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6/2/08:        Posted By:  Mom                     Subject:  1st Dragonfly Class

Taylor had her first Dragonfly class at Rolly Pollies last Saturday.  I really wasn't sure how this was going to go.  We have come to the conclusion that Taylor is PAINFULLY shy.  Shy to the point of terror that comes across like a bratty kid to people who don't know her.  I hear from many people that I was the same way as a kid, but maybe just a tad more bratty.  Anyways, I am SO PROUD of Taylor.  She lined up with her class (6 kids I think) and she started doing her little "shy squirm" that usually leads to tears but thankfully Miss Keena opened the gate and led the class into the gym area before Taylor could think about it any longer.  She did great during the warm-up.  They did imagination stuff while stretching.  Practicing rolling back and then standing up without using their hands.  Lots of balance type stuff.  Miss Keena had them all pretend they were in the ocean and Taylor told the whole class all about shells and mermaids and the beach!  After warm up they did a bunch of exercises on the trampoline and the foam pit.  Taylor was a bit leery of jumping into the foam pit, but she did it.  Every time she accomplished something she would look my way and wink.  They also did balancing work on a raised ring thing and then they worked on the uneven bars.  Taylor did great for the first 30 minutes of class.  At the beginning of the 31st minute, she ran crying across the gym floor to me.  She had decided that the next activity scared her and she had had enough.  Miss Keena and I both tried to get her to finish the class but she wouldn't.  I don't care.  I was shocked she made it through 30 minutes.  If she makes it 32 minutes next weekend, we have progress.  My goal over 9 weeks is for her to have a little less anxiety trying new things and to realize that she is a big girl and only she decides how she is going to react to something.  Wish us luck for this Saturday.  I have a feeling the hardest part will be getting her back on the gym floor.  One more thing, I found out today that 3 of Taylor's best girlfriends are leaving pre-school.  Cassandra is getting moved to Kindergarten at the center (at her mom's request) and she is younger than T.  Hannah is home with her Mom/Dad for the summer and Addison is going to a new school on Monday.  These girls were a little mini posse in pre-school.  Taylor told me she is going to be grumpy when her friends go and that she will miss them.  I almost cried when I heard the news.  I think I may need my meds upped lol.  It shouldn't upset me more than Taylor!

5/30/08:       Posted By:  Mom                    Subject:  Ready for summer

So much for quick and frequent updates hah!  Taylor is doing fabulous...ready for summer!  You can tell she is a native Arizonan.  It was 109 a couple weeks ago and when we were running from Mom B's front door to the car to beat the heat I said "hurry T, it's hot out here" and she says "Mommy, I'm not hot"!  She doesn't think 99 degrees, 109 degrees...none of it is hot to her.  She just gets "sweaty".  Taylor is doing fantastic.  She is 4 years 4 months old.  She can't wait to be four and a half.  Four and a half in pre-school comes with bragging rights :p  Taylor had her annual appointment with her Allergist/Immunologist oh, about 1 or 1.5 months ago.  Taylor threw an absolute fit for the appointment and if you knew Dr. Lapusan, it is not humanly possible for her to scare anyone, she is just one of the nicest doctors out there!  Well, Taylor had a major melt down and Dr. Lapusan told JB that she had never had a child react to her like that and suggested that we take Taylor off of the Singulair as it has had behavioral side effects in some children in studies.  I looked it up on the internet and this is what I've found:    "anxiety-ridden, made us question our parenting style and skills, irritable, emotional, a bit crazed, happy one minute and throwing a tantrum the next, Dr. Jekkyl Mr. Hyde, defiance, tears for no reason, etc."  It was Taylor to a "T".  Now, she's been on Singulair since I can remember.  I know tantrums and terrible "twos/threes" happen, but this explained the "manic-ness" of it all.  So, we decided to take her off the med cold turkey.  It didn't happen overnight, but we have noticed such a difference in her.  Don't get me wrong, she still has her moments but she is so much more rational now.  She doesn't react in a "freak out" method immediately anymore.  It's been quite the relief but oh how we wish we would have known about this side effect two years ago.  No other medical news for now.  Taylor is growing like a weed, she is wearing a size 10 shoe now.  Taylor's hair is getting longer and longer...still curly on the back and she is getting a lot of darker hairs now.  She will tell me "mommy, pull out the black ones!  I want hair like Aurora"!  Taylor is doing great in school...we're so proud of how well she has come writing letters and numbers.  Miss Toni and Miss Nanci really work with the kids.  She learned upper case and lower case.  She loves to have us write a word so she can copy it underneath.  She knows her phone number.  She can do simple math.  She loves her "big girl" puzzles and can actually sit still long enough now to put them together.  We are starting to prep her for Kindergarten next year.  I had no idea how many moms freak out about where their kid will go to Kindergarten until I played Bunco with a group of gals about a month ago.  One was a principal, one was a teacher and a bunch had kids in K or going into K and they were *shocked* to learn that I hadn't started looking at schools and curriculums.  I was like HUH?!  Isn't Kindergarten all puppets and nap mats and school boxes with safety scissors?  CURRICULUM?  We're talking Kindergarten here!  Well, I got on the ball after that Bunco and man were they right!  Our "home" public school is a "traditional academy".  They wear uniforms and have a different curriculum than the other district schools.  The schedule for Kindergarten is INSANE.  The Kindergarteners have to MASTER 70 phonograms before going to 1st grade.  They have 440 minutes per week of literature, 300 minutes of was HARD CORE.  So, we looked at 3 other public schools that were a little more "let kids be kids" style and we can apply to those schools in open enrollment if we want to.  I am paranoid that Taylor will be behind the other kids starting Kindergarten so I printed like 100 pages of "homework" sheets from the internet for her to work on over summer.  My Taylor is going to be READY!  :p  Let's see, what else about Taylor?  She loves her sister.  They play together now.  Taylor is working on her method of approach to Payton.  She likes to walk up to Payton and just grab whatever is in Payton's hands and take it away because it is hers.  Doesn't matter if she wasn't playing with is hers.  This of course sends Payton into dramatics and we have to do the whole "be nice to your sister" and "stop fighting with your sister" talks.  It's really funny.  Taylor loves to encourage Payton and really is a mini mommy.  Actually, I have to tell Taylor frequently that "I'm the mommy and I will tell Payton what to do".  Taylor finished her first year of Sunday school in May.  They are out now for summer.  I am so proud of her.  She went into a classroom with a strange teacher and strange kids and actually made it work.  I thought for sure she'd freak out after the first class but she went back each and every time.  We have lots of great art projects and handouts and Taylor learned the pre-school version of Jesus and how he loves us and is always there for us.  Taylor will go back to Sunday School in September.  She will join me in church like a big girl until then.  Taylor is ready for summer.  She went in the pool with me about 2 weeks ago for the first time this summer and she wore her float vest.  She keeps telling us she is going to swim without it this year so we'll see.  She swam in her vest without holding onto me for about 45 minutes.  I did let her out of her vest and we practiced floating and swimming and holding our breath underwater (not a fan).  She's already done better in one swim afternoon this year than she did all summer last year.  Taylor starts a summer session at Rolly Pollies this Saturday.  Its a children's gym with things like bars and trampolines and zip lines and foam pits and rock walls, etc.  She will go for 9 weeks for 45 minutes each Saturday.  This is a big girl class so no Moms or Dads allowed on the floor with the children.  I am VERY curious to see how this pans out.  I would typically expect her to bury her face in my leg and cry but I think she will surprise me.  We'll see!  I'm also going to try to take T to the library a lot this summer.  I took her for the first time at the beginning of the month and she was so excited she could "borrow" as many books as she wanted!  I can't believe we haven't done this any earlier.  Library books sure beat reading the same books over and over and over and over and over again.

4/15/08:       Posted By:  Mom                    Subject:  "Salmation"

These stories are too good to be true!  We sang a song at church last week that Taylor and I really like.  I downloaded it off iTunes so we could listen to it in the car.  The song is called Days of Elijah and there is one line that says "out of Zion's hill salvation comes".  Taylor was singing it today after I picked her up from school and after she sang that line she yells "the salmatian comes mom!  Just like the spotted dogs in the Dalmatian movie!"  Dalmatian/Salmatian...gotta love introducing religion into a little one's life :p

4/14/08:       Posted By:  Mom                    Subject:  Taylorisms

Just a couple of Taylor stories from the past week that have made us chuckle and realize how great it is to be a parent!  (Story A)  Taylor was watching Miss Spider on Noggin a couple of nights ago.  This is one of her favorite cartoons and is all about the cute little spiders, bugs, caterpillars, etc.  On this particular night, one of the flies was hovering over a Venus Fly Trap and all the little spiders helped him get out.  Later that night, Taylor was chasing me down the hall yelling "ARRRRGH I'm going to get you".  I asked her "what are you"?  She replied "I'm a penis try flap ARRRGH"!  (Story B)  Last Friday night the sun was setting and I was driving West on Ray Road.  Heading West on Ray Road, you can see the brilliant colors of the sky as the sun sets over South Mountain.  Taylor was in the backseat squinting very loudly making it known that she was trying to see something.  I asked her "what are you looking at"?  She says "I, I'm looking up over that mountain mom.  I'm looking really hard.  I think I see Kevin"!  My reply "Kevin?  Kevin who?"  Taylor's response "Kevin mom...I really think I can see it...Kevin, where Jesus lives".  (Story C)  Imagination has hit our little 4 year old for sure!  We were driving home from daycare last week and Taylor had her body all contorted in her booster seat trying to look out the window.  She suddenly exclaims "Mom, that alligator is going to get us"!  I said "what alligator"?  She says "that one right there!  It's in the sky!  There is another one!  They are following us!  Drive faster mom!"  Our little Princess is finally seeing the magnificent wonder of finding shapes in the clouds.  (Story D)  The other night at the dinner table, Jarrod was telling me something about work (we can't remember exactly what, but it was completely Intel related and Jarrod had mentioned a guy.  Taylor drops her fork, gasps and says "Daddy, what was he WEARING"?!  That's our little fashionista at work again.  It doesn't matter what we are talking all comes back to what the person had on lol.

4/9/08:         Posted By:  Mom                    Subject:  All things Princess Taylor

Taylor is our little fashionista.  She picks out her outfits the day before she wears them.  She coordinates shoes, socks, hair bows and clip on earrings.  She would love to have a closet full of dresses and she would love to wear one each day of the week.  Dresses make her a Princess in the Kingdom of Bowser.  She loves dresses because (1) they twirl and (2) all the REAL Princesses wear dresses.  Taylor has had a great past couple of weeks.  Her parent teacher conference is coming up on Friday and her Pre-School teacher, Miss Toni, sent home a 6 page report for us to read so we could have a "productive" conference.  We love Miss Toni.  She has breathed life into Taylor's pre-school room.  She was MADE to teach 3 and 4 years olds.  She connects with them.  She's just as loud as they are and they love her too.  Here are some of the things that Miss Toni had to say about Taylor (1) Taylor is a social butterfly and definitely takes initiative in the classroom each and every day.  (2)  Taylor is very outgoing and is always interacting with either another child, a group of children or an adult.  She sustains interactions, has social support from the other children in the class and attempts to solve problems independently.  (3)  Taylor is creative in every way possible.  She enjoys making things in her own unique way and then explaining to the teachers and other children what it is and what certain characteristics are.  In the Dramatic Play center, Taylor often steps out of pretend play and acts as a leader by giving directions to the other children as to what to do (uh oh).  (4)  Music and movement put a smile on Taylor's face.  She is able to dance around with her friends, hold hands and rotate around in a circle and follow spoken instruction to the various movements.  (5)  In the Language Works center, Taylor practices writing her name, writing various letters, letter recognition through games and/or puzzles or alphabet flash cards.  In the Book Center, she picture reads her favorite books.  In the Math Counts center, Taylor groups objects together, arranges them in order, compares objects and counts over ten objects with ease.  So that is Taylor's scholastic update lol.  I don't know if I mentioned it in an earlier post, but we signed Taylor up for Tumblebus.  Tumblebus is a big yellow school bus that has been hollowed out and filled with gymnastics stuff for the kids!  They come to her school once per week and go do gymnastics for 45 minutes.  They bounce on trampolines, walk on balance beams, hang from bars, do somersaults, etc.  Taylor BEGGED us to let her do Tumblebus.  Why?  Because her friends were doing it lol.  She says she's been having a great time!  Taylor is doing really well with her letters.  She made her own birthday card for Great Papa and it's actually legible :-)  Taylor has a sweet little heart.  She loves her little sister, until Payton starts pushing her buttons.  She loves to give Payton hugs.  She gets upset when Payton cries and will usually run and get a blankie or favorite toy for Payton.  She will bring it to her and say "Shhh Shhh here honey baby" lol.  Taylor is always thinking about other people too.  Just tonight...the pool guy was working on the pool and she says "Daddy, isn't the pool man lonely out there all by himself"?  She loves to be with people.  According to Miss Toni, we better have a big house because Taylor has invited every child in 3 pre-school classrooms over to our house lol.  She tells me everyday that she told "so and so" to come over to our house when their Mommy picks them up.  Let's see...what else can I tell you about Taylor?  She loves the movie Enchanted right now.  Princess Giselle is SO cool because she becomes a REAL Princess!  I took Taylor to see Horton Hears a Who last weekend at the movie "feater" (Taylor can't say "th").  It was a Mommy and Taylor activity and she was sooo excited to go.  She was in our room at 8am on Saturday morning saying "Mommy is it time to go to the movie feater yet"?!  We went to the 10:05am showing (we were 1 of 5 mom/kid combos) and she really loved it.  UNTIL the Mayor of Whoville went to the Dentist and the Dentist had a big giant shot to give the was kind of scary.  Taylor covered her eyes and started yelling "mommy take me home I want to go home right now"!  I don't think we'll ever get her to the Dentist now!  Taylor packed her back pack for the movie...2 kleenexes (1 for each of us in case we need to blow our nose), 2 band aids (in case we get an owie) a ribbon for her hair (in case the one already in her hair fell out) and a car from a kids meal from Del Taco :-}  All in all, it went well.  She loved the movie, only had to take one potty break and begged all day long to go back and see it again.

3/24/08:       Posted By:  Mom                    Subject:  Oh the funny things kids say

Tonight at dinner Jarrod told Taylor that he had to work on my car when he was finished eating.  Taylor said "Daddy, I want to help you".  Jarrod says "I have a special job for you Taylor".  Taylor says "Do you need the smartest girl who can hold the most heaviest stuff"?  After we stopped laughing Jarrod told her "yes" to which she replied "she knew she could do it"! 

3/18/08:       Posted By:  Mom                    Subject:  Pre-planned clothing with pre-school friends

Yeah, you read that right.  I picked up Taylor from school today to see a bouncing Taylor, Hannah and Cassandra.  They are the 3 Musketeers.  My bouncing little Blondie proceeds to tell me that they ALL are going to wear dresses to school tomorrow so PLEASE could she wear one too, because they were ALL wearing dresses tomorrow, PLEASE MOM PLEASE MOM PLEASE MOM!  I said ok and they were all giddy.  They planned on a Tuesday what they were going to wear on Wednesday.  I didn't think that started until about 3rd grade.  *sigh*

3/10/08:       Posted By:  Slacker Mom        Subject:  The past two months

So I ordered a lap top that is supposed to arrive this week.  It's wireless, so I'm hoping while I'm downstairs with the kids I can just pop on my computer and type a small update and keep things caught up.  That's my dream anyways.  Well, it's been another two months since I last updated about Taylor.  On 1/26 we took the girls to see Disney Princess on Ice.  Taylor wore her Ariel costume (including crown) and was in seventh heaven.  We had really decent seats (even though she chose to sit on Daddy's lap for most of the show) and Taylor loved waving and yelling at all of the Princesses.  She felt very special because of the 10,000 people that were there, she was the ONLY little girl we saw dressed as Ariel.  Taylor had a snow cone and bought an Ariel necklace as her souvenir.  She LOVED it.  It was the perfect birthday present.  On her actual birthday, 1/29, I went to Pre-School around 3pm and took cupcakes for her class.  She had a special crown that she helped decorate and she stood on a chair while the whole class sang Happy Birthday to her.  Taylor loved the attention lol.  All the kids loved the cupcakes and I think I was "cool mom" for a fleeting moment.  That evening, we had Grammy, Papa Bowser, Auntie, Uncle, Simon, Mason, Dave, Cindy, Amelia and Aidan over for cake and presents.  Taylor had a Hello Kitty cake and Disney Princess plates and napkins.  After cake, Taylor opened birthday presents and she received so many wonderful things.  She received birthday money, books, Shrek III DVD, clothes, socks, coloring books, a game for her Leapster, an Aurora horse, a bathing suit and a doll house.  She had the perfect day for a four year old!  Taylor has been invited to many Pre-School birthday parties lately and we've had to say "no" to those that aren't her "best buddies".  There are just too many kids!  One of Taylor's best friends is Cassandra and she had her 4th birthday at a place called Rollie Pollies.  It was an amazing gymnastics/fitness place for kids.  Taylor had the time of her life with her classmates bouncing, running, singing, hanging, sliding, jumping, climbing, etc.  It really was a fun birthday party and she's already pegged it as the place that she wants to celebrate her big 5th birthday at lol.  Taylor has had a teacher change in her Pre-School room.  Her primary teacher, Miss Jennifer, moved to another room so her secondary teacher, Miss Toni became her primary teacher and we now have Miss Nanci as the secondary teacher.  Let me tell you, this has been the best change out of the 100 changes we've endured at Bright Horizons.  Miss Toni is young, loud, energetic, she has a Bachelor's in early development...she really GETS the kids.  Miss Jennifer didn't have the patience for a lot of it and Miss Toni was born to work with the attitudes that are in Taylor's class.  There is new art on the wall everyday.  There is a gigantic family tree in the back of the room with family pictures.  The learning boards are updated every week with new activities.  She brought LIFE to their room.  Taylor loves her teachers and I think she is really making a change for the better too.  They are on the letter "I" at school now.  She's doing really well with her letters (both recognition and writing).  She tries to tell time's always "six thirty seventeen o clock" or "eighteen thirty twelve o clock".  Oh, the other thing that is her "mantra" these days is "because I'm four".  EVERYTHING is because she is four.  She always hated showers, but now she likes them "because I'm four".  When I tell her I'm proud of her for not throwing a tantrum it's "because I'm not three anymore mom, I'm four".  When we asked her if she wanted us to walk with her at the Surgery Center it was "no, I will walk with the Nurse because I'm four".  Four is big time around here!  Speaking of surgery center, Taylor had her ear tubes taken out last Wednesday, 3/5.  She's had them for a little over 3 years and the ENT told us that one was out (stuck in a ball of wax) and one was still in the eardrum.  He said we could leave them in but if they didn't fall out on their own, she may need more in depth surgery later on.  We opted to have them removed and out they came last Wednesday!  Taylor was a champ.  She didn't cry, throw a fit or anything when it came time to walk back to the OR with the Nurse.  That was when we were told she was "four".  DUH.  The Doc was out talking to us about 5 minutes later and much to our surprise, BOTH tubes were out!  Her eardrums were both healed.  He removed an unbelievable amount of wax from her ears and told us she would hear better.  Other health news...after 4 trips to the Pediatrician for a hacking cough that was keeping everyone awake at night and making us go crazy during the day, Taylor went to the Allergist/Asthma Doctor.  Taylor had outgrown one of the nebulizer treatments (Pulmicort) that we were doing and the Doc put her on a big girl inhaler called Flovent.  It's a maintenance inhaler - one of those steroid inhalers to keep inflammation down in her lungs.  I have one too.  The Asthma Doc agreed with the Pediatrician's oral steroid prescription so she finished that and voila...within 2 breathing treatments of the new inhaler, she stopped coughing.  Poor girl is asthmatic.  Most likely will be for life just like her Mommy.  So she does Singulair pill at night (allergies/asthma), Flovent 2 x day and she has her rescue breathing treatment (Albuterol) for when she has asthma attacks.  I think that's about it for Taylor.  Oh...she still thinks Jarrod is Superman.  For Valentine's Day she got him a Superman hat and t-shirt and the best part is she makes him wear it lol.  Her last quote was "Daddy, you're Superman because you're THE MAN"!  Oh one other funny before I close...Taylor asked today to see dinosaurs.  I told her that dinosaurs died a long time ago...before Grammy and Papa were born.  I then told her that her Great Grandma Bowser was coming for a visit in 4 weeks and that she is Papa Bowser's Mommy to which she replies "Mommy, does she know the dinosaurs"?  LOL.

1/6/08:         Posted By:  Mom         Subject:    End of the year Taylor update

The second half of December was very exciting for Taylor.  Taylor wanted me to take her shopping this year to get her Daddy a Christmas present.  I took her to Target and asked her what she wanted to get him.  Her reply, without hesitation was "a big giant pillow so he can share with me and Superman".  I questioned her "why Superman"?  Her response was "because that is what he is"!  *swoon*  She picked out the biggest, fluffiest pillow that Target had to offer.  She tested each one on the floor to make sure it was perfect.  We then headed to the pillowcases.  She wanted to get him a Superman pillowcase, but all they had was Spiderman.  So, she settled on a Superman action figurine for Daddy's desk :-)  Taylor also had a couple episodes of "potty mouth" during the end of the year.  When she said my favorite 4-letter S word, I took her upstairs and held the bar of soap an inch from her mouth and told her I did not want to hear dirty words coming from her mouth again!  Taylor looked at me with the saddest eyes and with the loudest cry she could muster up she yelled "it's not meeeeeee, i can't stop my moooooouuuuuth, the baaaaaad words just come ooouuuuuuut, I want a new mouuuuuuuuuuth".  SOOO hard not to laugh!  Another funny from Taylor this month was when we were getting ready to go to the Knight's house on New Year's Eve.  I told Taylor to go take off her clothes (so we could change and go) to which she looked at me like I had 4 heads and said "Mommy, I don't want to be naked for a party"!  If only I could get her to write that down and sign it for the future lol.  Taylor had 2 weeks off school the week of Christmas and New Years.  While it was nice having her home, she (and we) were ready for her to go back to school on 1/2. could I forget Christmas...Taylor had a great Christmas.  She had a little problem falling asleep on Christmas Eve this year, but we had to WAKE HER UP on Christmas morning lol.  Definitely my child...she loves to sleep.  Taylor loved Christmas morning.  She loved her Dora Jeep from Santa.  She loved it so much she made Jarrod take her outside to ride it at 7:00am.  This year, Santa tracked dirt into our house when he came in the front door and Taylor couldn't BELIEVE he left a mess lol.  Taylor had a great Christmas.  She is very blessed and while she doesn't understand what that means now, she can look back at my pictures from Christmas and see what a very lucky little girl she is.  Some of Taylor's gifts were:  Dora Jeep, make-up, Princess vanity, Dora tent, puzzle, Ariel doll, Princess drawing DVD, hopping bee game, Hi Ho Cherry Oh, Ariel jammies, t-ball set, Princess trash can, jewelry, clothes, easel, walking Tawny horse, magnetic calendar, Leapster, Leapster game, dishes, Barbie and lots more.  These days, Taylor is all about her upcoming birthday.  She really wanted a Hello Kitty bounce house, but we just don't have room for it in our backyard.  So, we gave her the option of a big party at Bounce U or going to see Disney Princess on Ice with Mommy and Daddy and having family and her best friend over for cake on her birthday.  Thankfully, she chose option 2 :-)  No ginormous birthday bash this year.  We'll save that for the big 0-5 lol.  We got tickets to Disney Princess on Ice for the 26th and we'll have cake and ice cream on the 29th.  Taylor has already decided she is going to wear her Ariel costume to the ice show :-)  Oh...on 12/28, we took Taylor to the Doc for a relentless cough she had had for a couple of days.  Taylor had an ear infection!  We're so not used to hearing that anymore with her!  Taylor just finished up her 10 days of Cefdinir and she is all better.  She weighed 40 pounds (fully clothed) and all else is healthy!  She doesn't know yet that she has to get shots at her 4 year appointment.  There should be much tears and drama involved with that one!  Taylor is still our little spit fire!  Will be interesting to see what age 4-5 brings in the attitude department.  2-3 was learning independence, 3-4 was asserting independence, 4-5 makes me want to shudder lol.  Right now Taylor is sitting on Jarrod's lap at the computer getting ready to watch another 10 minutes of Pirates of the Caribbean 1.  She LOVES pirates and pirate movies.  Such a Daddy's girl.  To hear her talking about "Captain Jack Sparrow" in really funny.

12/12/07:     Posted By:  Mom         Subject:     Almost 4!

Taylor went to her first birthday party for a pre-school friend last weekend.  Nicole turned 4.  Now all we hear is that Taylor is 4 too and when we say "not yet", she replies with "well, I can be 4 today and on my birthday".  One of Taylor's favorite things right now is to lay out her clothes each night before she goes to bed.  Picking her clothes in the morning is a HUGE ordeal that usually involves crying and fits, so we pick it out at night.  She likes to "make a Taylor" and put her undies down first, then her pants on top of the undies.  Then the shirt goes above the pants and each sock goes at the bottom of each pant leg.  Next to "Taylor", she will usually dress Aurora too, laying out her Princess dress with dress up shoes.  It's pretty funny.  Taylor also loves to hand out the compliments.  Her latest..."Mommy you make the BEST toast"!!!  THANK you Taylor for that vote of confidence!  At least we know I can't screw up toast!  Taylor went to visit Santa at the end of November and unlike the fiasco that ensued last year (and after a little bribe with a toy from the Disney Store), Taylor let me sit next to Santa with her on my lap.  She actually SPOKE to Santa and told him what she would like for Christmas...a Dora Jeep.  :-)  After the meeting with Santa, she got upset because she didn't tell him anything other than the Jeep.  She was worried :-)  Taylor is growing up!  She's laying on the floor next to me right now reading a book.  Let's see what she has to say:

What is Taylor's favorite color:  I like blue, pink and purple

What is your favorite thing to wear:  A dress

What is your favorite toy:  My Belle Doll

What is your favorite thing to eat:  Grapes and ice cream

Who are your best friends at school:  Matthew, Hannah, Nicole, Cassandra

What is your favorite thing to do at school:  learn and play housekeeping

What do you love about Christmas:  opening presents

What do you love about Sunday School:  rock in the rocking chair and play with cars

Why do we go to church:  because it's Sunday

Who do you want to play with this weekend:  Amelia and Simon

What's your favorite thing about your sister:  I like reading books with her.

What's your favorite thing to do with Daddy:  stay home while I'm sick

What do you want to be when you grow up:  I wanna work in a hotel with Daddy at Disneyland.

Taylor where do we live:  In Chandler and in Arizona

How do you spell CAT:  "D-O-R"

What is your favorite restaurant:  Chip Fillets (Chick-Fil-A)

11/21/07:     Posted By:  Dad          Subject:     Door signs

Taylor was drawing this afternoon on a regular piece of paper...this is fairly typical of her (as seen by the 5000 drawings that I have been presented) so I didn't think anything of it.  However, when she asked for help tearing some tape for her "sign" my interest was piqued.  She then proceeded to her room, shut the door and taped the sign on the outside of the door.

Me:  "Taylor, what is the sign for"?

Taylor:  "It is a sign for Payton"

Me:  "What does it say"?

Taylor:  "It says Taylors Paytons allowed"!

I nearly spit I was laughing so hard.  Three years old (almost 4!) and already trying to keep her sister out of her room...

