome and neural tube defects.  Hopefully we will NOT hear from the Doctor!  No news is good news!  As of today there are 14 days left until we find out what we are having!  WOO HOO!  As of right now, I feel BOY, but I also felt that way with Taylor until about 2 days before the ultrasound.  We just want to find out so we can clear out the spare bedroom and get to work on the new nursery!  I have had lots of weird cravings this pregnancy:  artichokes, stuffed celery, pineapple, cantaloupe, Italian food and chocolate milk shakes.


6/12/06:  Today was our BIG ultrasound!  We went into the appointment EXTREMELY eager to find out what our little baby was!  Well, this ultrasound was 100% different than the u/s that I had with Taylor.  It was 2D, 3D, 4D, orbital, you name it, they could do it with this machine! I have 97 pics on a disc to prove it, although I can only identify about 5 of them.   As soon as I laid down and the tech asked us if we wanted to know what it was, we both could already see it clear as day on the screen...our baby was a little GIRL!  The tech confirmed it!  Jarrod was right...he says he *knew* all along!  The baby was VERY active in the beginning, but then fell asleep so the tech was jiggling and pushing my stomach to wake her back up.  The baby's heart rate during the u/s was 150 bpm.  The tech spent over an hour measuring the brain, organs, bones, spine, head circumference and checking out the 4 chambers of the heart.  She was even able to turn something on so we could *watch* the blood flow through the umbilical cord and the aorta.  This u/s was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen in my life!  Baby girl even showed us that she was a girl another two times throughout the scan!  Everything measured out great and there appear to be no problems!  After our u/s, we went home where Taylor was waiting with Grammy and Papa Bowser and we told her she was going to get a baby SISTER!  Taylor is very excited and maintains that the baby should be named...SOOT NACK (fruit snack). She has been saying this for about 2 weeks now lol.  So, without further adieu, here is our new baby GIRL:

BABY:  Face & Hand

BABY:  4d shot of the baby's face  (There is a line with a circular dip...the dip is the eye, the line is the brow. The nose is the whitish area to the left of the eye. The lips are at the middle of the black area at the bottom of the pic).

BABY:  4d "help" shot for those who can't quite make it out

BABY:  It's a GIRL!

6/22/06:  Today was my 20 week (5 month) appointment.  I should start by saying that we have chosen a name for our little princess.  We have decided NOT to go with SOOT NACK and have decided on Payton Leigh.  Payton means "village of the warrior" and we chose it simply because we liked it.  It was also a name we had on our list of possible names for Taylor.  Leigh is the female spelling of Lee, which is my dad's middle name and means "sheltered from the storm".  We do think Great Grandma Bowser deserves an honorable mention for submitting 20 different ways to spell Eileen!  Back to my appointment...Payton's heart rate was 150 today and we got to listen to her heart on the doppler again.  I talked with the Doc about the awful pelvic pain I am having and it actually has a term...Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.  Basically, I am producing too much hormone Relaxin and the ligament holding my pelvic bones together is FLOPPY!  My pelvic bones are actually shifting if I move the wrong way or too sudden.  I just have to ride it out for the next 4 months!  All is well, my Quad screen came back normal and we go back in 4 more weeks!


7/2/06:  Well, I should have mentioned about 3 weeks ago that little miss Payton is quick the kicker.  I started to feel her moving around in there when I was about 17-18 weeks along.  It is very evident the times of day that she is awake and punching/kicking her way through the day!  Jarrod can't feel her yet, but I think in about another week he will be able to feel her too!  Here are two belly shots from 21 weeks 2 days.

Me and the big sister



7/7/06:  Here is a pic of me on our 5th wedding anniversary.  I am 22 weeks, 1 day.


