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6/2/08:        Posted By:  Mom                     Subject:  19 months old

Well crap.  Sometime between my last update and May 2nd, I missed posting that our baby turned one and a half.  18 months old.  A total milestone that I missed.  Well I missed it here...we talked about it for a week at home :-)  I hope Payton will forgive me when she's 30 and reading all the things that I felt were CNN news worthy headline information.  As of today, the little munchkin is 19 months old.  Grammy actually reminded me of it.  I'm shameful I know.  Our little baby is now closer to being 2 than she is to being 1.  It really is cool watching her evolve from a little blob on a blanket into a full fledged mini person.  Let's start with the updates that I have written down on a scrap piece of paper.  As of 4/24, Payton is 100% off of bottles.  We gave her a sippy cup of milk instead of a bottle for about 2 weeks before bed and then we just kind of dropped the sippy.  Now we just rock together and talk for about 5 minutes each night before bed.  On 4/29 Payton cut her lower left lateral incisor.  Her remaining 3 canines have yet to completely break through, but they are swollen and right there.  Shouldn't be much longer.  Payton hopped on my scale a couple of days ago and it said she was 30 pounds.  We've got to measure how tall she is because everywhere we go people always comment on how tall she is.  Payton is a little chatterbox.  We thought Taylor talked a lot.  Oh...My...Gosh.  Taylor was NOTHING compared to Payton.  I can't even begin to tell you all of the words that she is saying.  Pretty much everything.  She says some three and four word sentences now like "I done see heem" (I don't see him) and "Payton do it" and "I dood it".  She is a playful little gal...she likes to play Hide and Go Seek yelling "where's Payton" while you are looking for her.  She loves to play with Taylor's "dah howse" (doll house) and to push her babies around the house in her doll stroller.  Speaking of the doll house, her favorite part is the toilet.  She puts the mom or the dad on the little toilet and says "Daddy poopeen" or "Mommy go pahtee".  She is obsessed with the toilet and poop and potty.  She tells us each and every time she goes potty or poop and she has been doing this since she was about 16 months old.  She will tell you "I pahtee, Mommy byeduh" (I potty, Mommy diaper) and she will repeat it until you get her a new diaper and change her.  We sit her on the toilet before bath but she hasn't gone yet.  She just likes pretending to wipe and dropping toilet paper down into the bowl lol.  I have a feeling we are on the tail end of diapers with this one.  Who knows.  We'll see.  Payton has had her first two swimming adventures.  Because of the urinary tract infections that Taylor had, we kept Payton out of the pool until this year.  Her first swim date was 50/50.  She cried when I put her in the purple inflatable sea horse and continued to cry for about 5 or 10 minutes.  When I took her out and did some swimming exercises with her, she seemed to lighten up a bit.  That was, until I dunked her twice to start getting her used to holding her breath.  Her second swim date was last weekend and she floated like a champ for about an hour.  She gets very calm and quiet in the water.  I think we'll have to do this more often for our own sanity :p.  Payton is starting to get a little emotional.  When she doesn't like what we have to say, she will throw herself onto the floor and cry loudly just like her Academy-award winning sister.  She's had a couple of time-out visits on the naughty step for her show stoppers and for fighting with Taylor and not sharing.  It is AMAZING how Payton can hold her own in a fight with a 4 year old.  She is a brut.  She still knows just what buttons to push to set Taylor off.  Taylor also does the same with Payton.  Somehow they always wind up hugging and saying "I love you sissy" until the next fight ensues.  Mom and Dad B. say that it won't get any better and to just wait until one wants the car when the other one already has plans.  Payton is wearing a size 3T for the most part (some 2T stuff still fits, but she flew right past the 24 month clothes) and has a size 7 foot.  Her hair is growing (still mullet style but we are working on that) and her eyes are still as big and blue as ever.  More to come...stay tuned.  Oh wait, I forgot to say that Payton started a "bumblebee" class at Rolly Pollies this past Saturday.  It's a parent/tot gymnastics class.  Like a Gymboree or Little Gym-type place.  We are doing it with two other friends and Payton had a great time for the most part.  She walked on balance beams, up big giant wedge mats, jumped on a trampoline, crawled in a giant foam pit and climbed and crawled on loads of other fun gym things.  It is fun for me to be able to do something 1:1 with her.  I wish it didn't start at 8am on Saturday mornings, but that is what was available.  What mom wouldn't give up sleeping in for 9 weeks to spend 45 minutes in a tot gym chasing her 1.5 year old around!