11/13/07:     Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     Taylor update

I feel like I struggle trying to find things to post about Taylor these days.  I guess that feeling comes because not everything is so "new" with her anymore.  I love maternal guilt lol.  As Nana Wilson will see when she receives her birthday card in the mail, Taylor has perfected writing her name ;-)  The "T" is perfect...good form and balance.  The "a" comes out looking like a sideways Q or an oval with a little teeny line coming out of the side.  The "Y" looks like a flagpole with a tiny TV antennae at the top.  The "L" is perfection.  "One line down and one line out" as she says.  The "O" is usually the size of a saucer and can easily encompass the rest of the letters on the page.  The "r" is for the moment, usually backwards.  I think she got it right in Nana's card though lol.  To draw a "B" she draws a "P" and then adds a circle to the bottom.  She always surprises us...when we think we know all the letters she can draw, she busts out another one!  OH...the night we went to Macayos for Payton's birthday dinner, she drew a "D" facing down.  I said "that's a great 'D' Taylor, but it's on it's side".  She looked at me with that special "what planet are you from" look and quickly draws two circles on the bottom of the sideways "D", adds a window and a door and says "'s a CAR"!  She put me in my place!  Taylor is still obsessed with band aids.  She will have the tiniest, little pin point of a cut on her finger and she will tell me "'s got blood, I need a band aid".  Just today she said "Mom, I have an owie on my muscle".  I'm like what?!  Then she shows me...and I chuckle and say "that's your KNUCKLE" :-)  Hard to believe she is going to be 4 in about two more months.  Whoever it was that said children age you sure was right!  Just a couple more things...Taylor loves clip on earrings.  She has one pair and wore them for almost 3 days straight last week.  She shakes her head to hear them dangle lol.  Taylor is going to be singing songs at Church on 12/2 with all the other 3 and 4 year olds.  Apparently they've been practicing these songs in Sunday School and just the 3 and 4 year olds will be singing for the parents in the community center at noon that day.  Anyone want to bet me right now that she will refuse to stand and sing with her class?!  Reminds me of a certain someone I know that refused to play the piano at a piano recital one time lol...

10/29/07:     Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     Where does the time go?

Someday I will look back at this little biography I have written about Taylor and I'll be glad I found the time to write, even if I did go a month in between postings lol.  The past month has been another one of learning, testing boundaries and asserting even more of her independence (my dad is chuckling reading this).  She is still 3 going on 13 and the "tude"...oh my the "tude".  Taylor is doing great with her spelling and writing.  She only knows how to spell her first name but as of yesterday, she knows B O W S E R with an occasional C or D thrown somewhere in the mix.  Taylor can write all of the letters in her name and did so, in the right order, for the first time, in a card that she made for her Great Grandma Bowser.  It was hard to give the card away since it was her first time writing her name, but Great Grandma needed it more than me.  I did, of course, take a picture of her work for her biography :-)  Taylor is recognizing a ton of letters and she will always follow the letter by "I have to know my letters to go to Kindergarten".  She keeps asking me what room she goes in after Pre-School.  She doesn't understand yet that when she is 4 she still has another year in the same room.  She really wants to be five to go to Kindergarten.  Taylor loves being a big sister.  It is a role she takes very seriously.  She even named her little Cabbage Patch baby "Payton".  Taylor loves to play with Payton now that she is more than a stationary object.  They tackle and tickle each other, play ball together, give each other kisses and Taylor loves to give Payton crackers or snacks.  Taylor was very excited that Payton was able to come to her school for a couple of days this month and proceeded to show off "her baby" to her friends.  Taylor still loves everything Disney Princess.  Ariel from the Little Mermaid is still her current favorite.  While Jarrod was away in Indiana, Taylor and I had a slumber party in my room one night.  We got in my bed, ate popcorn, drank Sprite and watched the Little Mermaid.  Taylor was so excited to sleep in my bed with me that night.  She thought that was really fun!  Taylor and I also have "show night".  It is Thursday night and she gets to stay up an hour past her bedtime to watch Gray's Anatomy with me.  She reminds me to cover her eyes if there is something she shouldn't see and we watch it together.  She loves watching the hospital and doctors and sometimes there are babies.  She also MUST know everyone's names lol.  Now, since this is something for Taylor to look back on when she is older, I want to add that her Great Grandpa Bowser passed away on October 17th in Indiana.  Taylor met her Great Grandpa twice (May and November 2004).  Taylor's Great Grandpa Bowser loved genealogy and she is lucky to have a complete Bowser ancestry book that he completed in 2003.  When he visited AZ in May 2004 he brought a piece of paper that said "For Taylor from Great Grandpa Bowser, Although I know that Taylor's pretty middle name ELIZABETH comes to her from her mother's family, I thought I would look back to see how many Elizabeths were in her Daddy's family".  He found ancestors with ELIZABETH dating back to 1279!!!  He loved his great grandkids and wanted to make sure they knew their roots!

9/24/07:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Update

I wish I had a tape recorder to carry with me so I could just record everything that Taylor does that I want to remember and I could transcribe it all later :-)  No such luck.  Taylor is our blonde, independent, bossy, loving little 3 year old.  In fact, she LOVES her sister so much that I will often find her IN Payton's crib in the mornings or after their naps.  If Taylor is awake and hears Payton make a peep, she goes into Payton's room, pushed the rocking horse up to the crib and climbs up and over into the crib.  She loves "her baby" and will play with her in her crib until we get up (or until she yells that she has to go to the bathroom lol).  Taylor spelled her first word on paper.  She didn't know it was a word, but we did, so it counts.  She wrote L O T (all letters in her name) and said Mommy what did I spell?  Lo and behold, she spelled LOT!  Way to go Taylor!  Taylor started Sunday School on 9/9 and so far she loves it.  She was very reluctant to let me leave the first Sunday, but you know Taylor, once I can get out the door, she lights right up and runs the show lol.  She has learned about God making the Earth, Noah's Ark and Abraham and Sara.  She informed me that she does NOT fold her hands for prayers in Sunday School because she ONLY prays at night lol.  We've got a lot to learn in Sunday School.  A couple funnies to tell you about...Jarrod was watching Purdue play football one day and Taylor said who is that?  Daddy says "that is Purdue, that is where you are going to college someday".  Taylor looks at him and says "I'm not going there, I'm going to Princess College" to which Daddy says "Oh, so you are going to Oklahoma"? :-)  Taylor gets daily reports in Preschool and I thought I'd share these from the past month (1)  "Taylor had an okay day.  She hit Miss Jennifer with the door and when asked to apologize she said she was a princess.  We are working on manners".  (2)  9/11/07 "Taylor is a natural born leader.  Sometimes she can be way too bossy, we had to talk to her about that today".  (3)  9/12/07 "Taylor had a rough morning.  She was not being nice to friends.  She didn't want to play with a certain friend and told everyone else not to go in the house outside because this friend was in there.  We talked about how that is not very nice and how it would make her feel.  She started crying and wanted to go home".  AHHH yes, a 3 year old with an attitude is SO MUCH FUN!  Taylor also has 2 sets of magnetic letters for the fridge.  As you can see in one of her pictures, she sat there for about 2 minutes, talked out loud to herself saying "T A Y L O R" "T" then would find the T.  "A" then would find the A.  She did it all one by one until she had spelled TAYLOR!  I was so proud!  Since I will most likely print this current events page someday for Taylor, I also want to say that Taylor was in her first earthquake on 9/2/07 while we were in CA.  It was a magnitude 4.7 and shook my parents house pretty good for about 10 seconds.  It didn't phase Taylor lol.  The last thing I want to remember is our Christmas list adventure.  About a week ago, Jarrod and I took the girls to Toys R Us to let them pick out things for their Christmas list.  Santa likes to shop early :-)  Taylor was a mad woman.  She ran through the store, picking things up off the shelf and exclaiming "Mom...I like this...put it on my LIST"!  No joke when I tell you she was SCREAMING "put it on my list"!  She had so much fun and was exhausted when we got home.  I remember I was always excited when my mom sat us down with the Sears or JC Pennys catalogue and told us to write out our Christmas lists.  Catalogues are SO EIGHTIES lol!  Oh, I forgot...the Halloween costume for this year has been selected.  Taylor is going to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid.  Of course, there are two Ariel costumes and the one she wanted was NOT at the 4 different Target locations that we went to.  We finally ordered it off the internet on Saturday.  She is going to be so cute! 

8/25/07:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     Mission "ear piercing" was unsuccessful

Taylor has been talking about getting her ears pierced for about a week.  So, we got her all hyped up and ready to get her ears pierced and us three girls headed for the mall this morning at 10am.  1st stop - Claires.  They had great prizes for the piercee, but they only had one lady to do the piercing.  No way.  All I need is for her to change her mind after the first ear lol.  Next stop - Piercing Pagoda.  Nice lady, but a second saleswoman would not be there until 11am.  3rd stop - Icing.  Only one salesperson to do piercing.  So...we waited until 11am.  We went back to Piercing Pagoda and Taylor was so excited.  She picked out her earrings, cute little pink flowers.  We signed all the paperwork, went over care, went into the piercing area and sat down.  She was sitting on my lap, licking her lollipop, they cleaned her ears and put marker dots where the earrings would go.  The 2 ladies put on latex gloves and Taylor FREAKED out.  Not just crying, hysterically screaming and crying.  Scared out of her mind.  I told her she didn't have to do it and that made her cry even harder because she knew she wouldn't get ice cream if she didn't do it.  She just kept screaming "I WAAAAAANT ICE CREEEEEEAM".  Well, after our refund and breathing exercises with Taylor (she works herself up so bad she hyperventilates), we left the Piercing Pagoda.  After today's experience, I doubt she will EVER get her ears pierced.  At one point one of the ladies was jiggling a stuffed bear trying to make her laugh and Taylor just looked at her like "lady, please...I am 3.5 get that bear out of my face" lol.

8/10/07:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     3.5 year update

Taylor turned 3.5 years old on July 29th.  She is very quick to correct us when we say that she is 3.  She says NO!  I am three and a half!  She always asks what she can do now that she is 3.5.  She knows when she is 5 she can go to Kindergarten and when she is 4 she can ride some big girl rides at Disneyland.  3.5 needs a perk too lol!  Taylor is getting really good at the computer.  She knows how to use the mouse and how to open the internet and click on her Nick Jr site to play Dora/Diego/Backyardigans games.  She also has a Nemo computer game that she is learning to use.  She really enjoys computer games just like her Daddy!  Taylor's mind is always thinking.  One day on the way home from school we were talking about how it was hot outside and how the air was hot.  I asked her if she knew what air was and she said yes, "it's what makes balloons float in the sky" and "if there is not enough air, the balloon is small and can't fly".  Well alrighty then!  We'll go with that for now!  Taylor loves to sing...we have to listen to Laurie Berkener in the car morning, noon and night.  She knows most of the songs by heart and loves to sing along.  Taylor still loves to play beauty shop with me.  She is usually the "customer" and when I say "hello Miss Taylor, what would you like today" she says "hello Miss Miracle, I would like some tea and my nails painted" lol.  Miss Miracle.  That's me :-)  Taylor is a big helper these days.  She helped Daddy pick out decorations for my birthday party and she picked out the wrapping for my gifts.  She was so excited for my party!  According to Taylor, I turned, 7 and 22 :-)  Taylor is very excited for our trip to California at the end of this month.  She can't wait to see her family!

7/15/07:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:      Learning Letters!

Right now at home we are working on letter recognition in addition to letter writing.  Last week Taylor learned what the letters T, Y, C, A, D and E look like.  We have cool flashcards that she likes to work with.  So, we work with flashcards, then she picks those letters off her letter magnet board, then she finds those letters on her fridge magnets.  We didn't learn how to write any new letters last week.  HOWEVER, at school, there were connect the dots fish drawings on the wall and the teacher had written all of the younger kids names on each paper EXCEPT for Taylor!  She had a T and an O that she wrote all by herself on her art!  That was pretty cool.  One funny thing...when we dropped Taylor off at Mom and Dad B's for a sleepover on 7/7, we told Taylor that she could stay up until 11 o'clock and without missing a beat she said NO!  I'm going to stay up to A LOT O CLOCK!  Hahaha.  That's my girl!  Always thinking.  One more thing, on 7/5, Taylor came to my work with Jarrod and Payton for lunch.  After lunch, she found a typewriter table with a typewriter and a little task chair back by my office.  She LOVED that little typewriter table.  She was "working"!  I put the file room phone on her "desk" and she would type on the typewriter, then pick up the phone and say "hi, do you want to come to my party" and hang up.  She even drew "Big Michael" a picture and "filed" it in one of the file cabinets lol.  She was paid $1.00 for her work :-)  Now at home she loves to "work".  She found a handheld calculator and we have a beauty shop called "Diamonds" or "Rings" depending on the day.  We paint nails and toes and put hair in pony tails.  We also serve tea when we have customers lol.  Taylor's job is to run the calculator while I do all the work :-) 

7/3/07:         Posted By:  Mom          Subject:      Such a character

Not much to update in the past week.  Taylor is such a character.  Her memory is wicked sharp too!  Girl doesn't miss a beat!  She is doing well in Pre-School.  We are working on the letter "E" at home now.  Maybe by the end of summer she will be able to write her name!  Taylor had a great time at Payton's baptism with her buddies Simon, Amelia and Aidan.  They danced in the back of the church to the music and partied until midnight at our baptism party (Simon and Taylor).  Taylor spent the entire weekend referring to Amy as "Fairy Godmother".  It was "come here Fairy Godmother" or "Fairy Godmother do you have dogs" or "Fairy Godmother flew on a plane".  Taylor is also playing computer games now on my computer.  She is 3 and knows how to work a mouse and open the internet and click on her Nick Jr. website!  I didn't even touch a computer until I worked for my dad one summer when I was 10!  Taylor's nighttime ritual now includes 2-4 games of hide-and-seek, although she doesn't get she isn't supposed to let us know where she is hiding lol.  She still loves Princesses and now has a Belle and Aurora doll that sleep with her at night.  Oh and as of two nights ago, we don't wake Taylor anymore to go potty before we go to bed.  She has lasted all night and had no accidents! 

6/26/07:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:      Familial Resemblance

Word around Bowser/Boggs town has it that Taylor looks like her Great Great Grandma Dove (Great Grandma Bowser's Mom).  Grammy Bowser has told us what a neat lady Grandma Dove was and we'd love to see a picture of her!  So, Great Grandma Bowser, if you are reading this, please send us a picture of Dove!  We'll copy it or scan it and send it right back to you.  I'll have to check my Bowser Family History Book for Dove's birthday. 

6/21/07:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:      1st visit to the Dentist

My twice yearly Dentist visit was today and I wanted Jarrod to bring Taylor to meet me there.  It's time for the little missy to see what the Dentist does!  I was fully expecting a manic tantrum and a million trips to the bathroom, but I was WRONG!  I was already sitting in the chair when I saw Taylor come down the hall with the receptionist.  She came to me with a STRANGER!  She was so excited to be there.  She hopped into another chair in my room and Suzanne, the hygienist, explained everything to Taylor that she was doing.  She also reminded her every 2nd sentence that "going to the Dentist was FUN"!  They put Shrek on for her, so she would watch a couple minutes, get off her chair, scoot up real close to me, look in my mouth and watch, lay her head on my arm, then go back to Shrek.  She liked the Dentist chair and how it made me lay down.  When I was all done she got to climb into the chair and sit like a big girl!  Taylor even let Suzanne count all of her teeth!  Dr. Thomas came in and said hi to Taylor and she watched him intently as he checked my teeth.  When it was all over, Suzanne gave Taylor a new Dora toothbrush, kid floss (string according to T) and a "magic coin".  Taylor got to use the magic coin to get a prize for being such a good girl.  She was so good, I was REALLY surprised!  Taylor also swam by herself for the first time today (with her floatie vest).  The girl is just petrified of new things and Jarrod's been working with her on swimming.  She finally let go of him today and swam around the pool by herself!  Way to go Taylor!  Taylor's favorite line that melts my heart every single time is "Mommy, I will always love you".  Isn't that SWEET?!  Oh, on Father's Day, Taylor learned how to write the letter "D" and she did all the "D"s on the envelope for DADDY :-)  So now, she can write the letters D, T, O and Q. 

6/4/07:         Posted By:  Mom          Subject:      Little Diva

Oh boy, what a little Diva we have on our hands.  She is currently obsessed with dresses.  She even wears them on Fridays with Daddy to clean the pool and pull weeds lol.  If it twirls, it's a "favorite dress".  She also loves to ask for her jewelry box from on top of her dresser so she can accessorize!  She loves necklaces and bracelets.  Taylor is still in the throngs of threemania.  She tells me every day "Mommy I will always love you".  Then, when she does something that winds her up in the corner its "Mommy, you are not coming to my party you are not listening".  *sigh*.  She is still hooked on Princesses, we've watched Sleeping Beauty oh, no less than 100 times.  She loves Aurora and Aurora is coming to her party, but not the mean witch lol.  She tells me, "mommy, I have long hair like Aurora".  Taylor also loves to sing...just like Aurora.  You will catch her in song at any given moment of the day and she makes up quite the unique lyrics lol.  Taylor is still a  natural born artiste.  Just this evening I hear her say "mommy I colored everything"!  Well, at least she didn't lie...she colored my beige kitchen rug and two tiles with purple marker.  The placemat apparently needed some dressing up as it received purple polk-a-dots.  Taylor has two teachers at school that are getting married, so she loves to tell me that she is going to marry me :-)  She asked for a pretty wedding dress and I told her when she was bigger I would get her one.  So, she woke up the next morning and said "Mommy, I am bigger, now buy me a wedding dress".  :-)  On 5/27, I took Taylor to see Shrek 3.  She had a 32 oz diet coke (her sprite was awful, so yes, I let her have diet coke) and a small popcorn and watched the entire movie!  She laughed, talked too loud and even made it 5 additional minutes after announcing she had to go potty.  It was a fun Mommy and Taylor evening.  Taylor is getting really good at her "T"s.  She can also write the letters O and Q.  Taylor ends her evenings with her bedtime prayers.  She often asks where Jesus lives and I tell her in the clouds, way up high in the sky.  She asked the other day who lives with Jesus and I told her she has a Grandma Judy that lives in the clouds with Jesus.  She looked at me, then looked out of the car window up into the sky and just stared up there for the longest time.  You know she was looking for Jesus and Grandma Judy doing "pretty ballet" in the clouds lol.  We'll explain that one more later...this explanation was good enough for now.

5/8/07:         Posted By:  Mom          Subject:      Taylor update

Once again, it has been almost 2 months since I've posted an update.  I'll try not to jump around too much while bringing you up to speed.  HEALTH  We must have paid our dues during her first 18 months of life because other than a cold here or a cough there, she has been in perfect health.  On April 13th, Taylor had her annual ear tube check-up with Dr. Bartell and both tubes are still there.  One is completely out of the eardrum and inside a ball of wax that he wants to exit on its own.  The other is ready to come out at any time.  We go back in a year and if they are still there then he will pull them out.  He thinks they will fall out on their own.  SOCCER  As you can see on her pictures page, Taylor started soccer in March with Cousin Simon.  Taylor did "ok" the 1st couple of practices.  She and Simon both seemed to enjoy themselves running back and forth at practice.  Their first game came and Taylor played oh, two minutes.  She decided #1 she didn't like to kick the ball anymore because the other team was trying to take it away and #2 she didn't like me yelling "go Taylor".  The 2nd game she played a little bit more...well, not so much "played"...more like she ran up and down the field.  By about game 4 both Simon and Taylor have decided they do NOT like soccer.  Just not interested.  We won't let Taylor quit...she knows she has to finish out the season (two more games).  She will dress for every game and go support her team.  She doesn't have to like sports, but she is not allowed to quit at three lol.  At last Saturday's game she sat on the sidelines with me and did "pretty ballet" during the soccer game.  Pretty ballet is where she gets this very serious look on her she's the main dancer in Swan Lake, then she raises her arms above her head, holds out one leg and turns in a circle.  Pretty ballet.  :-)  This weekend she said she wants to bring her new pink butterfly camping chair to sit with me on the sideline and cheer for her team.  We can safely check soccer off the list of things she likes to do.  At least the uniform was cute!  ENTERTAINMENT/FRIENDS  Taylor has done a lot of fun things over the past two months.  She had a blast coloring her first Easter eggs on 3/24 with her friend Amelia.  She wasn't quite sure what to make of the vinegar smelling dye.  I think we had 18 eggs and the two of them had all of the eggs colored in oh, five minutes flat.  Five minutes having to SHARE the egg dipper thingy!  Taylor and Amelia always have a blast together.  We all went over to the Knight's house on 4/14 for Aidan's 1st birthday and Taylor, Amelia and Ava played non stop until 9pm at night.  They golfed, played tee-ball, pushed shopping carts and strollers and played duck duck goose no less than 20 times.  Taylor keeps telling me she can't wait for Amelia and Ava to come play at her house.  Speaking of Amelia, I think we are going to sign Taylor up for gymnastics where Amelia goes.  Since soccer was a bust, we asked her what she wanted to do next and she said gymnastics, art or music.  Gymnastics it is.  If I get her signed up and there is space available, she will start the 1st Thursday in June and go once per week for an hour.  This is not a parent/tot class, she will have a teacher and will have to *gasp* LISTEN!  I'm hoping that since Amelia is in the class she will be ok without Captain Fun (aka Dad) being at her side.  MANIA  There is no better word to describe a three year old female other than manic lol.  One moment she is telling you she loves you and tells you thank you in the sweetest little voice for putting her Princess DVD in the DVD player and the next minute she is absolutely hysterical because you turned the volume down like HALF a notch and she is screaming that she CAN'T HEAR HER DVD!  MOOOOMY I CAN'T HEAR IT!  Tears running down the face, legs start kicking and she usually ends on her belly on the floor.  Well, actually she ends up in the corner on her belly on the floor.  Then after her 3 minute time out, she will get up, apologize for throwing a fit and ask you in that sweet little voice again to come sit next to her on the couch and watch the DVD.  WHAT THE HELL LOL?!  It's wash, rinse, repeat all day long.  GOOD OLE TAYLOR  So lets see, what have the past 2 months brought us...(1) On 3/30 we walked upstairs to see red permanent marker on my computer monitor.  Good thing she chose my old, cheap monitor.  We now own multiple boxes of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Those things remove everything!  (2)  While we were re-doing the office, I told Jarrod we needed duct tape.  Taylor chimed right in and told us no, we better get pig tape.  (3)  While driving in the car one night, Taylor was whining in her best 3 year old dramatic fashion and Jarrod said "Taylor, I'm tired of hearing you whine".  To which she responded  "Daddy, I'm tired of hearing you talk".  (4)  On 5/4 we walked into the playroom to find Taylor sitting on the couch with a Cheshire grin on her face...right behind her were the vertical blinds with blue crayon circles on the slats.  (5)  While shopping at the grocery store, I put a package of Foster Farms chicken in the cart to which she replied "you got rooster food mom".  (6)  Taylor has learned how to write the letter "T".  We are working on E, O and A right now.  She can pick most of the letters of the alphabet out on a crossword puzzle.  (7) Taylor is VERY into Princesses ever since we came back from Disneyland.  She loves all things Princess and knows them all by name.  We had to stop reading her Princess book because they all have evil witches or evil step mothers and Taylor was waking up scared at night which meant she was sleeping in our bed.  (8)  Taylor talks non stop.  This is no joke.  We might have to take the video camera in the car one Friday night and video tape her.  We timed it one night and the longest she went without talking was 18 seconds.  If we start talking, she will say "excuse me" and start talking again.  We also think she is going to be a great politician.  She will ask if we are going to get ice cream tonight and we will say no, we have to go here and here and here.  She will come back immediately with "ok, so we will go get ice cream, then go here and here and here, ok mommy?"  It's crazy how she re-thinks things and figures out ways to make it all work. 

3/13/07:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:      Chores

She's not too young for chores right?  I wonder what the proverbial "they" would say about a 3 year old having chores.  Well, we decided it was time for some responsibility :-)  (my Dad is laughing an evil laugh right now).  Taylor has three chores as of yesterday.  She (1) feeds the cat, which consists of filling up his water bowl and giving him 1 scoop of dry cat food (2) cleans up the shoe "black hole", which consists of putting all her shoes in the shoe basket and taking any shoes that aren't hers upstairs and (3) putting five things away in her playroom.  I made her a chart with pictures of the chores and she gets a star for every chore that she does each day.  On Friday, if she has done all her chores every day, she will get $5.  Some of you might think that is too much, but we ARE going to Disneyland in 3 weeks and the girl will need some money.  Or, as she says "I have $5 so I can get CAAANNNDDDYYYY".  After Disneyland, I think we will go back down to $1 or $2 per week.  So far she LOVES having things that are hers and hers only to do each day.  We'll see how long this lasts :-)

3/11/07:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:      Blonde Bomber

On 2/24 we went down to Tucson for my cousin's wedding.  In typical Taylor fashion, she was one of the first on the dance floor and one of the last to come off (and that was because we MADE her leave).  Uncle Luke was a willing dance partner when he wasn't off trying to impress the flower girl :-)  Taylor is still baba free...she hasn't looked back.  We're so proud of her...this was a HUGE security to her and she handled it like a pro!  She may be going to college with "pink mankie" (pink blankie), but oh well.  Taylor is plugging right along learning the alphabet letters.  I know they did the letter "Y", not sure about "Z".  She LOVES pre-school and her teachers.  She was the official "light switcher" for the past two weeks.  She has also been the "clip board holder" and "teacher's helper".  Let's not forget about Joe the Hamster.  Joe is the class pet and we get to hear all about Joe's day along with Taylor's.  Just when we thought Taylor couldn't do anything more to surprise us...she let us know that she has picked up on our "potty mouths" and has started repeating things.  :-)  She walked up to me (I was folding laundry) and says "Mommy, are you done with the G*d D!mn socks yet"?  Then, another night she heard Jarrod say "what the hell", so that is all we heard for an hour..."Mommy, what the hell are you doing"?  "Mommy, what the hell is for dinner"?  Oh just wait...there is more.  Jarrod was changing Payton's diaper (a stinky one) and Taylor says "Daddy, is it a G*d D!mmit"?  *sigh*  We REALLY need to watch our mouths!  Another funny thing, Taylor and I were arguing and I said to her "Taylor you can't do everything, you are only 3"!  To which she replied "YES I CAN CUZ I'M A BIG KID"!  Strong willed and independent.  Some people say she gets that from me lol.  Last Thursday, 3/8, Taylor had her 1st soccer practice.  The whole team met at Desert Breeze park and the kids practiced kicking balls into the net and just kicking the ball down the field.  It was really unorganized, but I guess we'll have to get over that since it is nine 3-year olds.  Half way through practice (30 minute practice), Taylor decided she had had enough and started walking away to "look at the ducks" lol.  I hope the refs aren't real strict on substitutions at the games...Taylor will walk off the field when she feels like it!  Her 1st game is 3/29.  After practice, all the kids stood in a circle and one of the dads asked what they wanted their team name to be.  Another dorky dad suggested the "Tater Tots" and no one objected (I think Justin, Roxy, Jarrod and I were wondering if he was actually serious) and so, they are the Tater Tots.  Taylor told us she wanted to be the Horsies lol.  Just another funny Taylor moment before I close...the other night we were reading before bed and I was asking her lots of "is the person on the bench or off the bench, is she on top of the slide or on the bottom of the slide, is she in the sand box or out of the sand box" (opposite stuff).  Taylor looks at me and points to a little boy in the book and says "Mommy, is he playing baseball or is he not playing baseball"?  She's a cutie patootie and I have got to try to write down more of her Taylorisms so we can remember them forever.

2/20/07:       Posted By:  Mom           Subject:     Our little baby no more

Taylor LOVED receiving Valentines.  On Valentines Day her class had a party.  They made a "party mix" with Cheerios, m&m's, raisins and other ingredients.  They had party mix and Hawaiian punch to celebrate.  Each child handed out their Valentines to their classmates.  When I picked Taylor up, she was talking a million miles a minute and had a pink punch stain around her mouth.  She must have showed Jarrod and I her Valentines 10 times that night.  She decorated her Valentines box with cut out construction paper hearts.  Taylor had her 3 year well visit with Doctor Steve on 2/15.  She weighs 36 pounds and is 38.5 inches tall.  I had written a note to Jarrod to have the Doc ask Taylor if she still used a baba and that it was time to get rid of them now that she was three (I seized the opportunity to blame it on someone else).  Taylor admitted her baba use (1st step towards recovery) and promised no more babas.  Well, Taylor has been without a baba since last Thursday and she has only had about 2 meltdowns!  We haven't caved!  Taylor did tell us the night she got rid of her babas that Payton needed to throw her babas away too.  Nice try Taylor lol.  Taylor is also now in a high back booster seat in the car!  We took out her old car seat (Payton will be in it shortly) and graduated her to a booster with the seat belt!  She absolutely loves her booster and feels like such a big girl.  Taylor learned the letter "X" today at school.  When we came home I asked her to go get the "X" magnet off the fridge and she brought it to me!  It was the right one!!! 