7/21/06:  Today was my 6 mo OB (24 week) appointment.  I have gained 1 more pound, so I'm up 5 total for this pregnancy.  The baby's heart rate was in the 140's today and the NP took the first measurement of my belly today.  I found out that I tested negative for Group B Strep at my 8 week appointment (had this with Taylor, meant antibiotics before birth).  Since I was negative then, they will re-test at my 36 week appointment to make sure it isn't there before delivery.  Payton kept kicking the doppler every time the NP would put it on my belly.  It was funny...she was very active during this appointment.  She is very active in general.  Her kicks can now be seen with the naked eye.  I sure feel the force behind them, crazy how you forget how big of a presence that little 2.5 pounder makes in your stomach!  We have started to make progress on Payton's room.  We are way behind schedule and it is driving me nuts.  Here are pics of what we have done so far:

Small window - plain

Big window - plain

Small window - raffia window covering

Big window - raffia window covering

Small window - hot pink palm tree wallies

Big window - hot pink palm tree wallies


8/13/06:  We've been busy!  Anyone who knows me...knows that I have to be one step ahead of myself at all times :-)  I was feeling like we weren't nearly ready for Payton, so, we've been busy sorting 5 tubs of clothes from Big Sister Taylor, washing, organizing, putting away, hanging, decorating, etc.  Here are some pics...we're almost done!

Sorting all of Taylor's baby clothes

Changing table wall (door is to the left of the table)

Crib corner

Wall with small window

Dresser corner

Wall with big window

Recliner corner

Right half of closet...ready for baby!

Crib bedding


8/17/06:  Today was my 7 mo OB (28 week) appointment.  I gained ... hee hee hee ... 6 pounds since last month, so I am up 11 total for this pregnancy.  I am doing much better (so far) with weight gain this time around.  I only have a max 12 weeks left to go!  Payton's heart rate was 140 again and this was the 1st appointment where Doc measured my belly.  I am measuring exactly 28 weeks!  There wasn't much else to the appointment.  She did tell me to register at the hospital within the next four weeks.  I can't believe it's time for that!  I asked her if she had any vacations planned for November and she said possibly around Thanksgiving, but she wasn't sure yet.  She said she was taking NO vacation during October because she has a bazillion patients due to deliver.  October could be our month too...you just never know!  Jarrod and I think Payton will arrive between 10/27 and 10/31.  No real reason why, just our "predictions" for now.  Oh, this morning I had my 1 hour glucose tolerance test.  I'll find out in about a week if I passed or not.  If I didn't, I have to go for the 3 hour GTT test which will determine if I have gestational diabetes or not.  Fingers crossed for no GD because I really like my sweets :-)


My view of Payton - 27 weeks, 5 days (8/15/06)


9/14/06:  Today was my 8 mo OB (32 week) appointment.  I have gained 2 pounds and am now up 13 for the pregnancy.  I did get pretty sick with some nasal/bronchial thing at the end of August and have been on antibiotics twice for it.  This last round seems to have done the trick and I am almost back to 100%.  I passed my GTT test (not gestational diabetic) and I am not anemic.  So things are going VERY well this pregnancy.  I heard Payton's heartbeat, but forgot to ask the rate.  My belly measured 31 weeks.  Doc says Payton is about 3.5 pounds now.  She also says that she will induce me at 39 weeks knowing how fast my labor/delivery was with Taylor.  That would make Miss Payton a November 2nd baby.  It is entirely up to us if we want to be induced and things could change completely if I start to swell.  However, it's nice to know 11/2 in an option :-)  I start my "every two weeks" appointments now that we are in the home stretch.  I am feeling rather large these days and getting around is becoming interesting.  I can't bend at the waist anymore and my belly hits my desk at work.  Time to move the keyboard and phone and such a bit closer to me lol.  My favorite foods right now are still Italian (pizza, pasta, garlic bread), grape tomatoes, celery with peanut butter and bagels with cream cheese.  I also can't get enough Starbucks Mocha Frappucinos.


9/16/06:  Today was my baby shower.  Roxy and Cindy Yetka hosted with a little help from my best friend Jeanene.  Jeanene flew in with her two kids on 9/14 to be here for it.  The theme was Hawaiian/tropical, just like Payton's room.  We had snacks, cake and Coco's secret pink champagne punch!  Guests included Grammy Bowser and  Auntie Roxy (family), Michelle, Tracey and Carly (work friends), and Coco, Regan, Kimm, Haley, Cindy Y., Cindy K., Rachel and Jeanene (friends).  Miss Payton was spoiled by all and received tons and tons of gifts (bumbo seat, bottles, bibs, burp cloths, clothes, toys, bath tub, baby book, lotions, etc.).  A bunch of the girls and Jarrod went in on a ... COACH diaper bag, which of course matches my purse.  I was COMPLETELY shocked at that gift and I don't think I have picked my jaw up off the floor yet :-)  It was a great shower and we want to say THANK YOU to everyone!  We (and the girls) are very blessed to have such great family and friends.