4/15/08:      Posted By:  Mom                     Subject:  A mother knows

It's almost like I can predict the future :p  Payton just had one heck of a day today.  It started out with her slamming her fingers in a bathroom drawer this morning.  Then she was having bankie withdrawal and demanded to have her morning bankie fix on the drive to Mom B's house.  Mom B. said that Payton had a very short "fuse" day.  She cried a lot.  I just posted yesterday that she's been cutting 4 teeth.  Well, when I picked up Payton, I buckled her in her car seat and asked to see her teeth.  She humored me for once and let me do my inspection.  Lo and behold, Miss Payton cut two new teeth today.  It is her upper left canine (that one was a beast!) and her lower right lateral incisor.  Hopefully she will have some relief with these teeth breaking the gum.  Who knows, she may even feel like eating for what seems like the first time in weeks.  She only has 8 more teeth to go before she has them all!

4/14/08:      Posted By:  Mom                     Subject:  Poor Payton

Poor kiddo is cutting like 4 teeth at the same time.  She's been cutting them for about 2.5 weeks now.  2 of them you can see right under the gum line, they just need to pop out.  We're guessing that the swollen and tender gums are the reason that she isn't eating much these days.  Despite the teeth woes, she continues to march through each day to the beat of her own drum.  She's getting devious.  She knows certain things are not ok and yet she does them anyway just to see if its her or Taylor that gets in trouble.  No is still her favorite response to any question.  Payton is assembling quite the little collection of items that she "must" go to sleep with each and every night.  (1)  Pillow (2)  Teddy (3)  Wormie (glo-worm) (4) Cassidy the stuffed cat from Build-A-Bear (5) Bankie (white soft blankie) (6) Ni Ni (small square pink soft blanket) (7) MagnaDoodle (8) book (9) Minnie Mouse figurine (10) Ba Ba (pacifier to chew on) (11) Baby (any doll that is in eyesight) (12) Grover.  Just this evening, when I put her on the floor to grab her blankies for bedtime, she swiped up a baby rattle and kind of hid it from me under her blankies.  I think she thought she snuck one past me :-)  Despite all of the items in her crib, there is still room for Payton and none of these items keep her awake.  Unfortunately, they do not keep her asleep at 7am on Saturday either :-)

4/9/08:        Posted By:  Mom                     Subject:   17 months old

Payton turned 17 months old on April 2nd.  Almost one and a half!  Our little Moose keeps us laughing every day.  The past couple of weeks have been non stop "WAS DAT"? (what's that)?.  She'll point, say WAS DAT?  Then we'll tell her what it is, she'll repeat it and find something new to ask WAS DAT?  Another Payton-ism these days is "YUK".  I'll kiss her and she'll say "YUK".  Papa will give her 5 and she will say "YUK".  When she says YUK, she will tilt her head down to her shoulder and make a cute little "I'm being a $hit" smile.  She is also very keen on helping her sister get out of trouble.  Example:  We were in the car driving somewhere and Taylor told us "NO" when we said something (this is her response to everything and it is driving us madly crazy).  Jarrod told Taylor in his stern Daddy voice "I don't want to hear you say 'no' again"!  Not 2 seconds passes before Payton chirps in "NOOOOOO".  We couldn't help but laugh.  She has a knack for timing.  Payton's vocabulary is expanding by the hour.  Taylor was learning first words like "dog, cat, milk".  Payton, thanks to her big sister's influence, is learning first words like "DISTUSTEEN" (disgusting).  Thanks to Grammy's influence, she has the best manners that I've ever seen from a 1.5 year old!  She says PEEZ, GOO COO, COOZ ME and BESS YOU.  Payton has 4 or 5 teeth that you can see under the gums and she's had a couple of rough days here and there.  Seems these teeth are going to take their time coming in.  We can always tell because she doesn't eat much and bites down really hard on her blankies to fall asleep.  Payton has discovered how much she loves cheese...cheddar, string, bring it on!  She will go get the step stool, put it up next to the kitchen counter and step up on it to grab fresh grated cheese off the counter lol.  Payton is happy go lucky, life is grand, nothing bothers me (except my sister) Payton.  She loves to torment Taylor...she knows that getting a chapstick out of Taylor's vanity or carrying one of her Princess Barbies by the hair through the playroom will make Taylor's head spin round.  They fight now.  The best fights involve them both arguing over whose toy it is.  "Mine", "mine", "mine", "mine" goes on for minutes at a time.  Payton pushes Taylor, she will occasionally slap her (and when she does, she has to sit on the Naughty Step for 1.5 minutes) and she loves to stand right in front of the TV when "Enchanted" is playing lol.  It's almost like you can see a little spark in her eye when she gets Taylor riled up.  That's about it for now.  I expect the vocabulary to expand by leaps and bounds over the next couple of months.