2/13/07:       Posted By:  Mom           Subject:     Update

Pre-School is fun for Taylor, which translates into more work for Mom and Dad!  We had to round up a shoe box for Taylor to decorate this week, which will collect her Valentines tomorrow.  We had to get a tooth brush so she could participate in dental health month.  We need to bring in items that start with the letter “W”.  Tonight will be my second night putting together her Valentines…a Dora Valentine with a pad of paper and pencil (sports theme for boys and flip flops for girls) tied to it with red ribbon.  It’s a lot of work, but I know Taylor will be so excited to hand out her Valentines tomorrow to her friends!  Taylor has a new teacher in Pre-School.  Her name is Miss Fumiko and she will be joining Miss Jennifer.  Miss Fumiko speaks fluent Japanese so I wanted Taylor to surprise Miss Fumiko today by telling her “konichiwa”.  We practiced last night and Taylor was going to say “KO WEECHEE NAH” to Miss Fumiko today.  Taylor is a pro at potty training now.  It’s still amazing to us how it just clicked with her one day! 

2/5/07:         Posted By:  Who Else    Subject:     She's Three!

On January 27th, Taylor had her third birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza at 11am.  It was a Dora themed party and attendees included:  Grammy, Papa, Auntie, Uncle, Simon, the Yetkas (Cindy, Chris & Nathan), the Parsons (Rob, Rachel, Aidan and Connor), the Knights (Dave, Cindy, Amelia & Aidan), the Longs (Ray, Kathy & Jacob) and the Rabaras (Michelle, Augustus & Matthew).  We all had pizza for lunch, birthday cake for dessert and the kids all had tokens to play games and ride on the rides.  Taylor was VERY excited this year about her "friends" that were coming to her party.  She was on cloud 9 with all of them there.  Taylor had a great birthday and received many nice presents.  She received lots of spring clothes, nail polish, Barbie, Hullaballoo, My Little Ponies, Strawberry Shortcake doll, books, magnetic doll, Diego rescue center, Princess DVD, Cooties, Chutes & Ladders, matchbox cars, Dora Candyland & a Dora puzzle.  Thank you everyone for helping us celebrate Taylor's 3rd Birthday!  On January 29th, the Princess was officially three.  She had been asking for cupcakes at school, so Jarrod and I showed up at 3pm to handout vanilla and chocolate cupcakes to her class.  The kids sang happy birthday and ate all the frosting off their cupcakes!  For Taylor's birthday dinner, she chose Red Robin.  She had a birthday milkshake and a corn dog with french fries!  The week of the 29th, Taylor began transitioning to Pre-School!  She loved every minute of it and we were told the kids (Taylor and Matthew) cried because they wanted to go back to Pre-School!  On January 31st, Taylor was running on the sidewalk in front of the Pre-School entrance and she fell and smacked her face on the cement.  I got a call at work to tell me that she had a pretty good cut on her upper lip and her gums were bloody.  Thankfully, she had all her teeth and none were loose.  She had a fat lip for a couple days and we spent two days trying to explain why a band aid wouldn't work on her lip lol.  Taylor is potty-trained now!  She wears a diaper or pull up for nap/bedtime and the rest of the time she wears undies!  We took her out in public last weekend for the first time in undies and she did fantastic!  She will potty without her potty seat! WOO HOO!  We can't really take all the credit, Bright Horizons did most of the work.  More big news...on February 4th we registered Taylor for...drum roll please...Three Year Old SOCCER!  HAHAHA!  That's right!  Taylor is going to play soccer this spring.  Our 1st parent meeting is on 3/3.  We find out what team we are on then and the parents decide on the practice schedule.  I believe there are a couple weeks of practice before the games start.  There are 6 games, 6 on 6 with no goalkeepers lol.  She has to wear shin guards and gets a jersey.  I cannot WAIT to see how she does with this.  She is getting "bored" with gymnastics so we needed to try something new.  We registered Taylor with a "friend request" of Simon Bowser and he registered with Taylor as his "friend request" so hopefully the kids will be on the same team!   Today, February 5th, was Taylor's 1st official FULL day of Pre-School.  I dropped her off this morning in her new room and she put away her blankie and pillow case and proceeded to shoe me out the door so she could play!  One thing about Pre-School, we don't get a "daily" report of her day anymore.  So now I have to take her word on what she ate, if she napped, etc.  Taylor said she loved Pre-School and played on the computer!  She said she took a nap, but the dark circles under her eyes tell me otherwise lol.  Taylor is in Pre-School with her friends from the Transition Room...Matthew, Nicole, Parker and Nishant. 

1/23/07:       Posted By:  Mom           Subject:     Almost 3!

Taylor's big 0-3 is right around the corner.  Her Dora birthday party is this Saturday at Peter Piper Pizza.  She is really excited and asks every morning "Mommy, is today my birthday"?  Taylor is 99% potty trained and has gone without an accident for 2 whole days.  She is FINALLY telling us when she has to go as opposed to us setting the timer for every 20 minutes and making her sit on the toilet.  It's such a great feeling and she is so proud of herself!  She will do the thumbs up sign and say "That's fantastic"!  Taylor started back to gymnastics two weeks ago with Daddy.  Her buddy Jacob is in gymnastics with her again and she still loves it!  She likes to do "tabletops", somersaults, "make pizza", "donkey kick" and jumping jacks.  Taylor is doing fabulous with her's crazy to look back 1 year ago when she was talking in 2-3 word sentences.  Now she not only talks in sentences, she is learning "tenses" and proper phrasing.  She is notorious for saying things like "Mommy I ate my food all" and "Mommy what you do at work today".  We typically just reply after repeating her sentence the proper way.  She's picking up on it!  Taylor is still a big fan of the kitchen that Santa left for her and she loves to EYE RON things on her ironing board.  Taylor is a big helper these days with her little sister.  She helps me bath Payton every night...she is in charge of washing her legs and toes :-)  Taylor is a little whiz kid on her bike.  Hard to believe 1 year ago she could barely reach the pedals.  Now she takes off down the street and Jarrod usually has to go running after her!  This will probably be my last update with Taylor as a 2-year old.  My what a year it's been!  Hard to believe I was miserably pregnant 3 years ago at this moment lol.  Our little blonde bomber remains the twinkle in our eyes.

1/8/07:         Posted By:  Mom           Subject:     Big news!

First, Taylor is doing great using the toilet.  All #2's are on the toilet and she is having less and less accidents with #1.  Some days at school she will go all day without an accident and those days are increasing in number.  Second, we have official word that Taylor is going to start PRE SCHOOL on February 1st!  She will transition to Pre-School 3 the last week of January.  I can't believe it's time for this!  She is definitely ready and is moving to the room that all her older buddies (Nishant, Parker, Kyle, Nicole and Evan) moved to last month.  She is moving with her best buddy, Matthew Rabara.  Matthew and Taylor have been in the same rooms together since the Infant room so we are really happy that they are sticking together.  We also went to the party store last weekend and Taylor is DEFINITELY having a Dora party.  Now if we could just decide where to have it/what to do!

1/2/07:         Posted By:  Mom           Subject:     Birthday approaching...

Well, we have been told that Taylor wants a DORA birthday party this year.  First she said a bug party, but when I told her I didn't think the party store had bug stuff, she then requested Dora.  She told me today she wants to "revite" her friends from school and have blue cupcakes.  We'll see how this plays out in the next couple of weeks lol.  I still can't believe she is going to be THREE!

12/29/06:     Posted By:  Mom           Subject:     So it's been a couple of months...

There is no way in the world I can recount what has happened the past 2.5 months.  We're lucky if our shoes match on any given day now :-)  So, if I ever want to get back on track with updates, I'm going to have to hit a couple highlights and get current.  So here goes... October:  Taylor was a cowgirl for Halloween.  She went trick-or-treating on Daddy's birthday with Cousin Simon, Auntie and Uncle.  Grammy stayed with me at our place to hand out candy.  Taylor also helped me make Jarrod's birthday cake (it was LOADED with red sprinkles and star sprinkles lol) and she wrapped his present all by herself (about 20 pieces of tape).  She also picked out his birthday present...SOCKS!  November:  Big news for this month was Taylor welcomed her little sister home!  Taylor spent 3 days with Grammy and Papa while we were in the hospital and she loved every minute of it.  Everyone kept warning us about how jealous Taylor would be, but she really wasn't!  She LOVES her little sister and wants to make sure she knows it!  Not long after Payton was born, we were all in the car and Jarrod took a corner a little fast and there was Taylor..."WHHHOOOA, HOLD ON PAYTIE"!  :-)  Payton also cried on that car ride and Taylor said "Don't worry Paytie, your Mommy is in the car".  About halfway into November, we were all sick and Taylor went to the Doctor.  She weighed 35 pounds and was put on Zithromax for possible bronchitis caught from Mom and Dad.  On November 20th, my eldest child was in the playroom eating dinner, which consisted of corn and chicken nuggets and I was in the front room feeding Payton.  When I went back into the playroom, Taylor quickly turned her head away from me and I asked her what she was doing.  She wouldn't turn and look at me.  I repeated myself, a bit louder.  She finally turned to me and as she did, a corn kernel fell out of her nose!  I had her tilt her head up and there was another corn kernel stuck WAY up her nostril!  She was shoving corn kernels up her nose!  *sigh*  We tried everything that night to get it out.  Tried toothpicks, blowing her nose, sniffing her nose, q-tips, tweezers, etc.  That thing wasn't budging.  So, on 11/21 I called the Doctor and they said it would have to come out or it would give her a sinus infection and to call her ENT.  So, we called the ENT and after the receptionist stopped laughing, we had an appointment for later that day for a hopeful corn kernel removal lol.  The ENT first tried a little vacuum tube to get it out, but Taylor didn't like that.  It kept sucking her breath away from her.  After that she wanted nothing to do with the man and was fussing and burying her head in my chest.  The Doc mentioned scheduling her for sedation to remove it and I asked if he had anything else he could try.  He said he did, but most kids don't like it.  It was a medical probe, a long skinny metal pointy probe.  Taylor agreed and just as she was about to pull away from the Doc, out came this MASSIVE corn kernel!  PHEW!  What an ordeal lol.  We had a long talk that day about shoving things up our noses.  November was also Thanksgiving and Taylor was able to spend a couple days with Uncle Matt who came to visit.  She had him participating in tea parties within hours :-)  December:  Countdown to Christmas!  Taylor loved December.  She loved the lights on the house and the 8 foot inflatable Santa out front.  Every night she went outside with Daddy to "wake up Santa".  She was also very excited about our Christmas tree and shopping for it at the Christmas tree farm.  We think her favorite indoor decoration was our Christmas Village.  She would catapult up on the couch and watch the ice skaters on the pond.  She also loved the Santa globe.  It's a snow globe with a Santa and reindeer with styrofoam balls as the snow.  When we purchased the snow globe, Taylor said "Look Daddy, that goat has balls"!  (Goat = reindeer, Balls = styrofoam balls).  Taylor also loved Friday nights.  We would go look at Christmas lights every Friday night after our weekly visit to the "ice cream store" (Coldstone Creamery).  Taylor loves "blue" ice cream (cotton candy flavor).  While driving through neighborhoods looking at lights, Taylor would inhale real loud and say "look at the lights guys"!  She had a favorite house in Ahwatukee that has a train running through the front yard ( ) and we had to take a weekly trek out to see the "choo choo".  Also big news in December is that Taylor started potty training!  She has to be potty trained and three to move to pre-school.  On December 11th we sent her to school in undies and she only had 1 accident all day on her first day!  She has worn undies to school every day (M-W) this month and most of the time at home.  She has had a few accidents, but all in all she is doing a great job!  We stocked up on big girl undies and come January, we hope to only have her in a diaper or pull up for bedtime.  Don't forget to check our family blog for Christmas news.  All "family" news/activities will be posted there.

10/17/06:     Posted By:   Mom          Subject:     October update

Big news for October...she FINALLY decided on a Halloween costume lol.  For a loooooong time she has wanted to be a blue dinosaur.  Then she entertained the idea of Spiderman and Thomas the Train.  We FINALLY had her down to Minnie Mouse or a cowgirl.  She prefers Mickey over Minnie, so a COWGIRL she will be!  She is excited she gets to wear her pink cowboy boots with her costume.  If you ask her what a cowgirl says, she waves her arm in the air and says HEE HAW!  LOL.  We are trying to get her to remember YEE HAW :-)  According to Miss Karen, Taylor is talking a lot about Baby Payton at school.  She told me tonight "Mommy, you go to Doctah and see when Paytie can come out".  Her big concern is "Do Paytie have her own babas"?  The girl wants a guarantee that she won't have to share her babas lol.  Taylor is counting to 15 now and is really focusing on counting items using her finger.  If she doesn't use her finger, she goes too fast and counts 5 when there are only 3.  The kid is also a wizard at puzzles.  Oh, and her memory...we read her a Clifford the Dog book maybe three times and she can now read it to us.  Verbatim.  Scaaaary smart.

9/24/06:   Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     September update

As of 9/2/06, Taylor has a FULL SET OF TEETH!  She cut her last tooth, her top left 2-yr molar!  We don't have to deal with new teeth again until her 6-year molars!  Hard to believe we waited 10 months for the 1st one to come in and now they are all there!  She brushes morning and night and it just isn't a complete toothbrush without a Dixie cup full of water!  Taylor did come down with a nasty left ear infection in the beginning of September.  It was by far the grossest one we have yet to see.  She handled it like a trooper, antibiotic ear drops for 7 days (2 x day) and oral antibiotics for 5 days.  She is all better now and it's just amazing how antibiotics actually work with tubes in her ears!  Taylor had some visitors the weekend of September 14th.  My best friend Jeanene and her two kids, Sean and Haley flew out for 3 days for my baby shower.  Taylor had lots of fun with Sean and Haley.  Highlights of their trip (according to Taylor) were chasing ducks at Valle Luna, playing with 20 tubs of play doh, playing with blocks and making Haley laugh.  We hope to get out to see Sean and Haley in Tennessee sometime in 2007!  Taylor has two new teachers at school, Miss Karen (her primary) and Miss Paula.  She seems to really like both of them and Miss Paula really won her over the day they played with flashlights.  Taylor is still working on potty-training.  She is still going between 2-3 times per day at school.  We have been pretty lax with it here at home, guess we better get moving on it.  She's more than ready.  Taylor speaks like a 12 year old and we often hear things like this:  "Let's go to a westwant for dinnah, okay guys"?.  Taylor is almost done with her first four weeks of gymnastics.  Jarrod says she really likes running around the mats screaming and jumping on the trampolines.  She likes to jump off things, lift her arms and go "TAH DAH"!  Jarrod is just excited he isn't the only Dad in the class this time!  We're starting to see some cooler weather (100 and below), so there will hopefully be more trips to the park and a couple trips to the zoo!

8/27/06:   Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     New Taylorisms

I wish we were more into videotape because some of the things this child says are just hysterical!  I put T on my lap the other night to give her a hug and she yells out "NOOOO...MOMMY YOU SQUEESHEEN PAYTIE"!  Or, I will say "I'm not sure if we have any bananas" to which she says "YOU BETTER GO CHECK MOMMY".  This week I have been sick and when I cough, she says (with utmost attitude) "COVAH YOUR MOUTH MOMMY".  The two little sentences that I am not fond of are "I DON'T KNOW" and "I CAN'T DO IT".  *grrrrr*  Where did she learn those? 

8/17/06:   Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     Just an update

Taylor had to go to the Doctor today.  Daycare notified us that she was due for one of her vaxes so I called to get her appt and found out she needed three vaxes!  The good thing about this is that she doesn't need anymore shots until her 4th birthday!  So, Little Miss Trooper went to the Doc today and received three shots!  Daddy says she was a trooper and was rewarded with a sticker and a sucker.  Taylor is very into pretend these days and loves putting on her dress up shoes and strapping a baby into the doll stroller and going "sahpeen" or "to dah mall" or "to TAHGET" lol.  She loves to ask for money and we give her coins to put in her wallet for her imaginary trips to the mall or Chuck - E - Cheese.  Jarrod took her last week to see Barnyard: The Original Party Animals at the theatre.  They are going to see Cars tomorrow.  Taylor has been talking a lot about "Paytie" and likes to rock in "Paytie's woom" before she goes to bed.  She also tells me to pull up my shirt so she can kiss Paytie good night.  She asks every other day "Mommy, can Paytie come out now"?  :-)

8/6/06:     Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    2 and a half years old

I am so not even going to TRY to update for the past two months that I have missed!  How on earth am I going to keep up with TWO?!  Lets see, where shall I start?  Taylor cut her 2nd 2-yr molar about 2 months ago.  It was her bottom right 2-yr molar.  This past week, Taylor cut her 3rd 2-yr molar, her top right one.  This molar has been a nasty one and it's caused her all kinds of problems.  Thankfully we only have one more to go until the 6-yr molars.  Taylor is doing great with her health.  She's had a couple colds here and there, but she hasn't been to the Doctor since her 2-year check-up!  She wasn't even sick for that appointment!  What a difference an Allergist makes!  I just looked in Quicken and Taylor has been to her Pediatrician 34 times since birth and only two of them have been in 2006!  Taylor has been having a blast with Daddy on her "Daddy Days" (every Thursday and Friday).  They did a gymnastics class not long ago (4 classes) and she got to walk on balance beams, jump on trampolines, do somersaults and run around like a wild child!  Jarrod was the only Dad in the class...something that I think is very special!  I didn't realize when I signed her up for the class that I could have signed her up for two additional months, so we lost out after the first month.  I register her this weekend for Sept/Oct/Nov and I will make sure I do it right this time.  She would always tell us "Mommy, I go to tumbing" or "Daddy we go to nimnasdics today".  She also completed her second session of swim lessons.  She isn't a huge fan of the pool just yet, but she loves her "baby pool".  We won't push it.  Let's see, what else... Taylor is still Miss Talkative!  Lately she has been asking me "Mommy can Paytie come out now"?  I just think that is the cutest.  She also likes to put her hand on my belly and tell Payton to "kick".  I make my belly move and she just laughs and laughs and laughs saying "Paytie kick me".  Funny things she has said lately ...  "Jus a minoot, I busy" "Daddy you da man" "Mommy you cant hold me, you're belly too big" "I go to Meyaa's house in free days" (we play with Amelia a lot, she thinks that if she gives me time frames it will get her there quicker lol) "I go to skoo on Tuesday" (ask her what 'day' anything happens on and she'll pull something out) "I go sopping to da mall on Fwiday".  The other big thing going on in Taylor's life is potty-training.  About 2 or 3 weeks ago we bought her a 3-pack of Elmo undies.  REAL UNDIES.  I started putting her in them after I picked her up from school because she has been really good about telling us when she has gone potty.  She has been doing pretty good!  She will go in spurts of wanting to wear her big girl undies.  Other times she wants her pull ups.  We started a sticker reward program and she has a chart on the dishwasher where she puts her stickers.  I think she is doing great.  On a good day, she will go 2-3 times at school for her teacher and 2-3 times at home for us.  I don't want to be too pushy with her considering the huge life change that is going to happen to her in another 3 months.  She will do it when she is ready and so far I think she is doing great learning the concept!  Taylor is also learning how to dress herself.  She does good with her shirts and we are working on how the tag goes in the back on her pants/shorts.  She always gets frustrated when she gets her pants on then can't get them over her bum!  Taylor likes to help around the house too.  She likes to do the swiffer vac for me and help me fold (aka wad) clothes.  Her job with the laundry is to stand on her stool and put the clothes in the washer, then put the detergent and Downey in all the right places.  One big event that I wanted to make sure to get jotted down is our quick trip to CA for my Cousin Chris' wedding.  We drove in 7/13 for the wedding on 7/14.  On the morning of the 14th we went and saw Aunt Babe and her new apartment.  We were able to spend a couple of hours visiting and had lunch together.  Taylor showed Aunt Babe how she does puzzles, is a picky eater, doesn't listen, sings songs and acts like a typical 2-yr old!  Later that afternoon was Chris and Kelli's wedding.  We got to see EVERY SINGLE ONE of the Lewis side of the family.  It was so cool to have everyone in the same room!  I haven't seen some of my Aunts/Uncles/Cousins since our wedding!  The wedding itself was beautiful.  It was at a winery in Temecula...go figure CA was having a heat wave while we were there!  We kept Taylor occupied during the wedding with a Wiggles sticker book from Cousin Amy!  GOOD THINKING COUSIN AMY!  At the reception, we learned that we have quite the little twinkle toes on our hands!  Once the dancing started, she didn't stop.  Of course, it didn't help that she had 2 Sprites!  Anytime the bridesmaids were on the dance floor, Taylor was 4 feet behind them shaking her bootie.  She danced with Great Nana, Daddy, Papa Wilson, Cousin Chris, Uncle Luke and by herself!  She went until 10pm!  Well, I can think of a million more things to write down, but I'll have to save it.  I do want to note that Taylor ends her day each night by saying her prayers.  Sometimes willingly, others not, she will fold her hands and say "Dear Jesus, Tank you for today, Peez watch over Mommy and Daddy and Taylor and Baby Payton and A.J. (sometimes the quick version is Peez watch over you and you and you and you), I love you Jesus, Amen".  It's her first prayer and she knows it by heart!

5/29/06:    Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    2 years and 4 months old

Taylor is 2 going on 13!  She is VERY into her hair and what she is wearing.  She really loves wearing belts, or anything PINK.  Pink is definitely her favorite color at the moment.  She loves to have me put "ponies" in her hair, then she will run down the hall and yell at Jarrod, "Daddy I Pitty"! :-)  Taylor is having lots of fun at school.  They are going to start water play in 1 more week.  They recently had a luau, which included a blue Nemo bounce house.  She has NEVER been interested in bounce houses before, so we were pretty shocked when she wanted to go jump!  She had a lot of fun.  I think Taylor learns a new song each day at school.  She is always coming home and singing to us.  Miss Mona is still her primary teacher and it looks like Miss Crystal will be the secondary through the summer.  Taylor likes Miss KISSTAL and proudly told us that MISS KISSTAL HAVE PINK TOES (she had on pink toenail polish one day) lol.  Taylor can count to twelve, but gets lost after that.  Apparently they are teaching the kids their ABC's in Spanish because we heard her the other day "AH, BAY, SAY, CHEY, DE".  Let's see, what else is going on?  Taylor told me today "NO MORE WAIL" for her bed.  She wanted me to take off her bedrail and let her sleep like a big girl.  She is still napping and I haven't heard a THUD, so I guess so far so good.  Taylor told us in the car the other day "I GET IN A WOCKETSIP AND GO TO DAH MOON".  We thought she had quite the imagination, but realized that she remembered it from Little Einsteins, a program she likes to watch on TV.  This week is Taylor's first week of part-time care at daycare.  She will be there M-W now and will spend Th and Fri with Daddy!  She is signed up for tumbling on Fridays (starts June 9th) and swimming on Saturdays (starts this weekend).  We hear PaPa Wilson is coming to AZ this weekend with his travel ball team, so hopefully we will get to see him for a little bit!

5/6/06:     Posted By:    Mom        Subject:    Our trip to CA and much more!

I really get mad at myself when I wait so long to update this site.  We are really going to have to figure out how to keep this thing updated when #2 comes along!  This is going to be a looooong update, so, those who make it through, you will find the hardback version at your local library :-)

Wed 4/12: We drove to San Diego. The drive is much worse than drive to Orange County (which is VERY boring). Taylor did great, but there were lots of "I GET OUT" "I WANT MY DUECE" "IM HUNGEE".  Once in S.D., we went to Shelter Island and checked into our hotel. Our hotel was beautiful, we were on the top story (3rd story) and had a perfect view of the bay. Our hotel was also at the end of the island so there wasn't a lot of traffic or anything.  Taylor made friends with the seagull on our patio.  We went to the Gaslamp Quarter that night and had dinner at Friday's and walked around. We all thought it was nice to wear a jacket.  Taylor fell out of her bed that night twice (we put pillows on the floor in case) and Jarrod and I spent our first night wondering if a Queen sized bed was really "this small".  Thurs 4/13: We drove inland to the S.D. Wild Animal Park.  It was A LOT of walking!  Taylor was a trooper and walked almost the whole time.  There were lots of hills and slopes, not to mention it was almost 90 degrees that day! The highlight was that T got to hand feed a giraffe ($2 per leaf I might add). We saw rhinos, elephants, giraffe, gorillas (RILLUHS as T calls them), tiger and lots of course...the MINGOES.  We left around 2pm and T passed out in the car. We got back to the hotel and I napped while Jarrod and T went down and played in the sand on the bay. That night we had dinner at a fantastic little gourmet pizza place called Pizza Nova. It sat right on the bay and we had a beautiful view of the boat docs.  T only fell out of bed once that night.   Fri 4/14: The weather forecast called for rain around 12-1pm, so we headed to the S.D. Zoo bright and early.  It was overcast and chilly, quite the opposite of the Wild Animal Park. We knew our time was short, so we mapped out what we wanted to see and off we went. We saw panda bears, bears, hippos (T's fav.), polar bears, orangutangs (scared the you-know-what out of T).  The hippos were great. They had an underwater viewing area and these 2 hippos were right up to the glass next to each other posing for all of us staring at them. It started to rain and we kept on truckin with our ponchos and umbrellas then decided to call it quits. Went back to the hotel, napped, got up and went to the USS Midway, a retired aircraft carrier docked in the bay. WOW that was so cool! We got up on the flight deck and saw all kinds of WWII Navy planes, we got to tour the hangar and JB and I took turns going down into the different decks where strollers weren't allowed. T and JB tried out the pilot seats and mock cockpits. It was a lot of fun. That night we took the bridge over to Coronado Island.  Beautiful place. We just drove through, then went to dinner at Unos.  Oh...the Zoo is smart...they have escalators.  Pregnant women love escalators.  Sat 4/15: Sea World! Nana, Papa Wilson and Uncle Luke drove South and met us at Sea World. T walked with Uncle Luke the ENTIRE day.  9 hours she walked. We saw penguins, polar bears, walrus, dolphins, Shamu and sharks.  Papa Wilson had this great idea of sitting in the SOAK ZONE for the dolphin show. Great idea Papa Wilson!  We had our ponchos on and thought how bad could it really be? Well, when we saw 4 dolphin tails pop out of the water right in front of us, we knew we were dead. We tried to shield T the most, but they absolutely drenched us. She was laughing at first, but then got kind of hysterical and we had to get up and go to the top to watch the rest of the show. We could wring our clothes out after that little escapade, but Uncle Luke sure did like it!  The rest of the day, T kept saying NO DAHFIN SPASH ME! Needless to say we sat in the DRY ZONE for Shamu. T had no nap this day, so at 7pm we called it quits and went back to the hotel. We were all FRIED. I was so sunburnt I looked like a lobster. T was golden brown with a hint of rose color to her cheeks. For dinner, T wanted a hot dog (she would eat them morning noon and night if we let her) so we stopped at Weinerschnitzel and ordered hot dogs galore. The weather was beautiful this day.  Sun 4/16: We checked out of the hotel and drove North to Huntington Beach where Uncle Matt lives. We got to see his place and Taylor LOVED meeting his dog, BOZ, whom she affectionately calls BOZZIE.  We all visited for awhile and then headed to El Torito for Easter Brunch. Oh my oh my it was so good! The picky eater had tortillas, beans and chips for brunch.  *sigh* After brunch we went to a park and let the kids play, then it was off to Orange County to check into the hotel by my parents house and then off to my parents for rest and visiting.  Mon 4/17: Woke up and headed to Nana and Papa's house.  We did lots of visiting, went to lunch, went to a park, naps all around, then off to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Fullerton, Heroes.  We did have to say goodbye later that was VERY nice having 1 relaxing day after going for 3 days straight in S.D.!  Tues 4/18: We woke up, checked out and got the heck out of Dodge. It was a FANTASTIC vacation, but it was exhausting and we were all glad to be home.  It was so much fun and so relaxing. No cell phones, no computers, wake when we wanted to.