Baby Shower Day - 32 weeks, 2 days

Baby Shower Day - 32 weeks, 2 days

Baby Shower - the cake

Baby Shower - Me and Grammy Bowser

Baby Shower - All of Payton's gifts

Baby Shower - Opening presents

Baby Shower - Presents #2

Baby Shower - Presents #3

Baby Shower - Presents #4

Baby Shower - Presents #5

Baby Shower - Presents #6

Baby Shower - Card to the surprise gift

Baby Shower - Peeking in the surprise bag

Baby Shower - OH MY GOODNESS, I know what this box is! (crazy eyes, sorry)

Baby Shower - It's a Coach diaper bag!

Baby Shower - Isn't it pretty?

Baby Shower - Me and my work buddies

Baby Shower - The 3 preggos (me 32 weeks, Cindy 9 weeks, Kimm 31 weeks)

Baby Shower - The aftermath THANK YOU EVERYONE!


9/18/06:  Just a quick update since I haven't posted much about what Payton is doing.  For about 2-3 weeks now I can tell when she gets the hiccups.  She gets them quite frequently, just like her big sister did.  They feel so funny!  About 2 weeks ago, Payton decided that she likes to stretch her legs and shove her feet out the right side of my abdomen.  She also rolls a ton and likes to curl up real high at the top of my stomach, sticking her little butt out lol.  Jarrod can REALLY feel her moving around in there now and even he couldn't believe how bizarre the feet sticking out of my side felt.  She can really get going in there.  She wakes up like clock work every evening when I lay down in bed around 10:30pm.  I am really getting excited to meet this little girl.  Jarrod thinks she will be the spitting image of Taylor.  I think she will come out with darker hair (yes I said hair, I've had wicked heartburn this time) and blue eyes.  We shall see!


9/29/06:  Had my 34 week appointment today with the Nurse Practitioner.  Payton's heart rate was 148 and my belly is measuring 35 weeks.  She confirmed what I already knew, that this baby was situated very weird, all on my right side.  I get feet that stick out around towards my back.  Payton is head down and since Taylor was born at 37 weeks, they want to start seeing me weekly now.  I will go back in one week for my Group B Strep test and my first internal.  Things are getting pretty uncomfortable now.  Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day makes Payton ball up real high on my right side.  I get heartburn at the drop of a hat and I can't get comfy anymore when I sleep.  We have the car seat installed in the car and I'll be packing my hospital bag this weekend.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I like to be prepared. :-)


10/5/06:  35 weeks today!  Started the morning by seeing Dr. O.  We listened to the heart beat (forgot to ask the rate) and I had my Group B Strep test.  I also had my first "check" and I am ZERO dilated and ZERO effaced.  Doc said I was clear to deliver at my hospital now (they don't take less than 35 weeks) and I decided to cancel my 36 week appt (10/13/06).  It was a bit disappointing to hear no dilation/effacement and I don't want to hear it again, so we will just go back at 37 weeks, if I make it that far.  Payton gets the hiccups ALL THE TIME and I can finally hear her heart beat using my stethoscope.  It's real faint, but I can hear it swishing away!  I started rolling/bouncing on my yoga ball hoping to get things started with her descent.  If it doesn't work, at least it's keeping my mind off being really really LARGE and uncomfy!  Hospital bag is almost packed, my bag for work is packed (in case my water breaks there) and we are getting really excited!


Me @ 35 weeks, 2 days with Taylor the Big Sister (10/7/06)

Me at 36 weeks, 2 days (10/14/06)


Just for fun...