3/17/08:      Posted By:  Mom                     Subject:   The Climber

Well, I have the new lap top so hopefully the updates will be shorter and more frequent.  Over the past week, Payton has become a climber.  Fabulous.  She can now climb onto the kitchen chairs and stand up on them, climb onto her rocking chair to grab stuffed animals or her beloved blankies out of her crib, climb onto Grammy and Papa's bed, climb into the tub (and out of), climb the stairs holding onto the rail or wall and my favorite...climb the step stool that has 2 steps and stand up on the top step while it is in the middle of Taylor's bedroom.  Payton is also not afraid to try new things.  While sitting on my lap yesterday (facing me), she decided to lean backwards, push her legs up and do a kind of backwards somersault from my lap onto the floor!  She loved it SO much that we proceeded to do it about 20 more times, each time her yells for "SOWT SOWT" (somersault) getting more emphatic.  After the lap somersaults I decided to teach her how to do a forward somersault.  She touches her toes, tucks her head and I help roll her over.  She laughs from her belly, stands up and says TAH DAH lol!  Payton also loves slides.  Little or big, it doesn't matter.  She'll go down them all.  By herself.  Without fear.  SO not like Taylor.  Payton is talking up a phrase this past week was "BABY KYE".  That was in response to "What does Baby Mason do"?  "BABY KYE" (cry).

3/10/08:       Posted By:  Slacker Mom        Subject:  The past two months

So I ordered a lap top that is supposed to arrive this week.  It's wireless, so I'm hoping while I'm downstairs with the kids I can just pop on my computer and type a small update and keep things caught up.  That's my dream anyways.  Well, it's been another two months since I last updated about Payton.   Payton is 16 months old now!  I've been keeping notes of milestones so I will update those first:  1/17:  Payton cut her lower right pre-molar.  1/21:  Payton takes her 1st unassisted steps at Grammy's house.  Yes, that is 14.5 months old!  1/24:  Payton took 2-5 unassisted steps at home (we made her go back and forth between Jarrod and I for about five minutes).  2/3:  Payton cut her lower left pre-molar.  2/10:  No more bath seat!  Payton takes her first bath sitting by herself in the tub with Taylor.  2/23:  1st haircut - no more baby mullet!  She did NOT like the experience one bit.  3/1 & 3/2:  Payton decides she has had enough crawling and walked the ENTIRE weekend.  Just out of the blue...walking.  SIXTEEN FREEKING MONTHS!  She is finally walking. 

1/7/08          Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  14 months old

Well, I missed the 13 month update but I do have a scratch piece of notepad paper on my desk that I have taken notes on so not to miss any poignant milestones.  The past 6 weeks have been full of them.  Our little moose is such the character these days.  Her personality is developing like crazy and she makes all three of us laugh.  Lets start with my scratch piece of paper so I can get this thing off my desk.  12/11/07:  Payton stood on her own (for real) for a measurable length of time.  She seems to get scared when she does it, but she really did it this time.  12/17/07:  Payton ate her dinner with a fork tonight!  All by herself!  Granted, sometimes she had to "fork" the plastic tray about 6 times before she got something, but she absolutely LOVED feeding herself with a fork.  12/24/07:  Payton drank from a straw for the first time.  This has also opened up a new world to Payton.  She can feed herself and drink from a big girl cup at restaurants just like her big sissy!  12/29/07:  Payton was diagnosed with a right ear infection.  She is on 10 days of Omnicef, which has had nasty side effects for her.  12/30/07:  Payton is officially sleeping with a pillow now.  She really likes it in her crib...she has been sleeping in until 8-8:30am on weekends!  1/3/08:  Payton climbed both flights of stairs all by herself (much to Jarrod's surprise who was quite shocked when he saw her upstairs).  Each step was a 4 part process.  Knee, knee, foot, foot.  All it took was a couple of days and now she does knee, foot, next step.  *sigh*  Payton is such a happy baby.  When I took her to the Doc on 12/29, she weighed 27 pounds, 2 oz.  WOW!  Payton gave up her pacifier around six months of age (I think) and now she MUST have her "may kee" (white soft blankie) and "ni ni" (little hand held pink fluffy blanket) to go to sleep.  She chews on her blankets to put herself to sleep.  Kind of weird, but we'll take it lol.  It was hell getting Taylor off her pacifier!  Today and yesterday Payton is really standing a lot on her own.  Just tonight she stood up from sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor and stood there for like 15 seconds!  She was so pleased with Taylor and my reactions that she did it about 5 more times when Daddy got home.  Payton's hair is coming in like the weeds we can't seem to get rid of in the front yard lol.  I'm going to have to take her (maybe this weekend) to get her baby mullet evened out.  The back is coming in curly (just like Taylor's) and the top is straight.  She is not a fan of clippies and bows and barrettes so I'm going to have to keep working on that one.  Payton is talking like crazy too.  She has many words that we understand (and many many that we don't lol).  A few are "Mah Mee", "Dah Dee", "Sissy", "Tah Lah" (Taylor), Fur Fee (Murphy), Kah See Dah (Cassidy the cat), Ah Zay (A.J. the cat), Pa Paw, Mammy (Grammy), Ah Tee (Auntie), Gunk Gul (Uncle), Baby (Mason), Dah Eee (dolly), Bah tlllll (bottle), Cah (car), Cah cah (cracker), Pee (please), Baaah (bath), Yo Go (yogurt), Nana, Poo Pee (self explanatory), Pah Eee (potty) to name a few.  She is really interacting with Taylor.  They like to play with each other until someone gets mad or pissy lol.  Payton almost taunts Taylor now.  Taylor is very possessive of her room and her toys.  I think Payton goes in and know just what toys to chew on or pull apart lol.  Payton still is not walking.  She is lazy with a capital L!  She loves to do Gumby legs.  We know she can do it, she just doesn't want to.  She gets around SUPER fast with her tripod crawl, so it may take a while more until she decides it's time.  Payton really enjoyed Christmas this year.  She LOVED looking at lights.  She LOVED out inflatable Santa in the front yard.  Every morning and evening we had to take her out to see it or she wouldn't stop yelling TAN TAH TAN TAH!  When we would drive through neighborhoods to look at lights she would scream TAN TAH from the backseat.  It was pretty comical.  Payton would have been happy opening empty boxes on Christmas morning.  She was more into paper this year than the present.  Next year will be the complete opposite.  This year, Santa left Payton a Laugh and Learn house, some puzzles, a pop n pals and fun stocking stuffers.  Payton is as blessed as her sister in the gift department.  She received  purse, Cabbage Patch Kid, puzzle, weebles, play cube, my first Sesame Street Purse, magnetic cookie puzzle, dishes, teddy bear, clothes, 2 really cool V-Tech toys, a giggling doll, corn popper, books, coloring paper, toddler markers and crayons and a Leap Frog interactive TV game.  Again, very blessed.  Very thankful in her big blue eyed one year old way.  Payton is still happy go lucky Payton.  Oh...she is still getting a bottle twice per day.  With Taylor, she was off the bottle the day after her first birthday.  With Payton I don't care.  I'm holding onto my last baby as long as I can!  Payton is also eating table food now exclusively.  If we go out to eat, she orders off the kids menu.  Eating out just officially became "expensive" lol.  Her favorite  foods are anything pasta, bananas, yogurt (the girl LOVES vanilla yogurt), apples, bread, bean and cheese burritos and rice.  She's growing up in the blink of an eye...