Are you still there?  Still reading?  On to what's been going on with T...We have given notice at daycare that Taylor will only be there Mon-Wed as of June 1st.  Jarrod is going to be a stay-at-home Dad on Thursdays and Fridays.  I think we are going to sign her up for tumbling one of those days, then she will starts swim lessons again in June.  Taylor is doing great at school (according to our Parent Teacher conference).  We are always told that she speaks very well for her age lol.  She is learning how to use scissors, recognize letters and count items.  She is a walking songbook.  All of a sudden, she knows the entire ABC song and she doesn't skip half of it like she used too.  She also knows many Wiggles songs, Where is Thumbkin, Happy and You Know It, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Baby Bumblebee, Patty Cake, Twinkle Twinkle, etc.  Speaking of Wiggles, we went to a Wiggles concert on April 29th with our friends Dave and Cindy and their kids, Amelia (T's age) and Aidan.  Taylor definitely had no idea that she was going to see REAL Wiggles.  When they drove out in Big Red Car, holy cow, she went nuts clapping and screaming and dancing!  She danced for an hour straight!  At one point, Murray took a run up the aisle that we were sitting by and I became "THAT MOM".  You know, the one that thinks her kid is the only kid that exists and is the most important kid in the entire auditorium!  I felt like Jon Bon Jovi was running towards me.  I had Taylor in one arm and I was waving, standing up yelling "THERE'S MURRAY T!"  "WAVE HI TO MURRAY" "HI MURRAY"!  He stopped the row in front of us to take a pic with a kid and he did wave to Taylor.  I was so excited!  She was waving and just staring.  She was star struck lol.  The show was fabulous and we wouldn't have missed it for the world!  To see her reaction to her "heroes" was priceless!  OH...while we were on vacation, T cut her 1st 2-year molar.  It was her bottom left 2-year molar.  No wonder she was fussy a couple days!  Only 3 more teeth to go until we have a full set!  I'm not real sure what else I have missed, but like always, I will try to update more often.  OH...I forgot, Jarrod took Taylor to her 1st movie in April.  They saw Ice Age 2.  Jarrod said she did pretty good, she really loved having her own popcorn and of course, she wanted to sit in the 1st row :-)  He also took her to see the Easter Bunny, which didn't go over well and as you can see, we did not get a pic with the Easter Bunny this year. 
4/4/06:     Posted By:    Mom        Subject:    Growing up!

Taylor is quite proud of the fact that she is going to be a big sister!  When asked where the baby is, she says "IN MOMMY TUMMY IN TAYOH'S TUMMY TOO" :-)  This past week Taylor has let us know that she knows the songs "Little Bunny Foo Foo" and "Where is Thumbkin".  She likes to sing Little Bunny Foo Foo in fast forward as she loves the part where she gets to "bop them on the head".  Taylor has also surprised us with colors!  The right ones!  She knows blue, red, orange, brown, purple, pink, green and yellow.  She also knows shapes!  She knows circle, square, rectangle, oval, triangle (sometime confused with rectangle), diamond and star!  Taylor knows that we are going on "BAYKAYSUN" in seven days and proudly tells us she is going to see "DAHFINS and WAYOHS".  I can't wait to take her to the zoo and Sea World.  She is going to love it!  Lets just hope it doesn't rain!

3/26/06:    Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     I see Broadway in her future...

We went to the grocery store on Saturday.  It was a routine grocery trip.  But this time, Taylor felt like singing.  At the top of her lungs.  Up and down EVERY aisle lol.  The lucky grocery patrons got to hear Mary Had a Little Lamb, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Rain Rain Go Away :-)  One lady even commented in the check-out line..."I really enjoyed the concert"!  She was a smash hit!  On Friday, I came home from work and Jarrod and Taylor were coming inside from getting the mail.  They BOTH had a Starbucks cup in their hands!  I asked Taylor what she was drinking and she proudly said "I DINKEEN TAHBUX COFFEE MOMMY" and Jarrod winks at me.  It was really chocolate milk, but she really thought it was coffee.  She walked up our driveway and said to our neighbor "HI BANDON, I DINKEEN TAHBUX COFFEE"! 

3/15/06:    Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     Potty training progress

Daycare has really been working with Taylor on potty training.  They put her on the little toilet about 2-4 times each day and she has been going #1 and #2 on the toilet!  At home with us, she is starting to tell us that she wants to go potty.  She is also starting to grab her diaper when she has gone and doesn't like the wet feel.  She is doing great considering she just turned two!  We'll keep plugging along and hopefully within the next six months she will be in big girl undies!  Taylor continues to surprise us with new words.  The other night while we were laying in bed talking about her day, I asked her what she did and she said "intahmints".  I was confused.  This was a new one!  After she repeated it a couple of times it finally clicked!  She had played INSTRUMENTS at school.  Her favorite is the "macacas" (maracas) and the "dum" (drum).  Taylor's new teacher has been doing a great job.  Taylor loves to tell us about the books that Miss "BONA" (Mona) reads to them each day.  They do lots of fun collages, height charts, painting, playing, singing, dancing, pretending, coloring, etc.  Her buddies at school are Matthew, Parker (Pahkah) and Nishant.  Taylor seems to have picked up some picky eating habits.  We are not allowed to cut or break anything in half anymore.  We made that mistake at dinner last Friday (we broke the corn dog in two, heaven forbid) and everyone got to listen to her cry over it.  She's a big girl now and doesn't want to have her stuff cut up "MOMMY NO CUD IT" "MOMMY NO BAKE IT".  I think that's about all I have for now.  We are getting really excited for our trip to CA next month!  Stay tuned!

3/4/06:      Posted By:  Mom          Subject:     2 yrs and 1 month

I swear Taylor does or says something new everyday.  This age is so much fun and we find ourselves laughing more often than not.  Taylor is doing fabulous these days.  She is really enjoying the Transition Room at school.  She has a new teacher that started about two weeks ago, her name is Miss Mona (or Miss Bona/Sona) as T calls her.  Miss Mona has done wonderful things in T's classroom and Taylor always has new artwork and cool things in her classroom to show us.  Taylor is understanding "quantity" now and can count out things up to 4 or 5.  She can count to 10, but actually understands what "two waffles or three blankies" are.  It's pretty cool.  She talks like she is 13.  Non stop.  On her fake cell phones.  "HI GAMMY, HOW AHH YOU TODAY", "OPEN CABNET MOMMY", "I GO TO PAAAK TODAY", "I NEED SORK", "MOMMY NO BAFTIME", "I WEED BOOK MOMMY", "I FUSH IT DADDY", "I GO POTTY ON TOYWET", "DADDY DIAPUH WET", "NOT NICE MOMMY", "NO WASH FACE TONITE", etc.  Taylor is still doing great in her big girl bed.  She had a couple rough nights about a week ago, but I think we can attribute it to TOOTH # 15 & 16 have arrived.  They are her lower right and left canines.  Those are evil teeth!  Those darn canines have given her the WORST time!  But, they have broken the skin now, so only 4 more teeth to go!  Taylor's favorite movies are Shrek, Shrek 2, Big Bird Sleepytime, Big Bird Storytime and anything Wiggles.  She loves to sing Wheels on the Bus, Happy and You Know It, Old MacDonald and Ring Around the Rosie.  In about 5 weeks we are heading to San Diego for a family vacation.  We are going to Sea World, S.D. Wild Animal Park and the S.D. Zoo.  We will be in S.D. for 4 days, then we are heading up the coast to spend 2 days (and Easter) with Nana, Papa, Uncle Luke and hopefully Uncle Matt!  We are so looking forward to the time away!  Taylor keeps wanting to look at the zoo web site...they have a PINDAH bear webcam lol.  She is going to have so much fun!

2/3/06:      Posted By:   Mom         Subject:     2 years old!

Well where shall I start?  How bout with the big girl bed!  Taylor has been sleeping in her big girl bed for two weeks now.  She goes down for the night without a fuss and doesn't get out of bed until morning.  A couple of times we forgot to put the gate in front of her door and we were woken up by a little blonde bomber saying "GIT UP" at the side of our bed :-)  On 1/21 daycare had "snow day" at school.  They had 5 tons of snow delivered and the kids got to play in it and sled on it.  Taylor's friend Amelia (and her mommy and daddy) joined us for the fun!  The girls also played in all the water/ice activity stations that were set up.  On 1/28, Roxy and I took the kids to see Disney's Nemo on Ice.  Taylor wore her Mickey Mouse sweater (for the 2nd day in a row) and they both LOVED the show!  Mickey and Minnie were there (Taylor was very excited about this).  It was a two hour show with a 15 minute intermission.  They did their typical "I am Two" act and went up and down on the chairs, juice, snacks, up, down, clap, up, stand, down, etc.  Believe it or not, they watched the entire show!  Taylor loved telling her Daddy about Nemo, WAYOH (the whale), SEAGOH (the seagull), DOHWEE (Dori) and MAHWIN (Marlin).  On 1/29, Taylor celebrated her 2nd birthday!  We had a Wiggles party, complete with a big red car birthday cake!  Taylor was VERY tired at her party and well, she just wasn't into it!  She did enjoy our presents to her, a slide and a hot pink chair.  Taylor touched her birthday cake this year (MUCH different than last year), didn't want to blow out the candles, but liked it enough to try a couple of bites.  After cake, we opened presents and WOW!  Taylor is a lucky girl!  She received lots of spring clothes, books, a unicorn purse, Shrek 2, My Little Pony, Baby Princess Jasmine, bath toys, stickers and lots more!  Guests at this year's party included:  Grammy, Uncle Justin, Auntie, Simon, the Parsons family, Cindy and Nathan, the Knight family and Coco and Mikey.  Thank you to everyone for helping us celebrate Taylor's 2nd birthday!  On 2/3, Taylor went for her 2 year Doc appointment with Dr. Gentile.  Taylor weighs 30.4 pounds and is 2 feet, 10.5 inches tall.  Her ears were clear and she was in perfect health EXCEPT for the nagging cough that she has had for a couple weeks.  Doc says it is from the poor air quality in AZ right now (no rain since Oct 18th) and until it does rain, she will be wheezy and coughing.   So, we have to give her breathing treatments daily and in the middle of the night if she wakes up coughing.  Dr. Gentile was very impressed with Taylor's speech...he said she talks as well as his 3-year old!  Apparently she sang OH MAHDONOH (Old MacDonald) for him, complete with farm animals and noises (PIGGIE, OIK OIK, COW, MOOOOOO).  Taylor received two shots and didn't even cry!  Way to go Taylor!  On 2/4, Taylor had her first official haircut, although I can't really call it a "cut", it was more of a trim to get rid of the baby mullet!  We took her to SnipIts, which is made to keep kids entertained and in the hair chair!  She did really well and she even let the stylist put pigtails and ribbon in her hair!  On 2/5 we took Taylor for her 2 year pictures and she did great in the beginning.  Thankfully the photographer was snapping away because she had a reaction to her shots about halfway through the pictures and fell asleep and spiked a fever!  ICK!  Anyways, we are really happy with her pics and think everyone else will enjoy them too!  Today we also helped Simon celebrate his 2nd birthday!  It was a dinosaur party at the park complete with a Bounce House!  Taylor, in typical Taylor fashion, did not want to sweat or something because she wouldn't put her big toe in that bounce house!  In any case, we had a fun afternoon with everyone.  Tonight, Taylor had her first OWIE that involved blood.  She was standing on the landing of her slide and stepped off of it (she wasn't looking) and fell onto the patio.  Her top teeth cut her bottom lip pretty good and there was LOTS of blood!  Well, I am the mommy, so I think there was lots of blood.  Jarrod told me to stop babying her lol!  Actually, she finally told me, MOMMY I OK!  Taylor is doing great learning new phrases and words.  You just never know what she will say!  She says TANK YOU MOMMY/DADDY after everything.  She likes to tell us I TYPEEN (I'm typing, usually on my computer without my knowledge!), I GO SAHPEEN (I go shopping), NO CAHT (no cart, as in a grocery cart), NO LIKE IT (I don't like it).  New words are NUFLUHGUHTUS (snuffleupogus), BEE BIR STOWEE (Big Bird Story dvd), COOKIE MUHSTAH (cookie monster), DUHPEEN BED (jumping on the bed...thanks Daddy).  Well, I think that's enough for now.  Stay tuned!  Oh wait!  I forgot!  On 2/3, after T's Dr appt, we told her that Doctor said no more BABA's.  She was not happy as she has one all day, everyday.  We had to keep reminding her that Doctor said no more (thanks for taking the heat off us Doc)!  She has asked for it A LOT, but hasn't really missed it.  She has been off the BABA 100% for 36 hours now lol!

1/21/06:     Posted By:   Mom         Subject:     ENT Appt

Today Taylor had an appointment with her new ENT, Dr. Thad Bartell (fancy huh)?  She had to go to the Doc because her Allergist said she didn't see a tube in Taylor's left ear.  Well, Dr. Bartell is really cool, much more personable than her former ENT.  He checked her ears and he found both tubes after removing some wax buildup.  Both ears were clear.  He said her left tube looked loose and she would probably loose it in 3 months or so.  He checked her throat and nose and received the all clear!  She goes back in 6 months and if her tubes are still in next March, they will remove them.

1/20/06:     Posted By:   Mom         Subject:     BIG GIRL BED!

On 1/19 Taylor's big girl bed arrived.  We put it together that night and let Taylor "help".  She made sure the screwdriver fit juuuust right in all the holes on the bed!  She did see her crib taken apart and placed in the spare room.  She kind of chuckled at it and went back to "helping" with her bed.  Once it was put together, she was very excited to hop on her BEE GIRL BED and jump around.  She was kind of a mad woman for a couple minutes, but we let her have her beds are exciting!  After that, I put her room together, sheets, blankies, baby, pillow, etc.  When it was time for NI NI, she whined a bit and was kind of clingy, so we laid her down and said "time for ni ni, lay down".  She demanded we TEET DOW (sit down) so we did for about a minute.  When we got up, she whined a bit more, but we were going to be strong!  We said "ni ni Taylor, we love you, see you in the morning" and we closed the door.  She didn't make a peep.  She fell asleep in her new big girl bed!  We checked on her a couple of times and she was sound asleep!  She was very proud of herself the next morning.  Tonight, she went down again without a fuss!  We're so proud of her :-)  Hopefully she will keep up her champion sleep habits that we have all become accustomed to!

1/17/06:     Posted By:   Mom         Subject:     BIG MILESTONE about to happen!

On 1/14 we all went to Bed Depot and let Taylor pick out her "big girl" bed!  She was very enthusiastic in the store, hopping up on beds yelling "DIS ONE, DIS ONE".  She really liked the race car bed, but we opted for the white twin sleigh bed with pull out trundle bed.  Taylor was very excited about this bed and climbed on top of it, laid down and said NI NI :)  So, the bed is ordered and should be here this week!  We will disassemble Taylor's crib when we get it, so there is no temptation to let her go back to the crib if this turns out to be a rough transition.  I think she is ready...she is a champion sleeper and will surely love all the extra space in her new bed.  Taylor has come down with a nagging head cold and is pretty congested.  We go to the ear doc on Friday so if its still lingering, he can (hopefully) tell us her ears are fine.  Taylor is learning "possession" phrases like "KECKS HOUSE" (Shrek's House), "MOMMYS CAH" (Mommy's car), "TAYUHS PEEWOE" (Taylor's pillow). "TAYUHS BUHDAY" (Taylor's birthday).  She is also forming short sentences like "MOMMY SIT WHITE HEEAH" (Mommy sit right here), "TAYUH WIKES YOGUHT" (Taylor likes yogurt).  According to her Go Dog Go book, she can tell us the difference between UP and DOWN and IN and OUT.  She also LOVES the anticipation in the book with the dogs going to the tree...she will say "GO DOG GO TO TWEE"!  Great, great age!  Oh, I almost forgot, if you ask Taylor how old she is going to be on her birthday, she will proudly say "TWO"!  She is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her Wiggles Birthday Party!

1/10/06:     Posted By:   Mom         Subject:     Cute phrases

Taylor is feeling a bit insecure in her new surroundings at school and will occasionally chase us with open arms yelling "HO SHOE" (hold you).  She is also currently addicted to "SOOT NACKS" (fruit snacks).

1/9/06:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Transition 2 Room and Baptism

On January 3rd, Taylor started full time in the Transition 2 room.  She moved with her buddy Matthew and all seems to be going well.   We've been told that our not quite two-year old has the vocabulary of a three-year old!  Things should be interesting in the Tran room now that there are SIX kids per teacher...I don't know how those teachers still have hair at the end of the day!  Taylor is trying to fit in with the older kids and has been caught taking a few naps WITHOUT her BABA!  WHOA!  She is no where near ready to give it up, but she is very proud when she takes big girl naps.  On 1/5/06, Taylor had her 9 month follow up appointment with her Allergist.  The Doc said her ears were clear, but that a tube was MISSING from her left ear!  Taylor has been telling us for two weeks that her ear had "ROCKS" in it...must have been the loose tube!  The Allergist also re-tested her cows milk allergy and she is NO LONGER ALLERGIC TO COWS MILK!  Yippee!  She outgrew the allergy!  We can start phasing cows milk back into her diet very slowly.  So, that was an exciting appointment.  I called T's ENT to tell them she lost a tube, they wanted to see her, come to find out they don't take our insurance anymore!  SO, Taylor has a new ENT, Dr. Bartell and she will be going to him on 1/20 to check her ears/tubes.  I've got to get her file transferred to the new Doc.  Funny...she isn't even two yet and she has a "file" lol.  On 1/8/06, Taylor was baptized at Desert Cross Lutheran Church by Pastor Holm.  It was done during the 10:45am service and T's Godmother (Amy), Grammy, Uncle Justin, Auntie and Simon were there to witness it.  It was a very powerful and emotional event for me, something that I know my Mom and Gramma would have wanted for Taylor.  Taylor did really well during the baptism.  While Pastor was pouring the water into the font, Taylor kept saying "DUMP IT" like we do with the cup of water in the tub lol.  When I had to lay her down in my arms she looked at me like I was nuts and she was pretty scared.  I told her "mommy has you" and she seemed to calm down a bit.  Pastor did the first handful of water and she didn't know what to think.  By the third handful of water, she was waving and saying "HI".  After the baptism, we went up front where Pastor anointed her with the sign of the cross and blessed her as a Child of God.  Then there was a prayer and T was presented as a Member of the Church, which she applauded to :-)  It was a REALLY neat experience and I am glad that we have a Church to call home.  Taylor was very sad to see Cousin Amy head home yesterday.  She had a lot of fun playing with her and asked for her first thing this morning when she woke up.  "WEAH AMY"?  I told her Amy went home to which she replied "AMY AIH PANE" (Amy's on the airplane).  Smart little cookie with a great memory!

1/8/06:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Christmas, New Years (closing out 2005)

Well, I guess I will pick up a few days before Christmas.  On 12/23, we had Christmas Eve Eve dinner with Grammy and Papa Bowser.  Then Grammy went with us to do our traditional Christmas light festival.  We went to all the hot spots, the house in Ahwatukee that has EVERY square inch of his house covered in Christmas lights (including all the landscaping) - he even had a landing strip for Santa, another house in Ahwatukee that has a train that runs through his front yard (triggered by head lights) - he also has a candy cane factory,  then we walked the street behind our house where every house on the block had lights and yard displays.  Taylor had a great time, she especially enjoyed the houses that had Dora the Explorer in the front yard!  On 12/24, we did some last minute running around and went to the Christmas Eve service at Church.  Taylor really enjoyed church, she yelled "YEAH" and clapped every time the choir stopped singing (and the church was silent).  Christmas Eve night we read Twas the Night Before Christmas and Taylor sat out a plate full of cookies and a mug of milk for Santa.  She went to bed full of anticipation...the great TANTA was FINALLY coming tonight!  Well, long story short, sometime between when TANTA came and 1:35am on Christmas morning, a scorpion decided to enter our house and crawl into our bed and sting me on the neck behind my earlobe!  It was quite easily the worst pain I have ever felt in my life and I had a horrible reaction to the venom.  Only I would get stung on Christmas...stung on the neck...loose vision, feeling in my limbs, etc, etc, etc.  Back to 8:00 am the little cherub was jumping in her crib yelling TANTA TANTA!  I couldn't get out of bed so I was listening to Jarrod talking to her in the monitor.  He asked if Santa came to her house and she said YES and he asked if Santa came into her room and she said YES and he asked if Santa talked to her and she said YES (jump up and down), then he asked what Santa said and she said "MEOW" lol.  My vision was still very messed up when Taylor saw what Santa left for her.  I wish I had felt better, darn scorpion!  Santa brought Taylor a Princess Trike, helmet, knee and elbow pads, Elmo book, purse (with cell phone, wallet, debit card, lipstick), little Tonka trucks, chapstick, hair clips, bath toys and a BABA.  Taylor LOVED her trike and really enjoyed riding around in circles in the living room.  After Santa, I was still really sick so I went back upstairs and went back to bed.  Presents would have to be put on hold this Christmas.  Thankfully she is still at the age where it didn't matter!  Around 1:30pm, Auntie Roxy, Uncle Justin, Simon, Grammy and Papa came over.  It was presents galore for the next two and a half hours!  The kids were REALLY into opening presents this year, tearing off paper was GREAT fun!  The only problem was every time they opened a toy, they wanted it out of the box right then and there to play with!  After presents we had a casual family Christmas dinner.  Around 5pm, after everyone left, we finally had "our" Christmas and Taylor opened her presents from Mommy and Daddy as well as her presents from all my family.  Taylor is very lucky to have received so many wonderful things...a doll house, Elmos, dolls, clothes, voice activated puppy, books, puzzles, piano, shopping cart, vacuum, baby bed, baby highchair, Wiggles car, DVDs, Care Bear and a Little People zoo (just to name a few).  All during the last two weeks of December, Taylor was transitioning into the Transition 2 room at daycare.  That is the room she will be in until Pre-School.  She also surprised us with cute little comebacks like "Taylor, do you want to take a bath"?  "NOT YET"!  We thought that was funny.  Taylor is working on her counting and now has 1-6 and 8-10 down really well.  We're still working on the ABC's, between the two of us, we can do the whole alphabet!  Moving on to New Years, this year Jarrod had to work New Years Eve, so Taylor and I celebrated 2006 safe at home.  My what a year 2005 was!  It was full of new milestones, made us realize our little baby was actually a little girl and went by faster than we could have ever expected.  We can't wait to see what exciting things 2006 and the little blonde bomber will bring.

12/19/05:    Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    NAKED!

Oh great...she likes to be NAKED!  This past week, we have had problems keeping Taylor in her pajamas.  She can take off her shirt and pants and socks.  I thought I outsmarted her by putting her in a one piece pajama with feet (the kind that zip up).  NOPE!  She can unzip too!  We try to tell her that it is too cold but she doesn't listen :-)  This week she is also apparently a pro at putting puzzles back together!  She used to lose her patience and give up if she couldn't get the pieces in the right spot on the first try.  Now she just gives it a quick turn and voila!  Taylor has really enjoyed talking on the phone to her Daddy, Great Aunt Debbie, Nana Wilson and Grammy Bowser over the past couple weeks.  She will say "Hi Nana, ove you, see soon, mismas" = Hi Nana, love you, see you soon, Merry Christmas!  Taylor asks about TANTA (Santa) on a daily basis now...I just know she will have a blast this Christmas!  If I don't get back on here to update before Christmas, Merry Christmas! 

12/13/05:    Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Getting ready for Santa!

I can't believe I haven't updated in almost a month!  Things have been very busy I guess!  Lets pick up with Thanksgiving.  This Thanksgiving, Nana and Papa Wilson and Uncles Matt and Luke came from CA to spend the holiday.  Everyone arrived on Thanksgiving day, including Grammy and Papa Bowser, Auntie, Uncle Justin and Simon.  We had a fabulous turkey dinner (I'm biased) and Taylor ate mashed potatoes and a couple bites of a dinner roll!  The TURKEY didn't want any TURKEY!  Taylor was also quite a turkey to her out of town guests.  She was in mommy mode and made sure everyone knew it!  We spent a fun weekend with the Wilsons, we all went to Zoolights where Taylor and Uncle Luke rode the merry-go-round.  We also went to Amazing Jakes, a new gigantic pizza buffet/game zone that has opened up.  Taylor FINALLY warmed up to her Papa Wilson and let him take her on the merry-go-round.  She rode the merry-go-round and train a bazillion times that night.  Taylor was sad to see everyone go home, especially Uncle Luke, who kept Taylor entertained by reading his Sponge Bob Squarepants book to her!  On December 2nd we went and found our Christmas Tree.  Taylor kept kissing the wooden reindeer at the tree lot!  Our tree looked pretty small, but when we got it home, we realized it is about a 9-10 foot tree!  YIKES!  Taylor didn't help decorate this year.  We figure next year will be the year that all the expensive ornaments go on the top half of the tree!  Taylor loves our tree.  The first morning she saw it, she said "oooooooh, pitty"!  Jarrod has her convinced that when she moves her arm like a magic wand towards the tree, that it is her (and not the light switch Jarrod is standing by) that turns the tree lights on and off!  She loves to wave her arm, have the lights go off, then yell "do gen" (do again).  We've been telling Taylor that Christmas is Jesus' birthday and also when Santa comes to our house.  When you ask her about Christmas, you will hear something about "knee-bus" (Jesus) or "tan-tah" (Santa).  Speaking of Santa, our annual trek to the mall to get a picture with Santa was, um, interesting lol.  She wanted NOTHING to do with sitting on Santa's lap.  Fortunately, Santa had some good pointers and we got a half decent picture without her crying, so we took it!  Let's see, what else has been going on...Last weekend we took Taylor to "A Walk Through Bethlehem".  A church by our house literally reconstructs Bethlehem on the church grounds and they have live animals and actors and you go through about 5 or 6 "areas" of Bethlehem.  Taylor really enjoyed the animals and her new favorite animal is a "DAH KEY" (donkey).  It was funny, in the last area, there was someone talking about Jesus being called Emmanuel and Taylor started saying "ELMO" "ELMO".  I guess Emmanuel and Elmo sound similar?  ;)  Taylor has been quite the companion shopper this season.  She gets in the car and says "sah-peen mommy" (shopping mommy).  New phrases include "mis mas" (Christmas), "mah-kuh" (marker), "dis way" (this way), "fuh tin" (fountain - we pass a lake with a fountain on the way to school), "git gas" (get gas), "wass hans" (wash hands).  Let me think...anything else?  Oh, I hear from her school that she will begin transitioning into the TRANSITION room (2-3 year olds) in January!  HOLY COW!  It looks like she will transition with her buddy Matthew so that will make the new surroundings a little bit easier.  I think that is all I can think of for now.  WAIT!  Oh yes, Taylor has two new teeth!  #13 and 14 have broken through the gum.  They are her upper right and left canine.  I also forgot...Taylor can count now (well sort of).  It goes like this...ME:  Taylor, count to ten.  TAYLOR:  Two, Fibe, Tix, Seben, Eight, Nine, Ben!  And Last but not Least...Taylor's baptism has been set for January 8, 2006.  I can't will be such a special day for her!

11/15/05:    Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Growing up

I swear she will be 16 in the blink of an eye...Taylor is saying lots of short sentences now.  "Baby, see dow" (baby, sit down), "buhsh tea" (brush teeth), "Mommy/Daddy, ehs go" (lets go), "See oooh mohnin" (see you in the morning), "Appuh deuce peez" (apple juice please)..  New words also include "meanie meanies" (Beanie Weenies), "keep kite" (sleep tight), "ahh-vee-lio-lees" (raviolis), "ahh-sauce" (applesauce) .  Taylor's favorite meal at the moment MUST include beanie weenies (thanks Simon) and peaches are her favorite fruit.  She loves to tell us to take off our shoes and socks when we get home...then within minutes you will catch her clomping around in our shoes.  She is very in tune with her looks and usually demands to have a bow in her hair before we leave the house on the weekends.  She also likes to say "mih" (mirror) and gaze at how "pitty" (pretty) she is :)  Taylor is still in love with her babies.  He favorite little baby and a stuffed bunny go to bed with her every night.  On any given day you will hear her boss the baby around "baby, see dow". 