36 weeks 3 days with Taylor                                                                         36 weeks 2 days with Payton


10/17/06:  Well, I'm almost 37 weeks now and the fun has ended lol.  The hospital bag is complete, we have given daycare a list of possible people who may be picking Taylor up and well, I'm ready.  My fingers are just swollen enough that I can't get my rings on anymore.  I am no where NEAR as swollen as I was with Taylor.  I had no ankles with T.  So far my legs haven't been affected.  Things are finally starting to cool off here (high 70's) but I still feel like I am baking from the inside out.  I'm very anxious for Friday's appointment to see if there is any change.  I have been feeling lots of pressure, so we'll see!


10/20/06:  Today was my 37 week appt (37 weeks, 1 day).  I'm getting disgruntled lol.  I'm only 1 cm dilated and my cervix is "still high".  Bleh.  I've gained 19 pounds so far.  I have no swelling, well, just some mild swelling in my fingers.  I feel huge, I'm uncomfy, not sleeping well, etc.  Heard Payton's heart beat.  Forgot to ask the heart rate.  That was about it!  Back to the Doc in 1 week!  Oh, Doc pushed around on my belly and said Payton was about 7 pounds now.  She said Taylor was 7 pounds at my 37 week appt and she was born the next day at 7 and a half pounds.  I may be cooking a 9 pound baby!  Oh, I almost forgot, my Group B Strep test came back negative!  That is a great thing.  If you recall, I was positive with Taylor and had to have antibiotics during labor and we had to stay an extra day in the hospital.  We're all clear this pregnancy!


10/24/06:  Seriously, how long can this go on for lol.  ATTENTION PAYTON...You can come out now!  We're ready for you!  Taylor is very anxious to meet her little sister and we are dying to meet you too!  Will you surprise us all and share a birthday with your Daddy?  Let's get this show on the road!


10/27/06:  Today was my 38 week appt (38 weeks, 1 day).  STILL DISGRUNTLED!  My urine dip stick came back positive for everything (sugar/protein/rbc/wbc and everything else under the sun).  My blood pressure was high when I got there, so I had to lay on my left side for 10 minutes and they retook it.  It was "slightly elevated".  The belly is measuring 39 weeks and BIG SURPRISE...my cervix is still "very high" and "1, maybe 1.5 cm dilated".  I think she said 1.5 cm just because she knew I would go through the roof if she said I was still stuck at 1cm again.  Doc says Payton's weight is estimated at 8-8.5 pounds and she hasn't dropped, thus no pressure on my cervix to get this show on the road.  We talked about my concern of having a 9 pound baby and she said my hospital won't let her induce for "size of baby", there has to be a medical reason.  GREAT.  Doc said to come back early next week and if my cervix was still not cooperating, she'd make me an outpatient appointment at the hospital to have gel put on my cervix to try to get things going.  So...more waiting and trying to get this baby to drop!  I do NOT WANT TO TRY TO DELIVER A TEN POUND BABY! 


38 weeks, 2 days (10/28/06)

38 weeks, 2 days (I hate this picture)


11/1/06:  Well, I've been contracting every 4-8 minutes since about 9:00 am this morning.  Today was also my 39 week appt (38 weeks, 6 days).  Jarrod went with me to this appointment.  I think he thought he may have to peel me off the Doc if she said this baby was never coming out!  We got into the exam room and I was contracting every 4-6 minutes like clockwork.  Doc said the baby has dropped "a bit" and that I'm 2 cm, 50% effaced and at a -2 station.  I asked if I would still need the gel and she said no, that my cervix was progressing nicely now.  I had a couple more contractions while she was in the room and she wanted to hook me up to the Non Stress Test machine to see how the baby was handling the contractions.  I never had a NST with Taylor...I got to lay back in a big Lazy Boy recliner while a machine measured my contractions and the baby's heart rate.  The NST lasted about 30 minutes (during which my phone rang every 5 minutes or so) and I continued to contract every 4-6 minutes.  Payton's heart rate was a-ok.  Doctor O said that she thought I would go on my own in the next couple of days since I was "contracting like a banchee, but we could schedule an elective induction in case things fizzle out".  I think you all know what option I wanted to take!  INDUCE ME!  So, she called my hospital and tomorrow is my induction date!  The hospital can call anytime after midnight and say come on in!  The belly is measuring 40 weeks and I have lost 2 pounds (20 total gained).  Payton will be on her way soon!  Thank goodness!