11/13/07      Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st Birthday

Bright and early on Friday, November 2nd, Mommy, Daddy and Taylor entered Payton's room singing Happy Birthday to our little one year old.  Payton promptly stood up in her crib and loved every moment of her serenade.  Payton had birthday pancakes for breakfast and spent the day celebrating at home with Daddy and Taylor.  When I got home from work, we let Payton open her birthday gifts that had arrived from Aunt Debbie/Uncle Terry, Nana and Papa Wilson and Uncle Luke, and Great Grandma Bowser.  Payton had lots of fun doing that!  After presents, we took our little girl out to Macayos.  We knew of course, that she would not be feasting on a Baja Burro or Steak Fajitas, but she had her first, very own, big girl kids meal!  Payton ate an entire grilled cheese sandwich, a couple of French fries and some rice and beans!  Mommy marked the exact moment that Payton was truly 1 years 7:42 pm while we were at Coldstone getting ice cream :-)  On Saturday, November 3rd, we had Payton's 1st birthday party here at our house.  It was a BBQ and it started at 3:30pm.  I was told my scheduling interfered with a football game but I didn't care lol.  Just wait until the football addicts have to miss "the big game" to attend a dance or piano recital lol.  Anyways, Payton's friends started showing up right on time for her Sesame Street Babies themed party.  Attendees were:  Grammy and Papa, Auntie, Uncle and Simon, Mountain and Maliyah, the Knight family, the Applegate family, the Yetka family, the Danczs and the Parsons family!  We had about 10 kids and 18 or so adults!  The house was packed, we had football going in one room and serious kid play in the playroom.  The kids also loved playing outside.  I think Payton was shell-shocked at the amount of kids running around!  We BBQ'd around 4:30, well, Jarrod BBQ'd :-)  We had hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, macaroni salad and chips.  I think we STILL have enough hamburgers in the freezer to have 3 more b-day parties!  After the food, we all gathered around the kitchen table and sang Happy Birthday to Miss Payton while her lone little candle was ablaze on her Sesame Street cake.  She tried to grab the flame once, but Daddy was quick on the response :-)  Simon and Taylor helped Payton blow out her candle.  Then it was on to cake!  Payton LOVED her birthday cake.  She grabbed it, squished it, ate it, smacked it, licked it, you name it!  She ate mostly frosting and a couple bites of chocolate cake.  After cake, we sat right in front of the football game (totally planned - you should have seen the looks I got when I turned off the volume lol) and opened presents.  Payton really didn't want anything to do with presents...she was totally overwhelmed with all the kids that wanted to open her presents for her!  So...I opened all of Payton's presents with Taylor's help.  What a spoiled little girl!  Payton received tons of fabulous gifts...birthday money/college fund, books, cute "winter" clothes (I use the term "winter" lightly), toys, puzzle, Spiderman, bath tub toys, an Elmo medical bag, balls, a baby my little pony, birthday crown & wand and a rocking chair!  Payton is a very lucky little girl to have so many wonderful friends!  The kids started to get restless shortly after presents so our party drew to a close.  Payton was so exhausted after her party that she passed out during her bedtime bottle and slept until 7:45am the next morning :-)  OTHER NEWS  Payton is wearing shoes now.  They are the soft-sole leather kind and I think they are helping her keep her balance.  Payton walks along everything...sofa, chairs, coffee table, our legs lol.  Just today, when Taylor and I got home from Grammy's house, we stood Payton up in the kitchen and she stood alone for about 5 seconds before slowly sitting down!  We were both praising her like she just recited the alphabet in French or something.  It was cute.  Payton will walk so long as we are holding onto one or both hands.  If we take our hands away, she goes right down to the ground.  I have a feeling she will be taking her first steps in the next 2 or so weeks.  She's gaining confidence's coming.  Speaking of confidence, last Friday night I told Jarrod that we needed to lower Payton's crib mattress because she likes to throw things out and lean over the rail to look at them on the floor.  Well, Saturday during nap time (I was napping too), Jarrod heard a *thud* and I awoke to Jarrod opening Payton's bedroom door and then exclaiming "OH MY GOD"!  I knew what it was so I went flying down the hallway just as she started to catch her breath and start screaming.  Poor kid fell out of her crib.  I'm sure social services would have a hissy fit over this.  Thankfully, she is ok.  Just a small black bruise under her chin.  Needless to say, we lowered the mattress all the way down and I'm contemplating removing the bumper pads this weekend so she can't climb on them!  