11/7/05:     Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Just an update

Back to the Doc we went today.  Darn sinus infection didn't clear up completely and is back again in full force.  Ears are still CLEAR!  Sinuses are a mess.  She's on Zithromax (antibiotic) for five days to clear it up.  Doc says to expect these nasty sinus problems with it being cold and flu season + she is in daycare.  Taylor told Dr. Gentile Bye Bye and Teek You when he was leaving the room and he commented on what a sweet little girl she was *insert beaming mother* :)  Also, when we were at Target over the weekend some lady overheard T say "juice peez" and commented on what good manners she has.  I guess it's the little things that make you feel like you are doing a good job as a parent :)  Taylor is in Simon-mode.  She asks for her "Eyemon" daily.  Taylor's new words are "skee-coe" (Scarecrow), "upkin" (Pumpkin), "feeks it" (fix it), "see morrow" (see you tomorrow), "kayon" (Crayon), "teebus" (toothbrush), "go up-teas" (go upstairs), "go dow-teas" (go downstairs), etc etc. 

11/1/05:     Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Trip to CA

On 10/28, Taylor and I left for California, our 1st time without Daddy.  She did great on the drive out...pointed out all the big trucks, read her Elmo book and drew on her "Doodle".  We got into town on Thursday evening and had dinner with Taylor's Great Aunt Debbie, Great Uncle Terry and Cousin Amy.  That night, I put T down in our hotel room, took the monitor and went 1 room down the hall to Amy's room and she slept like a champ while we worked on birthday stuff!  The entire trip she napped and went to bed without a fuss.  On Friday, 10/29, Taylor, Amy and I did some shopping in Palm Desert and Taylor showed Amy what it's like to have an almost 2-year old (picky eater, diaper changes, temper tantrums).  We had a gigantic nap that afternoon and then headed over to Taylor's Great Aunt Kathy and Uncle Cliff's house to see them and Cousin Jeannie and Cousin Jake!  Taylor and Jake must have spent an hour chasing the chicken around the yard.  Taylor was obsessed with the "ICK IN".  I mean obsessed.  Friday night we all went out to dinner and had some great family time.  Saturday was the big event...Aunt Babe's 80th surprise birthday party.  BOY WAS SHE SURPRISED!  Taylor saw all kinds of family on Saturday, Great Uncle Mike and Aunt Cheryl, Great Great Aunt Darlene, Great Great Aunt Babe, Nana, Papa, Uncle Luke and more!  Taylor spent about 8 hours running all around Aunt Kathy's yard and boy did I miss Jarrod!  She was a wild woman!  Sunday, we all said our goodbyes, we spent a couple extra hours with Aunt Kathy, Uncle Cliff, Jeannie and Jake and then we headed home!  Why is the drive home always longer?  LOL!  We arrived safe and sound...very tired but we had work to do!  Daddy's birthday was tomorrow!  So, Taylor helped me hand some birthday banners and balloons.  10/31/05 was Taylor's 2nd Halloween and Jarrod's 32nd birthday.  For Halloween festivities, we were joined by Grammy Bowser, Auntie Roxy, Uncle Justin and Cousin Simon (eye-mon).  All I can say was that this year was TOTALLY different than last year!  It was a bit of a battle getting the kids into their costumes, but once they were...they were ready to run the neighborhood!  They were each equipped with a glow stick and candy bag and away we went (at first they took off in opposite directions)!  They went door to door and sometimes said "Tick Teet".  Most of the time they even said "Teek You" when they were given candy!  The kids walked the entire neighborhood, often yelling "GO GO GO GO".  It was totally hysterical.  They were pretty tuckered out after our neighborhood, so they decided to sit in the driveway and go through their candy bags.  Simon must have filled his up and dumped it out about 50 times :)  We had a blast this Halloween.  If they were this crazy on Halloween, I cannot WAIT to see them together this Christmas.  I was just telling Roxy today, I can't imagine holidays like this without both of them.  They make each other laugh, they steal from each other, they tattle on each other, they hug each other, they talk to each other...they LOVE being together!  Happy Halloween!

10/24/05:    Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Spoke too soon...

When life hands you's that saying go LOL?  I took Taylor to the Doc today after she was up all night coughing.  Figured I better play it safe since we are leaving Thursday.  She has a sinus infection and is wheezing pretty bad.  So, she is on Omnicef (antibiotic) for the sinus infection and Carbaxafed for the nose/cough.  We have to put her back on breathing treatments for a while (Pulmicort and Albuterol) and she is still on Singulair for allergies/asthma.  Gotta get the girl back on track!  Good news...her ears were CLEAR!  HOORAY!  She should be feeling better tomorrow after her 1st round of antis kick in tonight.  3 days from right now and we will be in CALIFORNIA! :-)

10/23/05:    Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Almost 21 months old!

Looks like monthly updates are becoming my "thing".  There isn't anything Taylor won't attempt to say.  She talks non-stop.  Her new phrases are "Oh My Nooness (goodness)", "Git Dow (get down)", "Jus Minoo (just a minute)", "keenix (kleenex)", "meh-sin (medicine)", "teh-beh-ishin (television)", "kah-roo (kangaroo)", "Bah-knee (Barnie...thanks Uncle Luke!)" and the list continues.  Taylor had her 2nd scheduled follow-up post ear tubes (10/13) and Dr. McReynolds says everything looks great!  Her ears are clear and (knock on wood) she hasn't had an infection in over four months!  He did ask how her speech was developing...Jarrod just kind of laughed at him :-)  Taylor had her 1st of 2 flu shots on 10/14 and she weighed in at 29 pounds at the Doctor's office!  Taylor finished her 6-week swim lesson course on 10/1.  All in all, she loved the lessons and she is fairly comfortable in the pool now.  She learned to swim (with assistance) on her belly, float, blow bubbles, glide on the water, kick her feet, move her arms, hold her breath and jump to an adult!  She received a cute little Certificate at the end of class.  Can't wait until next year!  We have decided to have Taylor baptized and I have found a really nice Lutheran Church that we will do it at.  Jarrod and I have to attend a baptism class on 11/12 and then we are free to pick any church service to baptize her at.  We have decided that my Cousin, Amy, will be Taylor's Godmother.  I took Taylor to her first church service today and she did pretty well.  I want her to be familiar with the surroundings so she hopefully doesn't freak out when she is baptized.  She really loved the music and singing, she would clap and say "YEAH" when a song was over.  She made it through 15 minutes of the service as a "good girl", then we listened to the rest of the service from the foyer lol.  Next time I think I will leave her in the Nursery so I can actually pay attention!  We did meet Pastor Holm today and Taylor played "shy".  What else is going on...we did our annual treck out to Schnepf Farms this weekend to go pumpkin hunting!  Except this year, we had Mom and Dad Bowser with us!  The kids rode REAL horses, the carousel and a bumblebee ride.  We found two pumpkins and can't wait to carve them up later this week!  Taylor and I leave for Palm Springs on Thursday afternoon.  We are heading to CA for Aunt Babe's surprise 80th birthday party and we will see LOTS of family next weekend.  I can't think of anything else for now, geez I hope another month doesn't go by before I can update this site again!  Enjoy!

9/26/05:     Posted By:  Mom           Subject:   Almost 20 months old!

Taylor will be 20 months old on Thursday!  I will try to re-cap the past couple of weeks.  (1)  Taylor has been doing great going potty on her potty seat.  She will go first thing in the morning when I wake her up.  She says "IPE" for wipe and then stands, waves and says BYE BYE as I flush the toilet :-)  (2)  Taylor loves playing dress up.  She loves bracelets, watches, our shoes, hats and anything else she can find.  (3)  Taylor's "cyber" twin came to visit on 9/17.  I met my friend Lisa, from Missouri, online about 2 weeks into my pregnancy.  She was just pregnant too.  9 months later, our girls were born on the same day...hence...Cyber Twins. :-)  Lisa and I have become good friends and she, Makenna and her son Blake flew to Phoenix for a short visit on 9/17 and 9/18.  We tried to pack a lot of fun into a short period and I think everyone was exhausted by the end of day two!  We had a great time, the girls got along great and we hope to make this an annual thing.  (4)  Last Thursday was Open House at Taylor's school.  It was really fun...her teachers had set up the room as "A Day In The Life Of".  All the parents sat on carpet mats and Miss Mary read us a story, we sang 3 songs, finger painted, blew bubbles, etc.  About 3-4 parents came up to me and told me Taylor is SO friendly and she talks so well!  That's my girl!  (5)  Speaking of talking, she says everything.  Daddy taught her to say football "FUH BAH".  She is also saying "MOON", "EHFAN" (elephant), "WEEN" (swing), "IDE" (slide), "SAW WEE" (sorry), "TAYOH" (Taylor), "BOWZ" (Bowser), "AH PANE" (airplane) and she is practicing really hard for our upcoming family gathering "BUBBIE" (Debbie), "KAH HEE" (Kathy), "NENE" (Jeannie), "AMEEEEE" (Amy), "JAKES" (Jake) "BEEB" (Babe).  (6) Taylor is teething...BAD.  She needs her 4-Two Year Molars and her 4 canines.  If I said in a previous update that she had a canine...I fibbed.  She doesn't.  (7)  Taylor had her second overnight stay away from Mommy and Daddy.  On 9/17, she spent the night at PaPa and Grammy's house while Lisa and I went out for an ADULT (no kids lol) evening and Jarrod went to a Purdue football game.  Taylor had lots of fun and can't wait to do it again!  I think that is all I have for now.  She keeps us on our toes, gives us more attitude than any 1.5 year old should have and tells us "OVE YOU" before bed every night.  Boy did we luck out getting to be her Mommy and Daddy!

9/5/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!  Taylor and I went shopping today and found her Halloween costume.  She will be a butterfly this year!  We had this weekend "off" from swim lessons, they resume next Saturday.  We went swimming at Cindy's house on Saturday with Nathan, Simon, Auntie Roxy and Uncle Justin.  Taylor preferred to float around in her whale, but she did go underwater a lot and practiced holding her breath.  Taylor's new words are mouse, butterfly (buhfly), oh boy, oh my, lets go, phone and carrots (kets).  Her favorite meals are (1) noodles (2) spaghetti and (3) hot dogs.  She is REALLY into her "babies" at the moment (Cabbage Patch Kids from Great Nana/Great Papa Lewis & Great Aunt Debbie/Great Uncle Terry).  She pushes them around in her doll stroller, gives them a "bottle" (empty sippie cup), feeds them (puts them in her booster seat and feeds them make-believe food from a bowl and spoon) and puts them to bed "ni ni".  She is quite the little mommy!  Taylor has conquered her fear of dogs and now Murphy (Rex and Kathy's dog) runs from T instead of vice-a-versa!  Taylor is talking like a champ...she is getting really good at communicating with us when she is hungry, when she has pooped (this is new) and when it is time for bed.  Since she's been announcing when her diaper is in need of changing, we got her a potty seat - one that fits over the regular seat and we will see if she becomes interested.  No pressure yet.  OH...Taylor is obsessed with Elmo.  Don't ask me where that came from, but she can spot the little red guy from ANYWHERE!  EHMO EHMO! 

8/29/05:     Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    19 months!

Well, when you decide to install all new interior flooring, some things just don't get done!  Like an update on T's website!  Okay, Taylor is now 19 months old!  On 8/20 Taylor had her first swim lesson.  We registered her for 6 classes at the Hamilton Aquatic Center.  It is a parent/toddler class for 18mos - 3yrs.  Taylor is not fond of our pool, so we weren't quite sure what to expect.  When Jarrod got her in the water, she was REALLY clingy for the first 10 minutes or so, then she was all about "weeming" (swimming)!  They practiced gliding on the water on their bellies, floating on their tummies/backs, jumping in to Mom/Dad, blowing bubbles in the water, and splashing!  Taylor did really well and after 8 or 9 "coaxed" jumps into the water, she finally jumped in on her own on the count of three!  She had a great time.  Her 2nd swim class was on 8/27 and this time Ammah (Gramma) and Papa (Grandpa) came to watch our little gold medalist!  This class they did the same things and added holding their breath to the list.  She went under water 3 times!  I think she swallowed half the pool the first time, but she did it again!  She is definitely changing her tune with water...she is even participating in water play at school now.  Taylor likes to sing songs for us now.  She likes to sing her ABC's (A, B, D, E, GEE, O, EE, etc), Twinkle Twinkle (we-kl we-kl, how wunner ahh, uh abuh) and Itsy Bitsy Spider (ee bee idduh).  You probably won't understand what I just wrote until you hear it HAHA!  I'm hoping to have more frequent updates now that life is returning to normal...stay tuned.

8/10/05:     Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    18 months

Gosh two weeks goes by quick!  Taylor celebrated her 18 month birthday on 7/29.  I can't believe she is one and a half.  I always thought my parents sounded OLD when they said we grew up too quick...they were RIGHT!  Does that make me old? ;)  Taylor had her 18 month well baby appointment on my birthday, 8/4, and she weighed in at 27 pounds, 7 ounces and is 32 inches tall.  Doc said her ears were clear (YEAH!) and she has lots of teeth for her age.  Apparently he hasn't seen Simon in a while!  LOL!  Speaking of teeth, Taylor cut her lower left lateral incisor (#12) last week (8/6/05).  The very next day, she cut her lower right canine (#13).  Knock on wood, ever since Taylor had her ear tubes rotated in mid June, started taking Singulair and stopped eating/drinking anything with cow's milk, she has not had an ear infection.  We may be onto something here!  Taylor is a talking machine.  Her favorite phrase right now is "wuuuhs aht" (what's that).  She says it ALL the time.  She also says "who aht" (who's that), "mur hee" (Murphy, Rex and Kathy's dog) and "kah hee" (Cassidy, Rex and Kathy's cat).  She is obsessed with puppies...she can spot one a mile away.  Every morning when Taylor wakes up, she says "meow" and we have to go peek at A.J. hiding in the closet.  Taylor is off the ba ba (binkie) except for bedtime and naptime.  She hasn't given it a second thought.  She loves to share her sippy cups with her "babies" and we usually have to give them a spoonful of applesauce (it has her medicine in it) every night when she takes her medicine.  She even wanted to diaper one of her babies last week!  Taylor sold Little Ceasars pizza items for a school fundraiser.  Her class sold so many pizzas that they were the ONLY class to exceed the goal!  Here is a note from one of Taylor's daily reports:  (8/4/05) "Taylor looked for the cup with her name on it at lunch to know which one was hers.  Taylor's table manners are getting very good.  She sits scooted up to the table and waits quietly for her food.  She practices using her fork and spoon and says "all done".  Then, she waits to be excused from the table!"  I do have to say, her manners are getting much better.  When asked "what do you say", she says "peez" and rubs her chest (the sign for please).  When we tell her to say thank you, she nods her head and says "goo coo".  :-)  Last but not least, it may be a while before the next update.  We are in the midst of tearing up ALL of our flooring.  Installation on the new stuff starts next Tuesday.  Things are a mess and I am going to try to make a temporary "Casa De Bowser" page on this site so you all can see our progress.  Until next time...

7/27/05:     Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Cut back on the binkie (Ba Ba)

Not much new to report.  Taylor is all recovered now from the HFM virus she had.  I think she was happy to be back at school with her friends!  There was one good thing that came out of her sickness - Taylor has given up her ba ba during the day.  The only time she gets the ba ba now is nap or bedtime.  When she was sick, she didn't really want it because of the blisters on her mouth, so we decided to use that time wisely.  If you know our T-bird, you know that she CONSTANTLY had a ba ba.  So, this is HUGE progress for our little girl!  Taylor and Simon had a play date last Thursday...oh my those two had Roxy and I in stitches!  They were chasing each other, playing with each other, TATTLING on each other, tickling each other, etc, etc.  It is so much fun seeing them interact now.  I think they will be buddies for life :-)  Taylor's new words:  pool, I got it (I gaw eee) and  Roxy (ahh-eee). 

7/20/05:     Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Growing Girl!

Taylor is a big time talker now.  She repeats EVERYTHING that we say.  Her new favorites are whoops (oops), please (peez), nice, monkey (muh eee), uncle (uhh lll), Justin (us nnn), Matt, cock a doodle doo (coke coke doo) puppy and noodle (noo noo).  I'm sure there are more words, but I can't keep track of them all anymore!  On July 10th, we met another mommy and little girl at a nearby park - turns out our girls are only about 3 weeks apart in age.  They live really close and their family moved here from out of state like we did, so we have a couple things in common.  We're excited to have more play dates soon!  Taylor has been doing well health wise...until last Friday, 7/15.  She caught Hand, Foot, Mouth virus from someone in her class.  Long story short, it is a miserable virus, highly contagious, blisters on the mouth, hands, feet (she also had a rash on her legs and arms).  The virus is characterized by EXTREME fussiness, which we definitely encountered!  Poor kid, like all her other medical nuisances, she handled this one like a trooper too.  We stayed home with her Mon-Wednesday and she is all better and ready to go back to school tomorrow.  We're coming up on the big ONE AND A HALF YEAR OLD mark!  We just cannot believe it!  This age is so much fun and it is flying by WAY too quick!

7/9/05:       Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    4th of July and word explosion!

On July 3rd, we all headed over to Mom and Dad Bowser's house for the 4th of July.  They live next to a park that put on a "Red, White and BOOM" fireworks show that Sunday night.  We had hamburgers and hot dogs and the kids were going a mile a minute.  We tried to put them down around 7:30pm so they could get some sleep before fireworks, but that didn't work out lol.  I think Gramma slipped them some chocolate chip cookies or something!  They stayed up until 9:30pm for the fireworks show!  They both watched fireworks on and off for 30 minutes!  It was really fun to have the whole family together for the day.  Taylor is now repeating words all the time.  Her new words are:  hot dog, all done (ahh duh), no more, mommy, daddy, love you (ove ooh), thank you (tah ooh), auntie (ahh tee), Simon (nye-mah), ah choo (ah hoo), Luke (ooke), Hannah, Sydney (ih knee), Holly (ollee), Bill, yellow (yeh oh), blue, Gramma (aah ma), etc, etc.  She will try just about any word!  She surprises us every day by saying something new!  She loves playing peek-a-boo, row row row your boat and ring around the rosie.  Taylor had lots of fun with Gramma on 7/8.  She babysat Taylor so we could go have a nice anniversary dinner! 

7/2/05:       Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Tooth #11

Tooth #11 broke through the gum line on June 29th.  It is her lower right lateral incisor.  She has 9 more teeth to go before she is all done.  Taylor had her 1st trip to Chuck-E-Cheese tonight with Mommy and Daddy.  She was mesmerized by all the lights, games and other kids running around.  She rode all of the little toddler rides, went down the slide about 10 times and met Chuck-E-Cheese.  She was absolutely exhausted after an hour and a half.  She had a really great time! 

6/20/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Tooth #10

Tooth #10 has arrived!  It is her lower right pre-molar.  It has just broken the gum and looks painful.  T thinks it is too.  I can't believe only 8 months ago we had a 100% gummy grin and now there are 10 pearly whites!  Taylor had an appt with the ENT on 6/16 and all was well!  He went in behind her tube in the right ear and didn't find anything suspicious.  He rotated her tube and said to do a little bit more peroxide in that ear to clean up the rest of the clogged stuff in the tube.  He said unless she has another ear infection that won't go away, he won't see her again for 4 months!  YIPPEE!  Taylor is trying new words this week.  Circle "sir-sle", Yellow "yeh-yo", Taylor "tay-oh", Waffle "waf-fo".  She is signing "more please" and "please".  Still trying to get her to say please, but we'll take the sign for now.  Taylor has a new family member!  Mommy's Cousin Jill gave birth to Jordan Keith on 6/15.  Congrats to big brother Justin, big sister Jadeyn, Mommy and Daddy! 

6/13/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Tooth #9!

Let's back up a bit.  Taylor's Grammy & Grandpa Bowser arrived in Arizona on June 9th!  HOORAY!  Taylor looks forward to spending lots of time with Grammy, Grandpa, Cassidy and Murphy!  On 6/11, we went out to dinner with Jarrod's parents and Taylor kept spitting her food out and gagging...well, she opened her mouth for me and there was blood in there!  Turns out her lower left pre-molar decided to split her gums during dinner.  Welcome tooth #9!  Poor baby!  Those darn pre-molars are giving her all kinds of trouble!  She's a trooper though!  Taylor is practicing her new words...yellow, circle, snack and night night (ni ni).  She can't speak the word "please", but she does the sign for it.  She is also into nodding her head yes or no...if we ask her "Taylor do you want more?"  She will nod her head yes while signing "please" lol.  What a little character!  She is very intrigued by putting our shoes on her feet.  She especially loves flip flops.  The Little People Farm book that her Uncle Luke gave her is in a tight race with Sleepytime Farm for her favorite book right now.  In addition to the animals from before, she can now point out the bunny and the star.  When asked what a cow says, she says "MAAAAAH".  When asked what a doggie says, she says in a very high pitched voice "WOOF".  Taylor heads back to her ENT Doctor on Thursday and hopefully he will tell us what is causing all the problems in her right ear (fingers crossed).  Other exciting news...Taylor has ANOTHER new buddy in town!  Connor Parsons made his grand entrance at the beginning of the month!  Congrats to big brother Aidan, Mommy and Daddy!

6/7/05:       Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    16 mos old!

Taylor turned 16 months old on May 29th.  We are enjoying her so much at this stage, it is hard to believe that one day she will give us "attitude" around the age of 13, scare us half to death when she gets behind the wheel of a car for the 1st time, or makes her Daddy's heart melt when she goes on her first date.  Time is already going too fast...  Taylor went to see her ENT on June 2nd.  I sent Jarrod with an excel spreadsheet documenting Taylor's ear infections since she had the tubes put in.  Doc said her ear infection is gone and her right tube is clogged.  Doc thinks there is definitely a reason why all of her infections have been in the right ear, possibly the thick, gelatinous fluid that he found when he put the tubes in, is back.  We are putting Hydrogen Peroxide drops in T's ear 3 times a day until she goes back on the 16th.  At that appointment, Doc will get in her ear with the scope to see what is going on.  You can tell our little Princess is a pro at the Doctor's office...she just sits there eating her cracker while the Doc has a scope in her ear!  No fuss!  Taylor has started "water-play" at school.  We have to bring her in her swimsuit and swim shoes every Monday and Wednesday.  They play in the giant Octopus sprinklers, water slides, water bins, etc.  Apparently T doesn't like the sprinklers.  She likes to pick when she gets wet, not the other way around.  Apparently the other day at school, Taylor got on one of the 2-year old's tricycle...she got on it ok, but was upset that she couldn't make it "go".  Maybe Santa will bring a tricycle this year for her to practice on?!  Taylor's Grammy and Grandpa Bowser left IN for good on 6/6.  As of tonight, they are just outside of the Texas border and should be pulling into AZ on Thursday.  We are so excited to have them here!  Taylor is now trying to say "yellow" (yeh yeh) and knows when her books are upside down.  She used to "read" them upside down but not anymore.  She loves showing where her head, knees, belly and toes are. 

5/26/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Darn ears

Taylor went back to the Doc on 5/25.  Her ear infection from 5/12 never went away, so she is on a new antibiotic for 10 days.  If this antibiotic doesn't work, she will get an antibiotic injection.  We go for T's 6-month follow up with the ENT Doc next Thursday.  You can bet we will have an ear full for him!  Other than the stinking ear infection, she is doing really well.  She is constantly saying "no no" and "gat gat".  We think "gat gat" is supposed to be "kitty cat".  She is quite the little helper around the house now.  She loves to put the dryer sheets in the dryer and shut the door, unload the clothes from the dryer into the laundry basket, push the laundry basket into the playroom and take the used dryer sheets to the trash can (one at a time).  She is also fascinated by the DVD player in her playroom.  She loves to push the buttons and watch the lights turn on.  She also loves to push the button that makes the DVD tray open and close.  Books are still her favorite thing in the world and now she will point out various things in the books (apples, cow, horsie, piggie, lamb, stars, doggie, fishie, bird).

5/18/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Tickle Monster

This little girl of ours picks up on EVERYTHING!  Now, when I say "tickle Daddy", she walks over to him with her hands up by her face (like she is going to growl) and then she moves her hands really fast on any piece of Daddy that she can reach, of course, giggling the entire time!  Also, we ask her "are you hungry, do you want dinner?" and she will walk from wherever she is over to her highchair and lift her arms up!  Taylor loves showing off where HER belly and toes are and where OUR nose and eyes are.  On Taylor's daycare notes from today, we were told that the kids were all counting goldfish crackers one by one...then Taylor scooped them all up and said "MINE"! 

5/16/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    15.5 months and allergic to DAIRY!

Let's get the health update over with lol.  On 5/12 Taylor went to see Dr. Gentile about the cough she's had since we went to CA.  Turns out the cough was caused from drainage from a right EAR INFECTION!  Doc said it was pretty bad...we were totally surprised...she wasn't acting sick at all!  We just thought she had a cold.  Taylor weighed 26 pounds, 8 oz at that appt.  After seeing Dr. Gentile, Taylor went to see Dr. Lapusan, her new Allergist.  Dr. L did a "scratch" test on Taylor's back, where they test for 20 common allergies.  Taylor is allergic to Cow's Milk, Cats, Tree Mix (Ash, Cedar, Mulberry, Olive) and Arbor Mix (Cottonwood, Elm, Mesquite).  We suspected a dairy allergy and sure enough...she has it!  The dairy allergy hasn't been the "cause" of Taylor's ear and sinus infections, but all of the congestion from the allergy has definitely contributed to them.  Taylor is off of all dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt) for 2 months.  She is now drinking soy milk and eating soy vanilla yogurt and she loves it (thank goodness).  I think the only thing she will miss is cheese raviolis from Floridinos!  Dr. Lapusan also told us to stop giving Taylor breathing treatments since they are not doing anything for her anymore.  Taylor now takes Singulair (for allergies and asthma) once a day with some applesauce.  It seems to be helping with the runny/itchy nose and watery eyes.  As for the cat...he stays.  He's been around too long to ship off to another home, so we compromised.  We keep the cat and Taylor gets 2 air purifiers!  Now lets get to the interesting stuff!  Taylor is OBSESSED with books!  She "reads" books every chance she gets.  We read the same 3 or 4 books each night about 3-5 times each.  If we are sitting on the couch, she will walk over to her shelf, get a book and bring it to us.  She loves to sit in our laps and point out the things she knows.  For example, in Sleepytime Farm, when you get to the cow page, she stops and says MOOOO.  She points out apples, cows, horsies, dogs, fish, birds, etc.  She will often turn the pages for us if we aren't reading quick enough!  Taylor also likes touching our noses with her finger while saying "NOE" (for nose).  She also likes to touch (poke) our eyes while saying "EYE".  She knows what a brush is now and when I ask her "where is your brush" she will grab it and brush her hair (usually bristle side up lol).  She is still quite the drama queen and doesn't like to hear the word "no" from Mommy or Daddy.  That usually results in a 1 minute temper tantrum where she will lay down on her belly and fake cry.  It's so hard no to laugh at her!  Taylor is also getting pretty adamant about trying to feed herself a couple bites at each meal.  She tries hard, but doesn't quite have it mastered yet lol!  We are getting ready for Taylor's Grammy and Grandpa Bowser's BIG MOVE!  They will leave IN for AZ in three more weeks and Taylor can't wait until they get here (us too)!

5/3/05:       Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    15 months old!

This update is well overdue.  Let's start with our trip to California!  On 4/22 we left for CA and Taylor was a trooper on the drive out.  She took over an hour nap, read books and talked.  After we arrived Friday, we went to Luke's school (my former grade school) so he could prove that he has a niece and so he could show off his Kindergarten classroom.  Luke was very excited to see Taylor and all of his classmates kept yelling "Is that Luke's baby"?  He proudly responded with "she's my niece"!  I was able to introduce Jarrod and Taylor to a couple of my former teachers/daycare teacher.  What a trip that was!  Saturday Jarrod and I went to Brett and Michelle Pyka's wedding in Huntington Beach.  Papa, Nana and Uncle Luke babysat Taylor for us.  We dropped her off at 12:45pm and she had a wonderful day being Uncle Luke's shadow!  She was finally able to spend some quality one on one time with Nana and Papa too!  They played, ate, napped, went for a drive and we were told that Taylor was a very good girl (they have to say that right?  They are the grandparents!).  That evening, Luke taught Taylor how to properly jump on the bed and fall onto pillows (under Nana's watchful eye).  This is now her FAVORITE thing to do on our bed!  Uncles are supposed to teach fun things right?  Well Saturday night, Jarrod and I called to check on Taylor and Nana offered to let Taylor spend the night since she was already sound asleep.  WE DID IT!  It was Taylor's 1st overnighter away from Mommy and Daddy.  Jarrod and I had a wonderful time at the wedding, it was so great to catch up with friends whom we haven't seen in a couple of years.  We were able to enjoy ourselves knowing Taylor was having a good time.  We went to see Taylor on Sunday morning at about 9:30 in the morning.  WE MISSED HER!  Sunday was a lazy day.  We had planned on taking the kids to the park, but it rained, so we just stayed inside and caught up on our sleep!  Taylor spent another day following Uncle Luke around, did I mention that she adores him?  Sunday evening, Taylor's Uncle Matt came over and he took the whole family out to dinner at my favorite Fullerton restaurant...Heroes.  Taylor ate like she hadn't been fed in 2 weeks, she must have known Uncle Matt was footing the bill LOL!  We had a nice family dinner, all 7 of us, which we haven't done in a really long time.  Monday was the big day.  It was Taylor's 1st trip to Disneyland!  Nana, Uncle Luke, Mommy and Daddy went with her.  We spent the whole day there, from 9am to 7pm and Luke and Taylor were troopers!  Taylor's 1st ride was Snow White.  She also rode the Carousel, Dumbo, It's a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean.  She met Minnie Mouse and played in Minnie's house.  She also saw Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty and Buzz Light Year.  Taylor literally passed out sitting up in her stroller about halfway through the day.  Nana watched Taylor a couple times so we could ride a couple of the big kid rides :)  We rode Big Thunder Mountain and Matterhorn Mountain with Luke.  That kid is a daredevil!  The kids caught their second wind Monday night and it was more bed jumping fun for everyone!  Tuesday morning we packed up and headed out to Taylor's Great Great Aunt Babe's house.  Taylor showed Aunt Babe how she could walk, talk and even throw a little fit!  We spent a couple hours visiting with Aunt Babe and then we hit the highway to come home!  Our trip to CA was so much fun.  We made this trip a 5-day trip, which gave us enough time to spend with everyone.  Let's see, what else?  Taylor had her 15 month Dr's appt on 4/28.  She is 26 pounds, 4 oz (95th percentile) and 32.25 inches tall (90th percentile).  The Doc was pleased that Taylor was walking and talking.  Her ears were clear (YEAH), her cough is from allergies/asthma and we are to continue her daily breathing treatments.  Taylor got 2 shots and 2 Bugs Bunny band aids.  As for the new cute things she is doing:  Daddy taught her how to blow kisses!  BUT, she does it backwards!  Instead of blowing the kiss, she eats the kiss while making a "mah" sound.  It is SO cute!  She will give hugs now when you ask her for one.  She was keen on saying "truck" on the way home from CA (do you know how many trucks there are on I-10?!).  It came out like "uck".  A funny daycare story for you...last week they had the kids ripping pages from a magazine to post up in the room.  Apparently Taylor took her magazine, walked over to the corner, sat down and intently read her "book"!  She wanted no part of ripping pages out!  She loves books!  In fact, when it is almost bedtime, she will usually walk over to her toy shelves, grab Sleepytime Farm (her favorite book) and bring it to me to read.  She is just plain adorable and this stage is just SO much fun!

4/16/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Hair barrettes, eating with a spoon and 2nd pre-molar!

Well, I am really excited.  For the 1st time ever, I can put a cute little barrette in Taylor's hair and she has enough hair that it STAYS PUT!  YEAH!  We're a ways off from pig tails, but I will take what I can get!  Tonight Taylor ate a bowl of mashed potatoes with a spoon...all by herself!  So the big girl is now drinking out of straws and feeding herself with a spoon!  On Wednesday night, 4/13, we took another look in Taylor's mouth and guess what?  Pre-Molar #2 has arrived with a vengeance!  It is her top left pre-molar.

4/12/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Sinus Infection and 1st Pre-Molar!

Well, Taylor's Grammy and Grandpa Bowser left home to IN on 4/8/05.  Taylor was able to spend a whole week playing with two of her biggest fans.  She did 200% better this time with her Grandpa...she had her moments, but all in all, she shared some smiles, gave some kisses, waved "hi" and said "PaPa" a million times!  Taylor showed off her new walking skills and her unique "tude" LOL.  Taylor misses her Grammy and Grampy VERY much and can't wait to see them again soon!  Taylor started feeling a bit under the weather on Sunday and Jarrod took her to see Dr. G on Monday.  She has a sinus infection (ears are clear).  We did get a referral to an Allergist, there is a slight possibility that all of Taylor's ear/sinus problems have been an undiagnosed allergy.  They will test her #1 for a dairy/milk allergy and then all the other ones.  How many 1 year olds do you know with a Pediatrician, Urologist, Otolaryngologist and an Allergist?!  Monday night, Taylor wouldn't let me brush her teeth, she pursed her lips and was NOT letting me in her mouth.  In the midst of one of her "screams" I looked inside her mouth and HOLY COW...she cut her first pre-molar!  There is a split in her gum and you can see the white tooth!  It is her top right pre-molar (the one behind the canine/cuspid).  Poor thing was really suffering yesterday - we were humbly reminded of her colicky days as an infant!  Taylor's latest trick is to brush her own hair after her bath.  She will hold the brush and brush her forehead with a gigantic smile on her face!  So her aim is a little off...the concept is there!  Vocabulary this week:  "muh" for more, "ah duh" for all done, "no" (self explanatory) and "whoa".  Taylor is working on feeling better for our trip to CA next week!

4/5/05:       Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Walking!

Holy cow!  On the Eve of 3/30, I stood Taylor up on the floor and told her to "go get Daddy", fully expecting her to crawl over to him, and off she went!  1, 2, 3, 4 steps, wobble wobble, 5, 6, 7 steps, wobble, 8, 9 STEPS!  Of course we made her do it like 5 more times...she walked to Daddy again, walked to her shoes, just walked like it was no big deal!  This was of course, perfect timing, since Taylor's Grammy and Grandpa Bowser arrived from IN on April 2nd!  Taylor has shown off her new walking skills to Grammy and Grandpa, Auntie Roxy and Uncle Justin.  Jarrod and I just can't believe our eyes.  She is still crawling a lot, but will turn around and walk when you least expect it!  We must have blinked because our "baby" is a full blown "little girl" now!  Taylor has added "up" and "dog" to her repertoire and when asked, can point to her eyes and nose about 8 out of 10 times (and get it right).  She is working on "where's your belly" right now ha ha.  Taylor is doing great in the Toddler room at daycare.  Miss Mary and Miss Holly are her new teachers.  Her new friends are Carter, Alyssa, Matthew, Hannah (from the infant room) and Lauren (from the infant room).  I'm sure we'll have more on them later!  Taylor is developing quite the "farmers tan" on her arms from playing outside at 1 year old has a golden tan and I look, well, WHITE!  Will update on the visit with Grammy and Grandpa this weekend!

3/28/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    14 months old!

Taylor will be 14 months old tomorrow.  On 3/18, Taylor went to visit Dr. Gentile and was diagnosed with a moderate right ear infection.  She was on a super version of Augmentin and today was her last day of antibiotics.  This ear infection really was a mild one (mild as far as her reaction to it).  So, I think the tubes are doing their job.  We think Taylor may be getting ready to cut 2 bottom teeth, she is chewing on everything in site again.  We'll see if anything pops up.  Taylor is still working on taking steps.  She still prefers to crawl, although if the push toy (walker) is anywhere in sight, that is how she gets around.  She will push that walker all over the 1st story of the house, she even walked around the ENTIRE block with Jarrod and I, pushing her walker.  Needless to say, she slept great that night.  The past couple of days Taylor has traded in her "words" and she now points at EVERYTHING and says "uh uh uh uh uh".  She sounds like a little monkey.  Taylor's big day is this Friday, when she makes the move to the Toddler room.  She spent almost the whole day there today and did really well.  I think she is tired of playing with babies and looks forward to the big kid interaction.  We've got her pillow (CareBear pillowcase) all ready to go...the Toddlers take naps on COTS!  Also, Taylor's Grammy and Grandpa Bowser arrive this Saturday for a week long visit.  They will be looking for a house and they will hopefully be living here by mid summer!  Taylor can't wait!  Oh, she wore a hole in her 1st pair of shoes!  I think they lasted two months...the girl means business on the playground!

3/15/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    13.5 months old!

First things first!  Tooth # 5 and 6 arrived together on March 10th!  She really didn't make much of a fuss over them (knock on wood).  They are her top lateral incisors.  Taylor hasn't really wanted to take anymore steps lately.  She did it for about a week and apparently thought it was boring!  She love to stand, but has decided that crawling is the way to go!  Taylor is now officially into everything.  The trashcans, dishwasher, cupboards (we need to finish the cabinet locks), books, etc.  Last Sunday I was upstairs putting away laundry and it became WAY too silent downstairs.  Sure enough, I come downstairs to find my little devil in the corner of the kitchen with the trash can...emptying the contents one by one!  Then, the next night, I turned my back while unloading the dishwasher to hear a commotion and realize that she had completely removed the bottom rack from the dishwasher!  Taylor is still saying the same words.  We are working on "milk" and "night night".  Taylor had her 1st official OWIE from daycare today.  Apparently she fell and smacked her face on the floor.  The inside of her upper lip was cut by her top teeth and she bled on her clothes and on her shoes!  She has a fat upper lip and it looks raw on the inside.  Poor girl.  I'm sure this will be the 1st of many bumps and bruises.  Taylor has started her transition into the Toddler room at daycare.  She will progressively spend more and more time over there throughout the next two weeks.  Her first full day in Toddler One will be April 1st.  So far this week she has painted, played in the sand box and sang songs with her new Toddler friends.

3/9/05:       Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    1st steps!

Yesterday (3/8/05), Taylor took her 1st steps!  When Jarrod got home from work she was standing and he put his arms out and she took TWO STEPS forward and then fell into his arms!  She did it again two or three times... step, step, fall.  Step, step, fall.  Taylor has been working very hard at daycare and at home on walking with her push toy.  All the hard work finally paid off!  It will be fun to see how she progresses over the weekend.  Taylor is now saying "PaPa" and  "A.J." (which comes out like YAY YAY or HAY YAY most of the time).  In the mornings she will wake up and peek into the hallway saying "Hiiii Yay Yay", looking for the cat.  She also loves to say "Hiii Dada"!  Taylor has two top teeth just waiting to bust through the gum line.  You can see them clear as day, they just need to break through.  Over the weekend, we ordered Taylor her very first "kid's meal" at a restaurant.  She had a bowl of applesauce and a whole grilled cheese sandwich!  Cheap dinners for two just got a little more expensive! LOL.  Taylor really isn't eating much jarred baby food anymore.  She gets 1 jar of fruit at daycare and that's it!  She eats mini dinners and real food now.  Her favorites are turkey dogs, waffles, vanilla yogurt, cinnamon applesauce, raviolis and she is still a fan of carrots, corn, peas and green beans.  She gobbles her veggies down every night while she gets her breathing treatments.  Exciting upcoming news...Taylor's Grandma and Grandpa Bowser will be here for a week on April 2nd!  She can't wait to see them!  They are almost ready to move to AZ!  At the end of April, Taylor will be going to see her Papa and Nana Wilson and Uncle Luke in CA!  We are also hoping to plan a family day at Disneyland while we are there! 

2/27/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    She's STANDING!

All of a sudden yesterday, Taylor decided she wanted to try standing!  In the past, if you pull your hands or fingers away from her, she would immediately sit down.  Now, when she lets go, she stands for about 15-20 seconds, all while clapping her hands for our praise!  It's really cute!  We've been telling her "Big Tall Girl" when she lets go and she just LOVES hearing she's a big girl.  Taylor is getting good at saying "hi" (to everyone in the grocery store), "hot" (sounds like huuuh) and "uh-oh" (which sometimes comes out uh-ummmm).  I think she has also hit her peak of stranger and separation anxiety.  Hopefully that won't stick around long.  Taylor's ear tubes appear to be working great!  She is battling a yucky head cold right now and her ears are (knock on wood) ... FINE!  Taylor loves to play Jungle Gym with anyone who is brave enough to sit on the floor with her.  She loves to climb all over you and roll on the floor.  She is getting pretty good at putting her Mega Blocks together and taking them apart.  Her favorite thing is still opening and closing (slamming) the kitchen cabinets.  We really have to get those cabinet locks installed :-)

2/14/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Valentine's Day

Today is Taylor's 2nd Valentine's Day.  She gave her Daddy a card with some M&M's this morning and Daddy gave Taylor a Care Bear card with a lily.  I have pics, but can't post them since I seem to have used up all of mine and Taylor's web space on this site.  I will be purchasing a larger site in the next couple of days, so you'll just have to wait until then.  :-)

2/13/05:      Posted By:  Mom           Subject:    Tooth #4

Yes, you read that right.  Tooth #4!  It came in the day after tooth #3, on 2/9.  It is her top right central incisor.  Goodbye gummy smile! :-)  Taylor and Simon had their 1st play date this week (Thurs).  We're trying to get the kids together at least once a week since they don't see each other every day like they used to.  They seemed to enjoy themselves, but I think it was more for Roxy and I to see Taylor and Simon!  Taylor has also started saying "HIIIIII" this week.  I think that may be her 1st official word.  We'll see how it pans out! 

2/8/05:        Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    Tooth #3

It's for real this time!  Taylor's 3rd tooth has popped through!  It is her top left central incisor.  That might be the reason for a week and a half of night waking.  Taylor has taken an interest in feeding herself with a spoon, so the last couple bites of her meals we will let her hold the spoon as we help get it to her mouth.  Most of the time she forgets to take the food off the spoon because she is laughing so hard.  It's really cute.  Starting this week, Taylor will begin spending some time with the Toddler One teachers and their room.  She will most likely transition to Toddler One in the beginning of March.  Another new thing this week, Taylor has been putting her face in the bathwater.  She tries to take a drink (yuck) but winds up dunking her entire face!

2/6/05:        Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    1 Year Old (a bit late)

Get comfy; this update will be a small novel.  I’ve been slacking on my Mommy duties of updating you all with Taylor’s life.  HEALTH:  Taylor went back to her Pediatrician’s office on 1/19 because we thought her ear infection came back.  Dr. Gentile said there was no infection, but there was an excessive amount of drainage, so off to Dr. McReynolds we went.  Dr. McReynolds said she had an infection in her right ear again and prescribed us a higher dose of Augmentin DS.  BIRTHDAY:  On January 29th, Taylor celebrated her 1st birthday.  I can’t believe I just wrote that.  I can’t believe that one year ago, we were blessed with a tiny little 7 pound 8 ounce beauty that would absolutely captivate our hearts forever.  Papa and Grandma Wilson and Uncle Luke came from California to celebrate with Taylor.  We had a small party with family and close friends.  Taylor had a Birthday Princess hat and a new wand to go along with the Disney Princess theme.  Taylor really didn’t like her cake, which we knew she wouldn’t!  She doesn’t like anything sticky, grass or dirt.  She touched it cautiously and started to cry.  We gave her a spoon to smack the cake with and that met her fancy for a little while.  We did have to give her a quick bath before we moved on to presents.  Taylor received a lot of presents for her birthday!  She wasn’t interested in helping Mommy open those presents, so Uncle Luke and Mommy opened all her presents for her!  She got books, toys, blocks, clothes (we needed those), dishes, piggybank, and much, much more.  All in all it was a good day…Taylor was wiped out afterwards!  Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our little girl’s birthday!  HEALTH AGAIN:  Taylor had her 1-year Dr’s appointment today with our Pediatrician.  She also had a follow up ENT appointment.  Taylor now weighs 25 pounds, 1 ounce and is 31 inches tall.  Dr. Gentile said we could stop the Zantac as she has probably outgrown her reflux problem!  Yeah!  He also said that her lungs sounded great, so we can reduce her breathing treatments to once a day, unless she is sick.  Taylor has been on ˝ whole milk and ˝ formula now for about 3 weeks.  Dr. Gentile said to switch Taylor to 2% milk because the whole milk might be upsetting her tummy.  We hope to be off formula in about two more weeks.  Taylor had 3 shots today and was rewarded with 3 Tasmanian Devil stickers :-)  All in all; she received a clean bill of health and is right on track with development.  We go back in another 3 months.  At the ENT appointment today, Dr. McReynolds said that BOTH of Taylor’s ear were CLEAR!  No fluid, no granulations, no swelling and most importantly, no cyst in her right ear!  Doc said her ears look GREAT!  This is the 1st time in a year that we have left a Dr’s office with BOTH of her ears clear!  Words can’t express what a true triumph it is to be able to say that.  TEETH:  We need to officially recall the 3rd tooth from 1/14.  I swear, it popped out, and then went back in!  Doc said Taylor has 4 teeth that he can see under her gums, which is probably the cause of her recent night waking.  FOOD:  Taylor eats pretty much anything under the sun.  She likes chicken and turkey sticks, vanilla yogurt, waffles, muffins, bagels, oatmeal, spaghetti oh's, lasagna, spaghetti, chicken noodle, peas, carrots and corn.

1/16/05:       Posted By:  Mom          Subject:    11.5 months old & tooth #3!

2 weeks sure does fly by quick!  Taylor turned 11.5 months old yesterday.  Let's see, where do we start?  1/10 we had a quick early early morning run to the ER.  Dr. Mom and Dad knew what the diagnosis was, so we decided to wait it out at the ER rather than wait and "hopefully" get into the Ped's office when they opened.  Taylor had a right ear infection, her 1st since having tubes put in.  Doc let Mom pick the antibiotics (Zithromax) and by Thursday, 1/13, her ear infection was all gone.  Thursday was T's follow up appointment with Dr. McReynolds (ENT) to check her tubes.  Doc McReynolds confirmed the right ear was better.  He said her right ear still has some "gelatinous" fluid in it (same as what he saw when he put the tubes in) and said no more oral antibiotics.  He prescribed antibiotic ear drops (Floxin), which we will give to T 3 times a day until her next appointment with Doc McReynolds on the 27th.  At that appointment he will look at her right ear under a microscope (will believe it when I see it) and check on the mystery fluid.  On Friday, 1/14, T cut her 3rd tooth!  It is her upper left central incisor.  It has just broken through the gum, so it may be a while before we really "see" that one.  Taylor is still practicing standing and taking steps at daycare and at home.  She still prefers crawling as her method of transportation.  She loves to stick out her tongue, spit out any food that she doesn't like and pull her socks off.  She NEVER leaves her socks on.  Usually you will find her playing with her toys, one sock in each hand.  We are getting ready for Taylor's 1st Birthday.  We picked "Disney Princess" as her birthday theme.  Papa and Grandma Wilson and Uncle Luke will be coming to celebrate with Taylor, along with Cousin Amy.  It will be a fun weekend for sure!

1/4/05:         Posted By:  Mom         Subject:    Tooth #2!

Taylor's 2nd tooth has popped through!  It is her lower right central incisor.  Also, tonight, Taylor took her formula in a sippy cup before bed instead of in a bottle!  Our goal is to have her off bottles by her 1st birthday!  I thought for sure we shouldn't mess with her bedtime bottle, but she acted like it was no big deal and drank it all down!  That's our big girl!  Taylor is now eating all kinds of things, Gerber raviolis (carrot/chicken and beef/tomato), cheese, yogurt, hot dogs, pudding (that was Dad's idea), arrowroot cookies, diced pears and peaches, cheerios, graham crackers, veggie crackers, oatmeal, corn and peas.  At daycare today she had chicken quesadilla and a rice crispy treat!  I think she will be off the jarred baby food soon too!  Taylor now has to wear her shoes to daycare each day so they can work with her on standing alone and taking steps.  She hasn't shown much interest in taking steps yet...crawling is much faster and she can also scour the floor for any dropped cheerios!  Taylor has also discovered that a cute little head tilt with a smile gets her most anything she asks for.  I'll have to try to catch that one on camera. 

12/28/04:       Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    11 months old & Christmas!

Taylor will be 11 months old tomorrow!  That leaves 4 more weeks until her FIRST birthday!  *SHOCK*  A lot has happened since I last updated.  On 12/22, Taylor had tubes put in her ears.  We were at the Surgicenter bright and early at 6:30am!  They started the procedure at 7:30am and we were with her in recovery by 7:50am!  The surgery went well, Doc said there was fluid in both ears that he drained out and he will keep an eye on her right ear since it was pretty bad.  Taylor did NOT like waking up from anesthesia.  She was VERY upset and disoriented and just cried and cried.  There was another little boy there too and they were NOT happy campers.  The nurses finally let us leave about 8:30am and Taylor ate when we got home, then took a 2.5 hour nap.  She was a bit cranky the rest of the day, but come Thursday, she was as happy as ever.  You would have never guessed what she had done to her ears the day before.  Our follow up with Dr. McReynolds is 1/13 and so far, so good.  She has lots of drainage, which is good news!  It's draining, not sitting waiting to become an infection.  On Christmas Eve, Jarrod, Justin, Roxy and I bundled the kids up and took them to look at Christmas lights.  We walked 2 blocks back behind our house and the kids both seemed to enjoy all the lights and decorations.  We let Taylor open 1 present on Christmas Eve.  It was a Baby's First Christmas ornament from my best friend Jeanene.  Taylor was a good girl and went to bed on time, anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival.  Santa DID find our house!  On Christmas morning, Taylor woke up and we took her downstairs to show her what Santa left for her.  She just stared at everything for a few seconds, then she was into everything.  Santa brought her a rocking/bouncing horse, books, a Care Bear, a bouncing ball and binkies (etc.).   Justin, Roxy and Simon came over shortly thereafter and then the present marathon began.  TALK ABOUT SPOILED!  :)  Taylor liked to tear the wrapping paper after her Daddy loosened it up for her.  She was very interested in bows too.  It took a couple presents for her to realize that there were fun things under the wrapping paper!  Taylor got lots of learning toys that sing and talk, clothes, pj's, a learning table, blocks, books, 2 Cabbage Patch Kids (lucky little girl...I seem to recall a story about my mom and Aunt Debbie waiting in line to get a Cabbage Patch Kid back in the 80's) and so many more things that we had to turn the back room into a playroom for Taylor!  Thank you SO much to everyone who made Taylor's first Christmas a very memorable one.  OH...Taylor had so many presents that we had to take a break half way through so she could take a nap! :)

12/20/04:       Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    Just an update

Taylor went back to the Doc today.  Good news, her ears are clear.  Bad news, all the antibiotics she has been on have given her thrush.  She also has a bad cold on top of all that.  So, we're still on the antibiotics until the 23rd and medication for the thrush until 30th.  I have a call into the ENT Doc to make sure they will still proceed with the tubes with her having a cold and thrush.  I'm supposed to hear back from them tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!  We are scheduled to check in at the Surgicenter on 12/22 at 6:30am for a 7:30am procedure!  On another note, T is now into EVERYTHING.  She can pull herself up on anything (cabinets, sliding door, end tables, coffee tables).  That basically means that she now spends her days taking picture frames off the tables, pulling books off of shelves and taking the book jackets off, pulling over the trash can, etc.  She is a pro with her activity walker now.  She pulls herself right up and away she goes!  She'll usually plow into a wall or a couch, but she manages to turn it around and go again!  She is full of energy, to the point that she is really fighting naps now during the day.  She is afraid she will miss something if she closes her eyes.  Looks like T's 2nd tooth will be joining the 1st one soon.  There is a split in the gum, but no tooth yet.

12/14/04:       Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    We have a TOOTH!

Yes, you read that right.  We have a TOOTH!  It is the lower left central incisor.  10.5 months it took to come in!  We also found out today that Taylor has another ear infection in her left ear.  Poor baby!  The ear infection is making her eye all goopy, so she really isn't a happy camper with the new tooth, ear infection and eye goop!  She is on 10 days of Augmentin, which will take her up to her ear surgery date of next Wednesday.  Send some "get well soon" vibes to the little Princess.  She needs them!  If there ever was any doubt about the tubes, I think 3 ear infections (2 of them dual) in 30 days pretty much sums up the need for the procedure!  Taylor weighed 24 pounds , 8 ounces today.

12/12/04:       Posted By:   Mom       Subject:    She's getting tubes!

We visited with Dr. McReynolds on 12/9 and he thought 9 ear infections in 8 months was pretty ridiculous, so he suggested we put tubes in Taylor's ears.  We definitely agreed.  The tubes will be inserted on 12/22!  It is a fairly standard procedure these days, but Doc says they treat it just like a surgery since she will be under anesthesia.  She'll go in, they will put her under, Doc will make an incision in each eardrum and place the tubes in.  They will stay in until she is about 3 years old.  If they don't fall out on their own, Doc will remove the tubes.  With the tubes in place, there is now an "exit" for fluid behind the eardrum that doesn't drain in the eustachian tube.  Doc says she will be a little crabby from the anesthesia, but she will be back to normal the same day.  The tubes won't stop all ear infections, but it will stop any that she gets from becoming severe.  We're looking forward to a ear infection free Taylor!  Also, we had a tooth false alarm on Friday.  We thought we felt her 1st tooth, but we didn't.  We are still waiting for the middle lower left to pop through.  There is a pretty good split in her gum - but no tooth yet!

12/8/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    Just an update

Last weekend Taylor's Grandma & Grandpa Bowser came to visit.  We all had a wonderful time.  Taylor and Simon were on their best behavior and showed off all their new tricks.  Taylor has started to take an interest in the cat food (uh oh) and sometimes we really have to run to catch her crawling around the corner!  She has also discovered that bows come off of presents and glittery ornaments are great chew toys! :-)  It looks like Taylor's bottom middle left tooth will be the 1st one to pop through.  There is a pretty good size break in the gum, but no tooth above the gum line yet.  We go tomorrow morning for Taylor's consultation with Dr. McReynolds, the ENT Doctor.  Keep your fingers crossed that she can get in soon to get tubes in her ears!  Will post more news tomorrow!

12/1/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    10 months old!