The only other news I can think of to share is that as of today, Payton has two new teeth!  That explains her waking every 45 minutes last night!  Her right and left upper "first molars" or "pre-molars" have broken through the gum!  They are not all the way in, but you can see white tooth!  This is just crazy!  She has 8 teeth at the age of one year!  OH...Payton had her 1 year Dr visit and she weighs 25 pounds 3 ounces and is 31 inches tall.  We don't think the height is correct so we will measure her again this weekend.  Doc said she has more teeth than most 1 year olds and everything he told Jarrod (you can start milk now, you can start regular table food, you can turn her car seat around) Jarrod replied with "oh we already did that" lol.  You can sure tell we are 2nd time parents!  We don't need a Doc to tell us what to do this time around lol!  Payton received 3 shots and a "perfect development" assessment.  She does have to go get her blood drawn soon to test for anemia.  I'm not going for that.  Can't do it.  That's got Daddy written all over it!

10/30/07      Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Last post before the big 0-1!!!

I simply can't believe I was carrying around a 9 pound baby in my stomach last year this time!  Now she is a mini blonde bomber, crawling and pulling up on everything, eating solid foods, and saying her first words.  CRAZY!  Let's see, Payton's 11th month was as eventful as her 10th.  Those two months are by far her busiest.  Payton is still crawling like a crab, with one leg bent in front of her.  She hauls diaper around the house so if it works for her, it works for us!  I don't think she'll ever crawl on all fours.  Payton has 5 pair of pants that she has to wear at home and at Grammy's house to keep her leg from getting road rash when she crawls.  Martha Stewart herself couldn't get the dirt stains out of the knees of those pants!  So...she will ONLY wear those pants until she can walk lol.  About the 2nd week in October, Payton started pulling herself up on things.  She was very shaky, very unsure.  Fast forward 2 weeks and she pops right up on the couch and walks along the couch to get to her sister who is usually tempting her with a cracker lol.  Even though she is pulling up on everything, she will NOT stand alone.  No way no how.  She thinks she is going to pummel 1000 feet to the floor or something.  If we let go, almost instantly her little butt hits the floor where she feels safe.  Oh well, she'll do it when she is ready.  On October 19th, Payton cut her 6th tooth, her top right lateral incisor.  That makes 4 top teeth and 2 bottom.  All nice and even for Christmas pictures!  Also the week of October 19th, Payton went back to Bright Horizons for 3 days while Daddy went to Indiana.  Payton missed her Grammy SOOO much but I think she had a good time seeing her old teachers.  Her teachers were so impressed with her ability to share.  They said she was so happy and always offering toys to other kids when they crawled over to her.  Grammy sure is teaching her good manners at Bright Bowsers!  Payton is saying lots of words now (words that only a Mommy/Daddy/Grammy could understand).  MAMA, DADA, TAY DA (Taylor), YAY ZAY (A.J.), BAH (ball), BAH (boo as in peek-a-boo), BAHLAH (balloon), WAWA (water), PAPA (always said in a whisper...he must be a good secret), NANA (for Nana Wilson or banana), NO (no or nose), UH OH, CACA (cracker), BUDDY, PUHZA (puzzle) and NI NI.  Payton can tell you where her nose, mouth and ears are.  She can sign "more" and "all done".  Payton's temper has shown its face...I think its more frustration than anything, but it's really funny to see her get mad and pitch a little 11 month old fit!  As of yesterday, 10/29, Payton is off of formula (soy) and on 2% milk.  She is getting her milk in a bottle (we'll wean her from that in a week or so) and she hasn't complained once!  She loves drinking out of a cup like Taylor does and she eats pretty much anything these days.  She's had biscuits, crackers, fruit dices, canned veggies, noodles, grilled cheese, french fry, hot dog, pancakes, waffles, yogurt and mashed potatoes to name a few.  Payton's birthday is on Friday *sniff sniff* and her party is on Saturday.  We're having a BBQ and are expecting about 26 people (including all the kids) so it should be busy and fun!  One thing I want to note in this entry for Payton is that her Great Grandpa Bowser passed away on October 17th.  Payton never got the chance to meet her Great Grandpa but Papa Bowser made sure to send tons of videotapes to Indiana for the Great Grandparents to see.  Great Grandpa Bowser did a fantastic genealogy book in 2003 for all of us and we will make sure Payton knows her Bowser ancestry :-)  The last thing to note in this entry is that Payton had her 1st trip to the pumpkin patch last Saturday.  We went with Roxy, Justin and Simon and as soon as we walked in the pumpkin patch, Payton started pointing and saying "BAH BAH BAH".  She thought it was a room full of orange balls.