Taylor turned 10 months old on Monday!  Only 8 weeks left until her 1st birthday!  I can't believe I just wrote that! *shock*.  A lot has happened over the past two weeks.  Taylor had her 1st Thanksgiving and we spent the day with her Uncle Justin, Aunt Roxy and Cousin Simon.  We had a delicious turkey and all the "fixins".  Taylor tried the turkey, but was more interested in her cheerios!  Simon on the other hand ate a plate of turkey and he devoured a dinner roll in 5 seconds flat!  The kids had a good day, so did we.  Thanksgiving weekend, we took Taylor to meet Santa Claus for the 1st time.  She did really well, sat on his lap and smiled for the camera (but they snapped the picture AFTER she was done smiling).  Santa gave her a snow man for being a good girl and it's her favorite toy of the week.  That same weekend, we got our Christmas tree and decorated it.  We also decorated the inside of the house and put lights up outside.  Taylor hasn't noticed any of the Christmas stuff!  LOL.  Lets for development, Taylor is now crawling on her hands and knees as opposed to her army crawl.  She's getting pretty fast and we've already discovered the bathroom trashcan will have to go in a cabinet for awhile.  We've nicknamed her our "little lint crawler" as she can find the tiniest piece of lint in the carpet to play with.  *Sigh* I thought I vacuumed enough!  Taylor is also pulling herself up to standing, which makes naptime interesting.  She'll stand up in her crib and shake the rails like she is in jail!  We have also spotted two teeny tiny white specs on Taylor's bottom gums.  We can't call them teeth yet, but it's progress.  It looks like the inside corners of the two bottom middle teeth.  She is drooling like crazy and chewing on everything she can get her hands on, so they should pop through soon.  We'll see!  Taylor loves to babble. . .MAMA, DADA, BABA, GUH GUH, KKUH (kitty - she says it every time she sees AJ).  It's really cute.  Medically speaking, Taylor went back to the Doc on 11/29 and was diagnosed with another dual ear infection.  This one was really bad, she had a fever for 3 days.  Our Pediatrician finally said enough is enough with the ear infections and referred us to a Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist.  We have a consultation with the Doc next Thursday at 9am to discuss putting tubes in her ears to help them drain.  Some of you might gasp at that, but poor Taylor has had enough ear infections.  We're actually looking forward to a ear infection-free Taylor!  Anyways, this Doc has been practicing Pediatric Otolaryngology for a LONG time, so hopefully he will agree that it's time for tubes.  Taylor's Grandma & Grandpa Bowser will be flying in late late tomorrow night and will be here through 12/6.  It will be good times for sure!  Last but definitely not least...Taylor has a brand new friend!  NATHAN ARTHUR YETKA was born on 11/30 at 7:14 in the morning.  He weighed in at 10 pounds and is 22 inches long.  Welcome to the world Nathan and congratulations Cindy and Chris!  Parenthood is a wild ride!  We're still learning...we can all figure it out together! :-)

11/17/04:       Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    Back from Indiana!

Well, we left last Friday morning for Indiana.  Taylor and Simon both did great on the plane ride to Chicago.  We both had an extra seat to put the babies in, so that was helpful too.  The only time they fussed was when it was nap time or they were hungry!  We flew into Chicago and drove our rented mini van (ooooh was it spiffy) to Taylor's Grandma & Grandpa Bowser's house.  Taylor had tons of fun with her Grandma and Grandpa.  On Friday night, she pulled a new trick out of her hat and started clapping!  Now she LOVES to clap!  Taylor showed her G&G how she can crawl, sit and babble.  We had lots of family time all weekend and Sunday was Taylor's Grandpa Bowser's Retirement Party.  What a party that was!  Taylor got to see her Great Grandparents (Bowser and Boggs) that day and she also got to see her "Aunt" Jeannie, "Uncle" Nick and Cousin Jake!  Taylor had tons of fun playing with Jake and watching him.  We were supposed to visit Purdue on Monday, but Taylor started tugging on her ears so we didn't want to have her out in the cold since she might have an ear infection.  So, we stayed one more day at Mom and Dad Bowser's house!  Taylor decided that she now loves dogs, well, at least she loves Murphy.  She was very apprehensive when we first arrived, but was pulling his tail and tossing toys at him by the end of our stay.  She also loved Cassidy (cat).  Anytime Taylor sees a cat now, she says the sound "kuh".  I think that is her word for kitty.  We all flew home yesterday and Taylor did great on the plane ride home.  She was still tugging on her ears and waking up a little whiny, so Jarrod took her to the Doc today.  Doc said Taylor has dual ear infections!  Poor kid!  One ear was really bad so I am amazed that she did so well on the plane rides knowing she had ear infections.  Doc thinks she is becoming immune to the ear pain since she has had so many infections!  So, she started a new round of antibiotics (Augmentin) and will be taking that for 10 days.  She weighed in at 23 pounds, 10 ounces.  Other news, tonight when Taylor was supposed to be napping, I heard a distinct "tap tap tap" on the wall.  I walk into her room and there she is standing in her crib smacking the wall with one hand while holding onto the crib rail with the other!  That is the first time that she has pulled herself completely up on something.  She is also crawling on her hands and knees now, not all the time, but here and there. 

11/10/04:       Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    Leaving soon

I think this will be my last post until we get back from Indiana.  We leave Friday morning!  Taylor can't wait to see Grandma & Grandpa Bowser!  (us too).  Since we won't be here on Friday, Taylor wants to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her Grandma Wilson!!!  XXOO

11/7/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    New stuff

This weekend Taylor learned how to go from on her tummy to a sitting position.  She is just picking up new things right and left.  She is doing great with her "army crawl".  She loves to crawl to the coffee table and slap the glass with the palm of her hand.  She thinks that is pretty funny.  Taylor is a pro with her Cheerios and Rice Puffs.  Taylor is really starting to not want her bottle (or formula).  The past couple of days she has had maybe 15 ounces of formula all day, compared to her normal 30 ounces.  She is eating her baby food, juice and cheerios, so I don't think she is going hungry.  Maybe this week we will try oatmeal for breakfast.  She loves to yell MAMA, DADA and BABA.  We are getting ready for our trip to Indiana this Friday.  It will be Taylor's 1st plane trip and 1st time in really chilly weather.  Will it snow???

11/4/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    9 month appt

Taylor had her 9 month check up today.  She weighs 23 pounds, 12 ounces (95th percentile) and is 29 inches tall (85th percentile).  Doc said her ear is already better and everything looks great!  He SWEARS her teeth are "right there" (yeah right Doc).  He said we are to continue giving her Zantac and breathing treatments.  She will be on formula for almost 3 more months - then it is time for whole milk!  We can also start her on stage 3 baby food, but we are going to wait another couple weeks for that.

11/2/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    1st Election

Today was Taylor's 1st Election Day.  Mommy voted, Daddy will next time :-)  President George W. Bush won his 2nd term in office on 11/3 (Ohio was too close to call - took awhile to count the votes).  Dick Cheney is the Vice President.  Senators John Kerry and John Edwards ran against them. 

11/1/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    Still crawling

Oh boy does she love to CRAWL!  We are quickly learning what household items need to be relocated!  Taylor went to the Doctor today because she hasn't been feeling well.  Can anyone guess what the Doctor said?  EAR INFECTION!  *sigh*  She is on Zithromax again for the infection.  Hopefully she starts to feel better pretty quick.  We need a healthy girl for our big trip to IN next week!  Taylor weighed in at 23 pounds, 15 ounces.  It will be interesting to see what her weight does now that she is crawling.  Taylor goes back to the Doctor on Thursday for her 9 month appointment and shots :-(  For Halloween (and Daddy's birthday), we went to a friend's house and carved the pumpkins we picked from Schnepfs Farms.  All the kids dressed up (about 7or 8 kids) and we went trick-or-treating (well, Taylor and Simon went trick-or-strolling).  It was a very busy weekend!

10/30/04:       Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    9 months old - BIG WEEK!

Taylor turned 9 months old yesterday *sniff*.  Our little girl is quite Miss Personality now.  This week was a BIG week for Taylor's development.  Early on in the week she started going from a sitting position to her tummy.  She does that with no effort now.  As of Thursday, Taylor can pick up the Gerber "puffs" (kinda like teeny rice cakes) with her thumb and pointer finger and put them in her mouth.  Before, she would just pick them all up and squish them in her hand or give them to her favorite buddies at daycare, Cousin Simon and Colton.  As of this morning, Taylor can army crawl FORWARDS!  WOOO HOOO!  We had her on her tummy in her room and we put one of her favorite toys, her stuffed Snoopy, in front of her.  She stayed on her belly and used her arms and legs to move FORWARD to get to her Snoopy!  She isn't running through the house yet, but today is the 1st time she has gone forwards! :-)  Still no teeth, but the are obviously coming.  You can see two buds on the top now, gleaming white under the gums.  Wonder which one will pop through first!

10/24/04:       Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we went to Schnepfs Farms with Justin, Roxy and Simon.  They have a huge pumpkin patch, rides, food, petting zoo, etc.  Taylor and Simon went on a quest to find the perfect pumpkin and in doing so, we learned that Taylor doesn't like dirt!  She held her hands open like she didn't want to touch anything!  (Wonder where she gets that from).  We rode the Merry Go Round and walked through the petting zoo.  That is where we learned the 2nd thing that Taylor doesn't like...animals.  So far, she doesn't like dogs or goats :-)  She is in love with her kitty though.  Other news...Taylor's favorite words are Ba Ba and Ma Ma.  She doesn't associate them with anything yet, but loves to repeat them over and over and over.  She will throw in the occasional Da Da, but never when Daddy wants it!  She is still trying to crawl forwards.  She now pushes herself up into a "push up" position, then goes back down to her knees.  She tries so hard and is loosing patience with the whole thing!  We're still waiting on the first tooth.  She has been pretty fussy these past couple of days and chewing on everything in sight.  Maybe, just maybe tooth #1 will be here around her 9 month b-day?  Hey, we can dream right?  Taylor is looking forward to spending lots of quality time with her Daddy in the next 2.5 months.  Jarrod starts his sabbatical on 10/28!

10/13/04:       Posted By:  Mom        Subject:    1st school project

She is 8.5 months old and we are ALREADY having to sell tubs of cookie dough!  SHEESH!  Of course, there is a prize for the family that sells the most....   :-)

10/11/04:       Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Trying to crawl & babbling

On 10/8 Taylor went to the Doc, we thought she had another ear infection.  She is 22 pounds, 8 oz and her ears were all clear!  Doc says she was tugging on her ears because of teething.  She pulled back Taylor's top and bottom lips and showed Jarrod two top and two bottom teeth that are at the gum line, just waiting to pop through.  Maybe we'll have a tooth by 9 months?!  Taylor got her 1st of 2 flu shots.  She will get the 2nd flu shot at her 9 month appointment (along with all her other shots).  Taylor is getting the hang of her sippy cup.  She will drink almost all of her juice in the sippy, but doesn't quite understand how to tilt her head back to get the rest.  She tried a new "dinner" tonight...Turkey and Rice.  She liked it!  The only thing she has ever turned her nose to is Green Beans (so far).  On Sunday (10/10), Taylor surprised both Jarrod and I...she was sitting on the floor and we were saying "bye bye" to her...she responded by waving her arm up and down and saying BA BA!  It was too cute.  We caught it on video.  Taylor can now get up onto her hands and knees, but when she tries to "go", she belly flops back onto her tummy.  She can scoot backwards like no other and can get from one end of the living room to the other by rolling and turning in circles on her tummy.  We need to do some baby proofing now that she can get around.  What else can I think of....oh, she recognizes the word "kitty" and starts looking for her A.J. when you say it.  She is mesmerized by him.  Taylor's Papa Wilson is coming to visit this weekend and we leave in 30 days to go to IN to see Taylor's Grandma and Grandpa Bowser!  Check back often for updates on what we have come to call "The Development Derby"!

9/29/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  8 months young

I am seriously slacking on the current events!  Let me explain why...9/20, Mom gets bronchitis.  9/21, Taylor goes to Urgent Care and *shock* has an ear infection (no fever this time).  9/22, Dad has a head cold.  Fun week at our house!  Taylor handled this ear infection pretty well.  She never spiked a fever with this one, just refused to eat a couple times and was majorly pulling on her right ear.  She's all better now.  We all are!  We had our first Open House at Taylor's daycare on 9/23.  The teachers worked really hard putting pages together in the kids' progress notebooks and they made a big photo book of "A Day In The Life of Infant One".  They photographed a typical day so all of the parents could "see" what they do!  Also, all 8 kids made a big collage of their handprints, titled "We Are Friends".  It was really cute.  Miss Nasima (Taylor's teacher) says that Taylor is SO social that she is having a hard time getting her to eat.  She doesn't want to stop playing long enough to eat!  Still no teeth, EVERYTHING goes into her mouth.  She is pulling herself up while holding onto our fingers, but not on stationary objects yet.  She can scoot backwards across an entire room and is absolutely obsessed with her kitty cat.  When A.J. is in sight, that's all she wants to look and talk at.  Poor kitty...he is a marked man! 

9/14/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  7.5 months old

Princess T will be 7.5 months old tomorrow!  She's been a riot the past couple of weeks!  On 9/9, Taylor perfected her 1st sound..."Ba Ba".  We'll say it to her, then she will repeat it back!  Occasionally she will throw in a couple Ma Ma's, but it's just a sound right now...she doesn't know what it means yet.  Taylor is trying SO hard to crawl!  She is still scooting backwards, but lately we're noticing she's getting her knees tucked up under herself, so maybe crawling is on the way?  Taylor takes assisted steps now.  She holds onto our fingers and usually goes about 4 steps before she decides she's had enough.  Still no teeth (a glance in my baby book showed I didn't get #1 until I was 9 months old, so she could have a little while longer to go).  According to Miss Nasima, Taylor's teacher, she is Miss Social Butterfly and LOVES circle time.  Circle time is when all the kids sit in a circle and talk and play.  She also loves Ring Around the Rosie and sitting at the table with her friends.  Taylor told me to type "Happy 5th Birthday Uncle Luke" and "Get Better Soon PaPa"! 

9/2/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  7 months old (on 8/29/04)

Taylor is 7 months old now.  I've been saying that for about a week now and it still doesn't sound right.  7 months.  Sheesh time flies!  I'm not going to dwell on this, but it is a pretty major thing...T hasn't been to the Doctor in over a month!  I don't want to jinx her, so that's all I'm going to say!  We're starting to work with T on drinking from a sippy cup.  She knows what it does and how to use it, but still needs us to hold it for her sometimes.  Still no teeth...although you can now see and feel 3 of them on the bottom under the gums.  She's growing like a weed (but not as quick as her Cousin Simon)!  I give it about another month and she'll be in 9-12 month clothing.  She rolls all over the place, scoots backwards and bounces like she has springs in her feet when she's in her exersaucer.  One more thing, we have planned Taylor's 1st plane trip!  It will be in mid November to go see her Grandma and Grandpa Bowser in Indiana!

8/25/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Trip to CA and Crawling Backwards!

Well, we left for CA early early Friday morning to attend Taylor's Great Gramma Moore's funeral on Saturday.  T did great on the drive out.  Taylor finally got to meet her Great Aunt Debbie who is one of her biggest fans!  Actually, Taylor met everyone on my mom's side of the family at some point on Friday and Saturday.  It was pretty hard to get Taylor away from Aunt Deb, Aunt Kathy, Cousin Amy and Cousin Jeannie - Taylor definitely didn't lack attention last weekend!  On Sunday, we had a short visit with Taylor's Great Nana and Great Papa Lewis.  We visited for a little while and Taylor made sure to show them all the new tricks she has learned since she saw them last when she was 4 days old (sitting, rolling, dolphin call).  Later that day we made it to Taylor's Papa and Grandma Wilson's house.  All 6 of us went to Newport Beach/Balboa Island for the afternoon.  We put Taylor's feet in the sand and ocean.  She seemed a bit puzzled by the new textures, but I think she had a good time.  We spent some time at the Balboa Island Fun Zone where Taylor had her 1st Merry Go Round ride!  Taylor rode with her Uncle Luke, Papa and Mommy.  It went pretty fast (a lot faster than I expected) and I think it made her dizzy.  She did ok though.  Don't think we'll try that one again for awhile. :-)  Sunday night Taylor was laying on the floor on her tummy and decided that she was tired of being stationary and she started scooting backwards!  She traveled about a foot until she ran into the couch!  She's done that (scooting backwards) a couple more times since being home.  Wonder how long we have left until she's mobile!  Taylor also held her own bottle over the weekend and has started reaching her arms up when she wants to be picked up.  On Monday, we went by my old work in CA and Taylor got to meet all my old co-workers/friends.  A couple people I haven't talked to in 4 years...they were pretty surprised when I walked in carrying Princess T!  After that, we headed home to AZ!

8/18/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Papa, Grandma & Uncle Luke visit!

Taylor's Papa, Grandma and Uncle Luke came for a weekend visit on 8/13.  Taylor started the weekend by showing everyone her "dolphin call".  I now have witnesses that this "call" is so high it pitch it hurts your ears!  We had a big monsoon storm Friday night, so Saturday was overcast and we all headed to the Phoenix Zoo!  I don't think Taylor paid attention to the animals, but she definitely loved being outside and showed it by blowing raspberries all afternoon!  We saw elephants, giraffes, a jaguar, a lion, a tiger, monkeys, bears and lots of other animals.  We were all beat when we got home!  Taylor had Luke laughing all night with her renditions of "karate kicks" and "riding the horsie".  Sunday we went to the park and played on the playground and Luke showed off his baseball skills.  Luke told me that when Taylor gets older he is going to teach her how to run, hop on one leg and how to do a somersault!  It was a fun weekend (but too quick)!  Taylor was healthy and rested, so she actually showed her "good side" this weekend.  On a sad note, Taylor's Great Grandma Moore passed away this past Tuesday, so we'll all be heading to CA this weekend.  We will miss her dearly but are so happy that she got the chance to meet Taylor and hold her and kiss her and hug her!  Taylor will get to meet lots of new family this weekend - her Great Aunt Debbie, Cousin Amy, Cousin Jeannie and many more!  Taylor is now on stage 2 foods (bigger jars) and is finally drinking her juice everyday!  She is doing a lot of rocking on her hands and knees - crawling could be right around the corner!!!

8/9/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  27 weeks old

A week later and still no teeth!  Poor girl!  And....drum roll's been a whole week since T has been to the Dr's office!  YAY!  Over the past week, Taylor has become a rolling machine.  She can roll her way across the room!  She is really enjoying her tummy time and she lets you know it by doing her trademarked "Taylor squeal".  If you haven't heard it, we compare it to a noise that a dolphin would make.  It is so high in pitch that it hurts our ears at times.  Taylor has transitioned into her new big girl car seat and big girl bath seat over the weekend.  She has a lot more room in the car seat and can now see out the windows, which I think she enjoys.  I'm still getting used to the new seat - boy was that infant carrier convenient!  Taylor's Papa and Grandma Wilson and Uncle Luke arrive for a visit this Friday!  We can't wait to see them!  Oh, I almost forgot, Taylor's game of choice is "Peek-A-Boo" with any of her blankies.  She'll hold it up over her eyes, then pull it down really quick while we say "peek-a-boo".  She loves playing that game with her daddy.

8/2/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  6 month Dr visit

Taylor saw "Uncle" Dr. Gentile today for her 6 month appointment.  We're starting to feel like the Dr's office is family we see them so often!  Taylor weighs 17 pounds, 14 ounces (lost a little bit from the bug she had), which is in the 50-75th percentile.  She is 26.50 inches tall, which is the 75th percentile and her head circumference is 17 inches, which is the 50-75th percentile.  Doc felt around in T's mouth and said he felt 4 teeth on the bottom just waiting to pop through.  She is definitely teething, so we have a note for daycare that she can run a temperature of 100.5 and NOT to call us to come get her!  Doc said we can start introducing stage 2 baby food (multi-ingredient variety and bigger jars), but we're going to wait a couple more weeks before we do that.  Taylor received 3 shots today and daddy says she only cried for about 30 seconds.  She handled them much better this time.  She was happy and playing all evening.  Today while Taylor was home with her Daddy, she propped herself up on her hands and knees and was rocking back and forth!  Better get started on baby-proofing the house!

8/1/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  6 months old

Last Thursday, Taylor turned 6 months old.  July was her month for showing off.  She rolls from back to front and front to back now.  She is also sitting up on her own, getting stronger and stronger every day.  Now instead of toppling over, she counterbalances and stays up longer.  Taylor has also taken a keen interest in our cat, A.J., recently.  Anytime he enters the room, her eyes are glued on him and she watches his every move!  I have a feeling his days of peaceful kitty life are coming to a close! :-)  Taylor is in size 3 diapers, 6-9 month clothing and we bought her a new big girl car seat this weekend.  She still has to face backwards until she is 1, but now she has a lot more room!  Of course, it wouldn't be a normal post without a health of last Friday, Taylor has caught a virus.  It's working its way through her system, which is messy at times!  Taylor goes for her 6-month "well baby" (isn't that an oxymoron?) check up tomorrow.  Will post more then!

7/27/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Catching Up

It's been awhile since I have posted!  That should tell you all there has been A LOT going on!  There is too much detail, so I will sum up the past two weeks.  (1)  Taylor had some extensive testing done on her urinary tract system and we are happy to say there is no medical/structural reason why she had those two UTI's.  (2)  Over a 6-day period, Taylor went to the Dr 4 times and had 2 cases of pink eye, a massive ear infection and has been diagnosed with infant asthma.  She will most likely outgrow the infant asthma and is on daily breathing treatments.  They have helped tremendously.  Doc attributed most of the problem to our awful air quality.  (3)  My best friend Jeanene and her son, Sean (11 months) came to visit us last weekend.  They were here Friday through Sunday and the babies had a great time getting to know each other.  Sean taught Taylor how to use all of her toys :-) and showed Jarrod and I what we need to baby proof!  (4)  Taylor's favorite teacher, Miss Liz was promoted at daycare and will no longer be Taylor and Simon's caregiver as of this Friday.  We are going to miss her soooo much!  She had over 20 years of experience in childcare and their new teacher, Miss Sylvia, has some VERY LARGE shoes to fill!  (5)  According to Miss Liz, Taylor's favorite book is Go Dog Go!  and she loves musical instruments.  (6) As of 7/26/04, Taylor can sit up by herself for about 20-30 seconds at a time.  She is so proud of herself when she does it!  (7)  At Taylor's last Dr's appt on 7/21, she weighed 18 pounds 3 oz.  At 20 pounds we have to get a new car seat!  She'll be too big for the infant carrier!  Looks like it's car seat shopping this weekend!  (8)  We learned today that Taylor's Papa and Grandma Wilson and Uncle Luke are coming for a visit 8/13-8/15!  She can't wait to see them and to play with Uncle Luke, who is now a wise Pre-School Graduate!  That's all for now! 

7/15/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  5.5 months old!

Five and a half months old.  GEEZ!  I took Taylor to the Doctor today because one of her little pals at daycare had a really bad cough on Monday and Taylor started coughing late Tuesday.  Taylor weighed in at 17 pounds, 3 ounces!  Doc listened to her chest - all clear, no wheezing.  He thinks she caught a cold from her little friend.  Now for the good part...Doc looked at Taylor's ears and said "Her ears look PERFECT!!!"  I asked him to repeat himself then I was all smiles when he said it again.  Appears the Willow/Garlic ear drops have been doing their job!  Taylor has never had "just" a cold.  It has always turned into an ear infection or upper respiratory infection.  I also feel strongly that the Baby-Dophilus helped her fight the cold and stop it from becoming something more serious.  Since she has a cold, we started her a little early on the Echinacea/Elderberry/Vitamin C liquid.  We'll see if it helps her fight the boogies.  We're going to continue the herbal therapies, both Jarrod and I think it's the right choice for Taylor.  We left the Doctor's office today for the FIRST time without a prescription for antibiotics.  Today was a little triumph in our quest to help her little immune system!

7/12/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  She's doing great!

Well, Taylor has officially been antibiotic free for a week now.  She is still taking her Baby-Dophilus for another week.  Taylor spent Saturday evening/night with her Uncle Justin, Aunt Roxy and Cousin Simon.  They watched her so Jarrod and I could go out and celebrate our 3rd Anniversary.  T-Bird loves spending time with her Auntie, Uncle and Cousin!  Then, on Sunday, Simon got to come over and play for a couple of the Bowser Twins have literally spent every day together for a week now!  They better like each other! :-)  Other exciting news...Taylor's friend Sean and Sean's mommy, Jeanene, are coming to visit from CA next weekend!  Taylor can't wait to meet Sean and his Mommy for the 1st time! 

7/8/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  23 weeks old!

Taylor is 23 weeks old today.  She has officially hit the "Michelin Woman" stage!  She has some major rolls happening on her legs.  It is so cute!  And those cheeks...I just want to eat them! :-)  Taylor has had a really good week.  We started her on some Natural/Herbal therapies to try to help her immune system.  We've done the prescription medication route so we're going to see how this stuff works out.  I'm willing to try anything.  So, she now gets Willow/Garlic ear drops in each ear 2-3 times a day.  Garlic is a natural antibiotic and it is supposed to help rebuild the normal flora in her ears.  They're pretty stinky - definitely no vampires in our house!  We are also giving her Baby-Dophilus once a day in her bottle.  Prescription antibiotics not only kill the bad bacteria, they kill the good bacteria too.  So, Baby-Dophilus gives her a daily dose of the good bacteria, which helps her immune system get strong again.  She'll be on that for about 2 weeks.  Once she's done with the Baby-Dophilus, we will give her an Elderberry/Echinacea/Vitamin C liquid once a day in her bottle for about two weeks.  That stuff is supposed to help fight off viruses and keep her strong.  Only time will tell!  This week Taylor added applesauce to her menu of fruits.  There aren't any fruits she has turned her nose to.  She also like her veggies, except peas.  She still doesn't like any juices.  We'll keep working on that one.  She is now routinely taking an 8 oz bottle before bed and drinks 6 oz bottles during the day.  Sleeping has been wonderful...goes down by 8pm and we wake her at 6:30am!  You can sure tell when she is feeling better!

7/1/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  22 weeks old!

Well, Taylor is 5 months old now (and two days).  I can't believe it!  She has changed so much since she was an itty bitty little baby!  Kinda makes me sad!  This week, Taylor had her first chiropractic adjustment by Dr. Kristyn.  Dr. Kristyn has been my Chiropractor for over two years now and we're going to try to keep Taylor's spine "in-line" and hopefully that will help with her ear infections.  She was a good girl, she laid on the table and let Dr. Kristyn adjust her pelvis and her neck.  She actually liked it...was smiling the whole time!  Tonight, Taylor tried a new fruit - PEACHES!  She ate a whole jar with some rice cereal in less than three minutes flat!  She loved them!  The past two nights Taylor has taken an 8 ounce bottle before bed...I'm thinking she's hit a growth spurt!  Normally she takes 6 ounces!  Her bottom two teeth haven't popped through yet.  You can see them and feel them, but it looks like they will stay hidden a little while longer.  Poor Taylor, you can tell her teeth are bothering her as she is constantly gnawing on her fingers and hands!

6/27/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  She-Devil

Oh my lord - please let those two bottom teeth come through!  HOLY COW!  For the past 48 hours there has been no consoling her.  She is constantly whining, chewing her fingers, wanting to be held.  We figure its got to be her teeth since when we rub baby oragel on her gums, she quiets down.  She has definitely been a "pill" this weekend.  Taylor got a new toy this weekend, an exersaucer!  She spent about 45 minutes in it today.  I imagine we'll have some pics of that up soon :-).  Taylor tried pears today.  She likes them so long as we shovel them in fast enough!  She looks like a bird in her highchair...mouth always open waiting for more!

6/25/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  4 days later....

...and we have ear infection #3!  I had to go pick Taylor up from daycare yesterday since she was running a 102 degree fever.  Jarrod and I took her to the Doctor this morning and she has another ear infection!  Poor kid can't catch a break!  So, Taylor is now on 10 days of a new antibiotic...Augmentin.  We'll see how this one works.  On top of the ear infection, Taylor's lower gums are very swollen and you can see white underneath them.  We're thinking it won't be too long until we see her two bottom teeth.  Taylor weighed in at 15 pounds, 8 ounces at this trip to the Doc.  Other new things this week...RASPBERRIES!  She loves to blow raspberries ALL the time and if you don't watch it, she'll cover you in spit/drool!  Today we started fruits - Bananas.  She loves bananas! 

6/21/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Our little butterball turkey

Taylor had her follow up Dr's appt today to make sure the Urinary Tract Infection was all gone.  First of all, she weighed in at 16 pounds, 1 ounce!  That's the size of a big ole Thanksgiving turkey!  I wouldn't be so shocked, but just 2.5 weeks ago she weighed a pound and a half less!  Guess the rice cereal and veggies taste even better than we though!  I am proud to say that Taylor went potty in her seat this morning, so we took our own urine sample to the Dr's office and avoided another catheter experience!  YEAH!  Doc said the UTI is signs of infection.  Other than that, we celebrated Father's Day with Justin, Roxy and Simon.  They came over and we all went in the pool (will hopefully have pics up tomorrow).  Simon had a taxi cab floatie and Taylor had a whale floatie.  They both seem pretty at ease in the water.  Taylor made her daddy a Father's Day card, which will also hopefully be posted in "Taylor's Masterpieces" sometime tomorrow. :-)

6/17/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  20 weeks!

Wow!  I've been slacking on the posting!  So far, Taylor has eaten carrots, sweet potatoes and green beans.  She loves them all.  We are set to try peas this weekend!  We have learned that carrots and sweet potatoes stain EVERYTHING they come in contact with, including Taylor's face!  I have also been working with Taylor on getting her to go potty in her infant potty seat on cue.  Don't roll your eyes just yet...the whole point is to catch a urine sample for her follow up Dr's appt next Monday so she doesn't have to have a catheter.  Taylor has gone potty in her seat every morning for the past 5 days.  We catch an evening potty every couple days.  Those are a little more unpredictable.  Taylor is chewing away on her hands...I'm surprised her fingers haven't fallen off yet!  Also, anything that she grabs, goes immediately to her mouth!  She is getting really fun these days...oh yeah, Taylor found her "laugh" over the past week.  We caught her first laugh on video (coincidentally).  It is so funny.  She makes all kinds of noises now.  Tomorrow Jarrod is going to the "Father's Day Breakfast" at Taylor's daycare.  They are going to have pancakes together (well, he is having pancakes, she will be having a very tasty bottle). 

6/7/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  CARROTS!

That's right, Taylor is now eating carrots!  We actually started carrots yesterday, but today, she ate half a jar in the afternoon.  Her daddy fed it to her and she gobbled it right down!  Taylor is now eating 6oz at each feed and 2 tbsp of rice cereal twice a day.

6/6/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Trip to the Emergency Room

Taylor woke up at 12am today and I rocked her back to sleep.  Then she woke up at 1am.  She felt kind of warm, so we took her temp and it was 99ish.  Every time we'd lay her down in her crib, she'd wake up and just wanted to be held.  We gave her Tylenol for the fever but it didn't work.  At 4:45am her fever was now 100.6, she wouldn't sleep and we didn't know what to do.  So, off to the ER we went!  At the ER, Taylor's fever was up to 102.8!  They admitted us and the Doc came in and told us the tests he wanted to run.  Long story short, she had a chest x-ray, blood drawn (after 3 separate pokes) and a catheter for a urine specimen.  Lets just say that I waited in the hallway crying while Jarrod toughed it out and stayed with her.  She was VERY upset and it was truly heartbreaking.  Found out that Taylor has a urinary tract infection.  She is on 7 days of Bactrim (antibiotic) to clear up the infection.  Doc said UTI's are fairly common in little girls.  We have a follow up appt with Dr. Gentile on 6/21.  They are supposed to do another urine specimen but I can't subject her to that again, so I am going to try my darndest to "catch" a urine sample before the appointment! 

6/2/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st cereal from a spoon!

Tonight Taylor had her 1st cereal from a spoon.  She was all excited to be in her new highchair...but she didn't know what was coming.  We started with 2 tbsp of cereal.  She really didn't care for the feel or taste of the spoon...she made faces like we were feeding her lemons!  Then, when we finally think she got a swallow of cereal, she'd turn her head and spit it all out.  She started getting impatient after about  1 tbsp, so we let her finish the rest in her bottle.  We've got a ways to go until she actually EATS 1 tbsp versus spitting out 1 tbsp! :-)  Gotta start somewhere!

6/1/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  4 Month Dr's Appointment

Today we saw our favorite Pediatrician - Dr. Gentile.  Taylor weighed in at 14 pounds, 8 oz (75th percentile) and is 25.50 inches long (85th percentile).  We're going to have a tall girl on our hands!  The hemangioma on Taylor's forehead hasn't grown in size and the Doc thinks it may grow another 2 millimeters at the most.  He promised it would be gone before she starts school!  The Doc also gave us the "ok" to switch Taylor's formula back to Soy ( more formula that costs more than a tank of gas)!  So we will be doing that over the next couple days.  Doc said we could also start giving Taylor apple juice once a day (3oz juice, 3oz H2O), rice cereal twice a day (from a spoon in the eve) and veggies in about two weeks when her tummy is used to the new formula!  Talk about expanding the flavor palate!  Doc said her bottom two teeth will probably break through sometime within the next month.  Taylor received 3 shots (which she let EVERYONE know she didn't like) and 2 bugs bunny band aids :-)

5/31/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st time with a babysitter and 1st time in the pool!

Jarrod and I have not had a night alone since Taylor was born.  It was time. :-)  So, last Saturday night, we left Taylor in the trusting arms of Aunt Roxy and Uncle Justin and we had a "just us" evening - dinner and a movie.  It was so nice to have the evening to ourselves.  We're going to have to do that more often!  According to Aunt Roxy, Taylor did just fine without us.  She played a lot with Simon and smiled the night away.  On Sunday, we went to the Schneider's house for a pool party.  Taylor got all dolled up in her new bathing suit and sun hat and hit the water!  The pool was really warm - she really liked it.  We sat on the steps for awhile and she kicked in the water.  Then her daddy took her out in her new whale floatie!  She's still a bit too small for that.  She was in the water for about an hour.  After her pool experience, she was exhausted.  She "napped" until 9pm when I woke her for her 8pm bottle!  Tomorrow is Taylor's 4-month Dr's appointment.  Can't wait to see how much she has grown!

5/23/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Growth Spurt

Taylor started waking up at 2-3am starting last Sunday.  This is out of character for her as she has been sleeping through the night since she was about 8 weeks old.  We couldn't decide if she was having a growth spurt or if her gums were bothering her.  After a week of trial and error, we think she was growing as she is now taking a 6oz bottle with 2 tbsp of rice before bed each night and she's back to sleeping all night.  Her gums are probably bothering her too since we can see white "buds" on her top gums and they feel rather sharp.  If Taylor is anything like her cousin Simon, she will be sprouting teeth sometime soon.  This past week, Taylor is very into chewing on her hands, stuffing her bib into her mouth, holding her car keys and butterfly rattle and drooling like a faucet!  Taylor had a special visitor today...her friend Joslynne from CA came over to visit for awhile (and she brought her parents Josh and Joeylynne with her too)!  Taylor slept most of their visit, but in typical Taylor fashion, she let them know what her lungs sounded like before they left! ;)  This will be Taylor's last week as a "part-timer" in daycare.  She starts full time (every day) on June 1st.  Also, Jarrod and I are going on our "first night out" this weekend.  Taylor is going to spend some time doing "girl things" with her Aunt Roxy!

5/16/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st cereal!

Well, we decided not to wait until Taylor's next Dr's appt to ask about rice cereal.  We went ahead and made the decision, so Taylor had her 1st rice cereal tonight!  She had 1 tbsp in her 5.5 oz bottle.  We increased her feeding by a half ounce on Friday from 5oz to 5.5oz.  We'll see how she does - maybe it will keep her little tummy full a wee bit longer??  Taylor is doing really well sleeping through the night...she usually goes down at 8-8:30pm and wakes between 5:30 -6am.

5/13/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  New things

Taylor has now gone 16 hours withOUT any antibiotics!!!  Fingers crossed she stays healthy this time.  We took our 1st trip to the park yesterday with Taylor.  She was captivated by everything outdoors on the 15 minute walk to the park.  Once we got there, she went on the big girl swing with mom.  Other new things this week....her tongue and her hands!  Any chance she can get, her mouth is open and her tongue is moving all around.  It's pretty funny.  She has also taken notice of her hands and fingers this week.  She opens up her hands and stares at her fingers as she moves them around. 

5/11/04:        Posted By: Mom        Subject:  Visitors

Where do I begin?  On May 7th, Taylor's Great Grandma and Grandpa Bowser, Great Grandma Boggs and Grandma & Grandpa Bowser arrived!  Taylor and Simon did pretty well with all the new faces!  Taylor gave everyone a taste of her contagious smiles and ear piercing lungs!  We had a short visit with everyone (Friday and Saturday) and were able to take some great "generation" photographs.  Sunday was Mother's Day and Taylor got me a Princess Precious Moment Figurine - I just love it!  The picture in "Taylor's Masterpieces" was given to me as a Mother's Day gift from Taylor's daycare.  Taylor is almost done with her antibiotics - I think only 2 more days left.  We took her sleep positioner out of her crib and she now rolls all over the place, usually sleeping on her side.  The Baby Beethoven DVD still captivates her, so we bought her the Baby Van Gogh DVD.  Taylor can roll from her tummy to her back and is working on rolling from her back to her tummy (she only makes that one about 25% of the time right now). 

5/3/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Houston we have a problem...

Ear infection #2 has arrived and has been confirmed by the Doc!  Poor kid just can't catch a break!  Actually, we think the last ear infection never went completely away.  So, she is on a new antibiotic for 10 days (joy) and hopefully this medicine will make it better!  If not, I'm sure all the hugs and kisses from Grandma & Grandpa Bowser and the Great Grandparents this weekend will cure her! :-)  On another note, Taylor is mesmerized by her Baby Beethoven DVD.  I really didn't want to put her in front of the TV at such a young age, but she just LOVES that DVD!  She kicks in her bouncy seat and talks to the's a riot!  She also got a new toy that she loves...she lays on her back and kicks it to make it play music and light up.  It keeps her entertained for a good half hour or so and has taught her cause and effect! 

4/28/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  SLEEP!

We may be on to something here!  The past 4-5 nights Taylor has been sleeping 10-11 hours!!!  I think it was Monday night she went to bed at 8:30pm and didn't wake up until 7am!!!  Last night, she went down at 8:30pm and I had to wake her to go to daycare at 6am!  Fingers crossed that she is transitioning into longer sleep periods! ;)  As of today, Taylor is now the only GIRL in her class!  The other little girl graduated to the Toddler room. 

4/24/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  12 weeks old!

Taylor turned 12 weeks old last Thursday.  We're trying to figure out if she is 3 months old at 12 weeks or on April 29th.  Anyone know which is correct?  Taylor felt much better this week and returned to daycare on Wednesday.  She had a very good week at daycare, smiling and playing with Cousin Simon.  Roxy and I drop off and pick up the kids at the same time...Miss Diane says they all call the kids "The Bowser Twins"!  Miss Liz thinks Taylor recognizes her now.  Taylor made her first "art work" at daycare this week.  She made a tulip out of her foot and hand prints!  As soon as they let us take it home, there will be a new page on Taylor's web site ... "Taylor's Masterpieces"! :-)  Taylor is all done with her antibiotics and breathing treatments.  Lets hope she can stay healthy for a couple weeks since Grandma and Grandpa Bowser, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Bowser and Great Grandma Boggs will be here in 13 days!  YEAH!

4/15/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Sick Baby!

Taylor celebrated her 11 week birthday by going to our favorite Pediatrician.  Yesterday our baby was just not herself...she just wanted to be held all night long and wasn't eating like she normally does.  Taylor has an ear infection that is making her eyes all goopy and she has bronchiolitis (upper respiratory infection) that is making her cough really bad.  So, she is on 10 days of amoxicillin for the ear infection and we have to give her albuterol breathing treatments 3-4 times a day to help keep her lungs clear.  To put it in perspective, I use an albuterol inhaler for my asthma.  Some company came and delivered the breathing machine to our house - it's just like the ones they have in the hospital.  I'll have to post a pic of Taylor during her treatment...she looks like she's smoking a pipe! :)  Taylor has now completed two days of medication and she is already looking and feeling better.  Now if we could just get Jarrod and I healthy...things would be back to normal!  Taylor is still 12 pounds 3 ounces.

4/12/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Trip to California

On 4/7 we headed out on our 1st road trip to CA with Taylor!  We left after I got off work and Taylor did pretty well.  We only had to stop once to feed her.  On 4/8 Taylor met her Great Gramma Moore and Great Great Aunt Babe.  I'm waiting for Great Gramma Moore to pop out of one of our suitcases - they both adored our little Princess.  Taylor also met her Papa Wilson on 4/8.  I think he took her measurements for a softball uniform while we weren't looking.  :-)  Gramma Wilson babysat Taylor for 5.5 hours on Thursday while Jarrod and I went to the wedding rehearsal.  On 4/9 Taylor met her Uncle Matt when all 7 of us went out to dinner.  4/10 was an equally busy day...Taylor met all kinds of family today at Jill and John's wedding.  She met Aunt Karen, Aunt Kristy, Aunt Linda and Uncle Butch's family.  She did really well at the wedding and reception.  Boy was she tired when we got back to the hotel...she slept for 8 hours straight.  On Easter Sunday, we all went to brunch with Taylor's Great Nana and Great Papa Lewis.  She slept the whole time.  Taylor got her first Easter basket from Papa, Gramma and Uncle Luke.  We headed home after brunch and again, Taylor only woke once to eat.  All in all, she was a good baby during the trip considering all the new surroundings and people.  However, we are all three now battling colds.  If only she knew how to blow her nose!!! :-)

4/5/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  2 Month Dr's Appt

Taylor had her 2 month Dr's appt today.  She weighed in at 12 pounds, 3 ounces and is 23.25 inches tall.  Dr. Gentile says we have a tall little girl on our hands!  Taylor received 3 shots today (*sniff sniff*) and well, lets just say she didn't like them :)  Doc also says that he isn't really worried about her hemangioma as it hasn't grown in size since our last appt.  He said it should be gone by her 2nd birthday!  We have to keep Taylor on the "specialized" formula for at least 2 more months and she'll be on the Zantac for awhile (prolly till she's 9-12 months old).  Next appt is for her 4 month check up.

4/3/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Easter Bunny

Today we took Taylor to the mall to get a picture with the Easter Bunny.  Taylor also started coming down with a little cold today.  I think that is a record...3 days at daycare and we have a cold!  Poor kid.  Her little coughs and sneezes are so cute though! :)

4/2/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st week at daycare

I dropped Taylor off for her 1st day at Bright Horizons daycare on 3/29.  It was VERY hard to leave her, but I did and I didn't even cry!  Apparently Taylor gave all the teachers a little taste of what her lungs sound like shortly after I left.  So, she spent all day in new surroundings and when I picked her up she was pretty tired.  Guess the little ones in her room wanted to "play" with the new baby all day so she didn't get much sleep.  Well, she went to bed that night at 8pm and didn't wake up until I woke her up at 6am!  Day 2 and 3 got easier (as far as leaving her) and so far she is doing great, she's sticking to her schedule, smiling at her caregivers and she slept again last night from 8:30pm to 5:30am!  Daddy went to check on her every day she was there to make sure she was adjusting ok.  In addition to starting daycare this week, Taylor learned how to hold her rattles...she was pretty proud of herself!  And her cute little smiles have turned into gigantic gummy grins!

3/29/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st Day With Daddy

Today was my 1st day back to work.  It was a tad bit hard to kiss Taylor goodbye this morning *sniff*.  Taylor spent the day with her daddy and they had a great day.  They went to Bright Horizons today so Taylor could meet her "caregiver" and get familiar with the surroundings.  Miss Liz picked Taylor up and Taylor initiated her right away by spitting up on her!  The daycare is really excited to be getting two babies in the infant room (Cousin Simon starts next week).  After Bright Horizons, Jarrod brought Taylor to my work for a short visit.  It was so nice to see her.  I don't think she forgot me in 4 hours! ;)  Oh, yes, Jarrod made the ultimate daddy sacrifice this past weekend and traded in the Cobra for a Explorer Sport Trac.  We couldn't get a baby seat in the back seat of the Cobra, so Jarrod said bye bye to his prized possession.  Daddy DEFINITELY loves his girl!

3/25/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  2 Months Old

Taylor is 8 weeks old today (2 months)!  Wow time sure does fly!  This past month we've seen a lot of Taylor's personality (and attitude) develop.  So far, she is a morning person (doesn't get that from mom!).  She is starting to wake up in her crib giggling and cooing versus crying.  Most mornings she is full of smiles and she loves to talk to us (yes she "talks" - just ask anyone who has met her).  We think the new formula and medicine are helping her out...might take another week or two to see the full effects.  Taylor is eating 5.5 ounces at each feeding now and she is sleeping pretty solid in the evening.  Maybe we'd feel more rested if 8pm was our bedtime too.  Taylor starts daycare next Wednesday and in two weeks we are driving to California for my cousin Jill's wedding.  Taylor will get to meet her Great Gramma Moore, Grandpa Wilson, Uncle Matt and tons of Great Aunts, Uncles and second cousins. 

3/23/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Sleep

Well, I know it probably won't happen again anytime soon, but last night, Taylor slept from 8:30pm to 5:30am!!!  It was SO wonderful!

3/16/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Doctor's Appt

We took Taylor to see the Doctor today about her spitting up and extreme bouts of fussiness.  First, let's start by saying Taylor is now ELEVEN pounds, 4 ounces!!!  Doc looked at the little red "bump" on her forehead and confirmed it is a hemangioma (a mass of blood vessels).  They can grow rather rapidly - then they disappear all on their own usually around age 4-5 years.  Our Doc isn't fond of removing it unless it becomes a problem...but we may just have to make our own decision on that one if it gets big.  For now, it can stay.  We also learned today that Taylor has GERD (reflux - the little flap between the stomach and esophagus isn't fully developed).  So, that is why she has been spitting up so much and explains the pain that she looks like she's in when she burps.  Good news is most infants grow out of the problem by the time they are a year old.  Until then, we have to give her Zantac twice a day to reduce the stomach acid.  Doc also believes Taylor has a protein allergy (found in milk and soy formulas), so we have switched her formula from soy to a hypoallergenic one.  Hopefully the new formula and the Zantac will help our little princess feel better = no more non-stop crying for 3 hours in the evening. :-)  Other news...T is now eating 5 ounces at every feeding and sleeping about 7 hours straight at night (usually from 8pm to 3am). 

3/10/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1.5 Months Old

Taylor will be 1.5 months old tomorrow (6 weeks).  Over the past two weeks, Taylor has learned how to smile, giggle and last night while playing with Cousin Simon, she rolled over from her tummy onto her back!  We even caught it on video!  We've tried to catch some smiles on the digital camera, but by the time the camera snaps, it's the tale end of the smile.  In addition to giggling, she is constantly "talking" ... oohs, ahhs, eees and she even says what sounds like "uh huh uh huh uh huh".  She is also getting better at holding her head up by herself...we practice every day during tummy time, so it shouldn't be long now till she can hold her head up by herself all the time.  Taylor is now sleeping 5-6 hours after her 10/11pm feeding.  It's nice to finally get a couple solid hours of sleep in!  She gives us a run for our money at some points with fussing, but all in all, she's a happy baby and we are two very proud parents.

2/26/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1 Month Old

*sniff sniff* Taylor is 1 month old today.  Let's ponder on the past month...Jarrod and I are proud to say we MADE IT through the first month of night time sleep interruptions.  We have learned the importance of bibs, burping, making sure the diaper covers her little butt (plumber pants are bad), and leaving for dinner AS SOON AS she is fed and changed.  We now realize we took for granted:  taking our time eating a meal, anything over 6 hours of sleep, running errands without baby luggage and clothes that are "spit-up free"!  Our lives have changed, but we wouldn't trade any of it ... looking forward to all of the exciting and new things this month brings!

2/25/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Lots of Stuff

Taylor met her Grandma and Grandpa Bowser on 2/20.  They spent 4 days getting to know their grandchildren and Taylor and Simon loved every minute of it!  Taylor has been having a tough time with her formula, so we changed to a soy formula hoping it will help.  She is now eating 4.5 ounces at every feeding!  We also enrolled Taylor at Bright Horizons - this is where she will spend her days when I go back to work.  Her caregivers are Miss Jelena and Miss Liz and she will have 7 other friends in her room to play with.

2/18/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Due Date!

Today is Taylor's actual "due date"!  I can't believe she is almost 3 weeks old on her due date!  To me, she looks much different now than she did when we brought her home.  She already has chubby cheeks and much more blonde hair.  Taylor is getting very excited to meet her Grandma & Grandpa Bowser.  They will be here in two more days! 

2/14/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  MOO!

As of tonight, Taylor is now eating 4 ounces at every feeding!  For those of you keeping track, she has gone from .5 - .75 ounces to 4 ounces in 16 days!  At this rate, she'll be eating pizza and burgers by 3 months!  On another note, only 6 more days until Taylor's Grandma & Grandpa Bowser arrive!  She can't wait to meet them!

2/10/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Dr's Appt

Taylor's 2-week Dr's appt was today.  She weighed in at a whopping 7 pounds, 12 ounces!  Dr. Gentile looked her over again - everything looks great!  We have to take Taylor on Monday to get some blood drawn for a newborn screening test :(  Her next Dr. appt is 4/5 (2 months).

2/6/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Umbilical Cord

Taylor's umbilical cord fell off tonight!  I almost cried, but I didn't.  :-)

2/5/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Work

Today we headed downtown to my work to show off the little one and so I could wrap some things up.  We were there almost two hours and Taylor let Michelle and Karen hold her the whole time.  Again...she slept through the whole trip!  Also, today was Taylor's first full bath.  She didn't like it much...maybe she will like it more when I learn how to make it go quicker!

2/4/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Luck

Well, we felt lucky, so we went to lunch at Chili's.  She slept through the whole thing again!  We figured out if we feed her, change her and GO...things go ok.  Wonder how long this will last?! :-)

2/3/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st Dr's Appointment

Today was Taylor's 1st Dr's appointment with Dr. Gentile.  Dr. Gentile was a little shocked that our 5 day old baby was back up to her birth weight - 7 pounds, 8 ounces!  Apparently it usually takes up to two weeks for little ones to gain their birth weight back.  Dr. Gentile said Taylor was "perfect in every way" and was "the best baby he had seen" that day.  :-)  Next appointment is 2/10.  Today, after my chiropractor appt, we decided to try and grab dinner at a restaurant.  Granted, it was 4 p.m., but we figured there wouldn't be anyone there if she started shrieking!  So, we had our first dinner out at TGI Fridays and Taylor slept through the whole thing!  PHEW!

2/2/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Cousin Simon!

Well, we had quite a surprise this morning when Justin paged Jarrod and said Roxy was in labor and Simon was on his way!  After the customary 2 hour prep period, we were on our way to the hospital.  We got there about 2 p.m. and fully expected to come back later in the evening to meet the little man...but Roxy surprised us all and Simon Rex Bowser was born at 4:32 p.m.!  After meeting Simon and saying thank you (again) to our nurse Tracey (we loved her), we headed for home.  What a day!

2/1/04:         Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  First out of state visitors

Today, Taylor's Grandma Wilson, Uncle Luke, Great Nana and Great Papa stopped by to catch a glimpse of the Princess.  They were on their way home from visiting Grandma Wilson's sister in Tucson.  Good timing Taylor!

1/31/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  First "Outing"

It took us the full two hours to get ourselves and Taylor ready to head to the hospital for her follow-up appointment.  Everything was A-OK with Taylor...still weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces. 

1/30/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Coming Home

After playing "Lets Make a Deal" with the hospital, we were discharged at 6 p.m. on Friday, 1/30.  Because my labor happened so fast, I only received 1 bag of antibiotics 2 hours prior to delivery (for the GBS) instead of the required 2 bags of antibiotics for 4 hours prior to delivery.  So, the hospital really wanted us to stay the full 48 hours - but we were ready to go home and sleep in our bed.  Since Taylor's blood work came back normal, they agreed to let us go so long as we came back on Saturday for a follow-up appointment at 10:00 a.m. at the hospital.  Needless to say, we agreed.  Taylor's discharge weight was 7 pounds, 4 ounces and mine was SIGNIFICANTLY less than when I was admitted :-)

1/29/04:        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Taylor's Birth Day

Okay, okay, so I really didn't post this on January 29th!  :)  Grab some popcorn and get's the story on how Taylor made her grand entrance!  At 7:40 p.m. on Wednesday the 28th, I was putting my pizza rolls in the oven when I felt a "pop".  I was fairly certain that my water had broke, but since I had never experienced that before, I wasn't sure.  I posted on my pregnancy website, finished dinner and called Jarrod.  I was having some minor cramping - this was about 8:15.  Jarrod wanted me to call the Doctor immediately, but I didn't want to be one of those first-timers who winds up at the hospital 25 times before the "actual" event.  So, I told him I was going to start timing my contractions, see if they got any stronger and I would call the Dr. at 9pm.  Well, while I was laying down, my contractions were about 3-5 minutes apart and they were getting stronger, so I called the Dr. and they said to head to the hospital.  I called Jarrod at 9 p.m. and he was home by 9:05 p.m. or shortly thereafter (I don't think the Cobra's tires touched the asphalt on his drive home).  Jarrod and I finished packing the last minute items in our hospital bag and at 9:30 p.m. we were off to Scottsdale Healthcare Shea.  On the drive to the hospital, my contractions were getting VERY uncomfortable and they were 2 minutes apart.  We were both so excited...we noted when we left the house that this was probably going to be the last time WE left as TWO!  We arrived at the hospital at 10:00 p.m. and went straight to Triage.  I was hooked up to a fetal monitor and a monitor that measured my contractions.  I was 3-4 cm dilated, my water had broken, contractions were steady at 2-3 minutes apart and WE WERE GOING TO HAVE A BABY!  It was all happening so quick!  While still in Triage, I received my IV (took 3 tries and 2 nurses) and they started my antibiotics for the GBS.  I also signed my epidural paperwork so it would be waiting for me when I got to my room.  At about 10:50 p.m., they made me walk from Triage to my Room, Room 2415.  Contractions HURT by now...just kept thinking to myself "epidural is on the way".  When we got to the room, we got situated pretty quick as my contractions hurt so bad they now brought tears to my eyes.  At 11:30 p.m., Dr. Gordon (Dr. Feel Good as I came to know him) administered my epidural.  It was nothing like I imagined.  Dr. Gordon did nick a vein on the way in, which caused a momentary surge to go through my body, but other than that, it didn't hurt, it was quick and the pain was on its way out the door!  At 12:15 a.m., I was checked again and I was 5 cm dilated.  Terry, my labor/delivery nurse said she would be back in an hour to check me again.  She also said she thought the baby would arrive before her shift ended at 7 a.m.  WELL, at 12:50 a.m., I told Jarrod that I was feeling a lot of pressure and at about the same time, Terry came in and said she needed to check me again as my contraction monitor showed contractions happening every minute now.  At 12:50 a.m., I was 10 cm dilated and the baby's head was at +1.  Terry said we had an hour to go.  At about 1:15 a.m. Terry set me up to do some "practice" pushes.  I did one push, to the count of 3, and Terry told me to basically keep my legs crossed - baby was right there and we needed to give Dr. O'Sullivan a few more minutes to arrive.  Terry left the room and Jarrod and I overheard her calling someone telling them that Dr. O. needed to arrive fully gowned and ready to deliver - this baby wasn't waiting!  Dr. O'Sullivan arrived at 1:30 a.m. and was pretty shocked to see my in labor since I did just see her on 1/27 for my 37 week appointment!  I pushed 8 times for about 15 minutes.  Terry said a couple of times that the baby was having "variables", which I think is "nurse speak" for a drop in heart rate (we heard something during delivery that her cord was wrapped around something or it was pinched).  At 1:45 a.m., 6 hours after my water broke and only 3.75 hours after arriving at the hospital, Taylor Elizabeth Bowser was born!  The first thing I said was "IS IT A GIRL"?  followed by a ton of OOOHs and AHHHs.  They laid Taylor on my chest and I looked at Jarrod - he was absolutely speechless.  I have known Jarrod for almost five years now and I have never seen him unable to speak.  It was such a special moment.  After the umbilical cord stopped pulsating (about 15 minutes), Jarrod cut the cord.  He said it felt really weird cutting through it and he was scared he was going to cut Taylor as she wouldn't stop kicking her legs.  After the cord was cut, she was off to get suctioned and weighed and measured.  Taylor weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces and was 20 inches long.  Not bad for being three weeks early!  Everyone was cleaned up and back in bed at about 3 a.m. and Jarrod and I just kept saying to each other "this happened so quick", "it doesn't seem real", "can you believe she is here"?!  We were in absolute awe at how my labor and delivery happened and so absolutely ecstatic that our little girl had finally arrived!