9/25/07        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Who has time to update when she is doing all of this!?

Payton turned 10 months old on 9/2/07.  Her 10th month has been a blur due largely in part to the fact that she seems to wake up each morning with a new trick up her sleeve lol.  On September 7th, we walked into Payton's room in the morning to find her sitting up in her crib!  This was the first time she went from lying down to sitting up.  Boy she thought she was hot stuff!  Only problem...she can't go from sitting to lying down so that makes bedtime interesting.  Early on in her 10th month she started waving bye bye...the cutest floppy wrist wave you've ever seen.  Payton also really started clapping...if she hears anyone say "clap clap clap" or "yaaaaaaay" she just claps away.  Again, she is SO incredibly proud of herself.  In mid September, Payton started playing Peek A Boo with blankets and papers...anything she could find to put on top of her head.  That is her version of the goes up to above your head then she pulls it down with a big ole smile.  She doesn't quite get yet that you're supposed to cover your face/eyes.  But hey, it's her game so we just let her play it!  Payton really started getting around the house around 9/15.  I found this out when Payton was safe and sound sitting in the playroom and I was upstairs with T helping her brush her teeth.  While brushing Taylor's teeth I heard the sound of a certain ceramic bowl tapping against the tile floor and I immediately knew what was going on.  It was all in slow motion...I was running down the stairs yelling "PAAAAYYYTTTOOOONNNN NOOOOOOOOOOO" but it was too late lol.  She had crawled into the kitchen and over to the cat food and she was happily chomping away on both wet and dry cat food :-)  That's one for the baby book!  Time to re-baby proof the house!  About two days later, Payton surprised us again in the morning when we walked in and found her standing up in her crib!  Thankfully we had just lowered the crib mattress the day before!  On 9/16, Payton cut her 4th tooth.  It is her top left lateral incisor.  She has been working on this tooth for a couple weeks now so we were happy to see it finally break through.  Still in the middle of September, Payton started crawling around the house...getting from one toy to another...from one room to another...picking up every little piece of lint along the way lol.  Payton doesn't crawl on her hands and knees...she crawls with one leg bent in front and the other leg behind.  It's pretty funny to watch and you would think she would just get on both knees but nope...she wants to do it her way!  So...the one poor little leg gets road rash quite often but it doesn't seem to phase her!  On 9/21, Payton cut her 5th tooth.  Its her top right central incisor.  Finally!  She won't be a snaggletooth anymore :-)  Sounds like a busy month for Payton huh?!  On top of all this, she has also really started eating table foods in addition to her baby food.  She likes corn, peas, green beans, Gerber raviolis, fruit bars, yogurt, rice, pretty much anything that doesn't have to be chewed too much.  Payton also finally got the hang of her sippy cup about 1.5 weeks ago.  She can even do it one-handed!  I think that is about it for the little missy.  We picked her Halloween costume (actually Taylor did) and Payton is going to be a little "Little Mermaid" :-)  We also picked out the invitations for Payton's first birthday coming up in 5 more weeks!  Oh one more thing...she is now saying "MAMAMA" (that's me), "DADADA" (that's Jarrod), "SSSEEE" (that's sissy), "YAYAYA" (either Tay Tay or A.J.), "NANANA" (that's no no no or Nana or Ninight), "BAH" (ball), "KEE" (kitty), "DUH" (dog), "PAPA" (Papa).

8/25/07        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  9 month Dr appt

Payton's 9 mo Dr appointment was on 8/23/07.  We saw our favorite Pediatrician, Dr. Gentile.  Payton weighed in at 23 pounds, 4 oz and is 32 inches tall!  Just for comparison, Taylor at the same age was 23 pounds, 12 ounces and 29 inches tall!  We knew she was a lot taller than Taylor was at this age because she is wearing all of Taylor's 18 month clothes now.  Payton has some blood vessels that are really close to the skin around her eyes/bridge of her nose area that should fade with age.  Payton is happy and healthy and Daddy says she did all of her "tricks" for Dr. G. (waving, clapping, talking).  Payton got 2 shots and Dad said she was a trooper!  Payton is still scooting backwards but is getting up on all fours, so maybe she will be crawling soon?  Payton is still eating baby food and loves cheerios, puffs and puff cheese sticks.  She eats oatmeal with pears in the morning and just tonight she had cut up noodles and individual kernels of corn.  She loved it!

8/11/07        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  9 months old!

Payton turned a whopping 9 months old on August 2nd.  She goes for her 9 month Dr appt on August 23rd.  I can't wait to see what she weighs!  Payton had her last day of school at Bright Horizons on 8/1.  We brought flowers and cards for all her teachers and put a picture of Payton with a message in each card.  Payton started Bright Bowsers with Grammy on 8/6 and she really seems to love it!  Payton never napped at daycare...only about 20-30 minutes each day.  Payton took her morning nap and afternoon nap for Grammy all three days last week!  She has been so happy when I pick her up and she is happy and playful in the evenings.  Of course, we know it's all about Grammy's magical touch!  I still expect her to be doing multiplication tables soon ;-)  Payton is really getting around by scooting backwards on her tummy.  If that isn't the way she wants to go, she spins on her belly and then goes backwards the other way lol.  I'd say by her 10th month she will be crawling!  Payton loves to stand with assistance and is taking a big interest in her Leap table (standing play table).  Payton has added pancakes and crackers to her list of table foods.  She is really hard to feed these days...she is always afraid she is going to miss something.  Payton has been saying taytaytaytaytay here and there.  She just adores her sister.  She loves to grab Taylor's face and give her a big open mouth kiss lol.  On 8/10, Payton woke up with a new tooth!  It's tooth #3 and its her top left central incisor.  I hope the right one isn't too far behind!

7/23/07        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Just an update

The week of 7/16 Payton found her feet and tries to eat her toes!  In addition to toes, Payton is eating cheerios and Gerber puffs.  She LOVES her snacks and is getting pretty good with at pinching things with her thumb and index finer.  Payton tried meat sticks 7/22. I can't handle watching her gag, it makes me panic, so no more meat sticks until she is used to other textures lol.  On 7/17, Payton went to see my Dermatologist to verify my mommy diagnosis of eczema.  Her arms weren't flared up when we went, but I had pictures of when it was pretty bad.  They confirmed it was eczema and that she will probably have it all her life.  Thankfully she doesn't have it bad...seems to be limited to her elbow area, lower arms and ankles.  We got two prescriptions to help keep it at bay and the little missy is only to use Aveeno natural products on her skin.  On 7/19 Payton visited our family Allergist, Dr. Lapusan.  Payton broke out with hives on the 4th of July and we wanted to see if we could pinpoint the reason.  As of right now, Payton is allergic to Arbor Mix (cottonwood, elm and mesquite) and Tree Mix (ash, cedar, mulberry and olive).  No pet or food allergies as of right now, but that doesn't mean that she won't develop them as she gets older.  Payton is saying mamama, dadada and uh oh.  She is waving bye bye and hi as of mid July.  She is also scooting backwards on her tummy and we have caught her on her knees in her crib!  UH OH!  She will be crawling soon!

7/3/07          Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  8 months old

I can't believe in four more months our baby will be ONE!  That is just bizarre!  Payton had a great seventh month.  She is now rolling from back to tummy (finally) and she sleeps on her side or on her belly (recently).  It's gotta feel good knowing you can roll around to get comfy in your crib!  Payton sits and plays with toys now.  She loves things she can bang together and/or chew on.  She still likes hand toys (rattles and rings and teethers) but is now trying to push the push top on a spinning toy and she shakes and grabs things.  Payton still has two teeth.  She was teething real bad about a week ago, but nothing came of it.  Since the little missy has two toofies, we let her try small bites of banana yesterday and today she had soggy cheerios at daycare and at home!  She is learning how to pick things up with her index finger and thumb so not much makes it to her mouth!  Payton is saying MAMAMMAA and DADADADA a lot now.  She likes to jump in her exersaucer just like Taylor did.  She's no where near crawling at this point (thank god) but I have a feeling that is coming soon too!  On 6/23, Payton was baptized at Desert Cross Lutheran Church.  Guests included Grammy and Papa Bowser, Auntie, Uncle and Cousin Simon, Godmother Amy, the Knight Family and Mike and Courtney Dancz.  Just so happens that the church lost HVAC that weekend so it was a tad on the warm side for the 6pm service.  Payton was a dream for the service.  She was happy and playful.  Payton let Amy hold her for the entire Rite of Baptism and she didn't make a peep when Pastor Steve poured water on her head.  Just like Taylor's baptism, the words in the baptismal service were ones that mean a whole lot to me.  I know my mom would have loved to have seen my girls baptized.  Faith in God was important to her and I want it to be to my girls too.  After the baptism, we went up to the front of the church and Pastor anointed Payton with the sign of the cross and then blessed her and said a prayer.  He also gave her her baptismal candle.  Payton even let Pastor hold her and walk her down the church aisle to introduce her to her new church family!  After the service, we had dessert and drinks back at our house.  Poor girl didn't get to enjoy the party like everyone else did...she was in bed about 20 minutes after getting home!  Other news, Payton's last day at Bright Horizons will be August 1st.  She will begin the prestigious curriculum at Bright Bowsers on August 6th, lead by Center Director, Grammy Bowser!  We are thrilled to have the opportunity to have Grammy Bowser care for our baby until she is ready for the Toddler Room back at Bright Horizons.  Payton will have lots of fun M-W with Grammy.  My Gramma was a huge part of my life and I have a feeling Grammy and Payton will be best buddies in no time!  Why do I have a sneaking suspicion that GAGAGA will be her next "word"?!

6/10/07        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  2nd tooth & 1st night away from Mom & Dad!

As of 6/8/07, Payton has her 2nd tooth!  It is just barely above the gum line, but definitely on its way out!  It is her lower right central incisor.  It is still giving her a bit of trouble...she gnaws on everything and her favorite toys are ones that she can stick in her mouth to chew on.  If there is no toy...she uses her fingers!  On 6/9/07, Payton had her first night away from Mommy and Daddy.  In the afternoon of 6/9, we dropped Payton and Taylor off with Grammy and Papa Bowser (Simon was there too) and Jarrod and I went to dinner and a movie.  Both kids stayed the night at Grammy and Papa's!  We *think* the last movie we saw was on our anniversary last year lol.  Grammy says that Payton did really well, she slept from 7:45pm until 5:30am.  That was pretty early for her, but Grammy followed my overbearing, hyperscheduling instructions and left her in her pack n play until 7am (she did fall back to sleep lol).  Payton was really REALLY excited to see me when I got there to pick them up so that just made my day.  She is such a little snuggle bunny!  In fact, if you say "snuggle bunny", she will bury her head into your chest and give you a baby hug.  She is still saying DADADA, MAMAMA and BABABA.  Taylor REALLY wants her to say TAYTAYTAY.

6/4/07          Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  7 months old!

On 5/24, Payton had her 6 month checkup with Dr. Gentile.  Payton weighed in at 19 pounds, 10 ounces (88th percentile)! She is 28.5 inches tall (95th percentile).  Dr. Gentile put all my mommy fears to rest (after reading my half page of typed notes) and said Payton was perfectly healthy!  She does seem to be suffering from eczema so we will head to the Dermatologist here in the next couple of weeks.    The end of May was a milestone marathon for the little missy.  On 5/23, while Taylor, Payton and I were waiting in the laundry room for Jarrod to pull into the garage, I put Payton on top of the washing machine and she say there ALL BY HERSELF for oh, 5-7 minutes!  She toppled only once and I sat her back up and she just sat there like she has been sitting all her life!  Now that she is sitting, Payton is starting to play with things rather than just shove everything into her mouth.  She likes to bang things together to hear the noise it makes, try to push buttons on toys and of course, shake the living you know what out of everything.  Because of her newfound freedom as an independent sitter, Payton is REALLY interested in what Taylor is doing.  She loves her big sister and likes to pull her hair and grab her face.  Let the sisterly love begin!  Payton is still saying DADADADA and now also says LALALALA and MAMAMAMA.  When you ask her where Mommy/Daddy are, she will look in the right direction, so maybe she is starting to understand what her baby babble means!  Also on 5/23, Payton's lower gum had a split in it.  No tooth, just a nasty split.  Well, on 5/25, Payton's first tooth arrived!  It is the cutest little white tooth you've ever seen!  It is her lower left central incisor.  6.5 months old and she has a tooth!  Amazing.  On 5/31, Payton discovered a new sound...we call it fishie lips.  She doesn't suck her cheeks in, but her lips make this fish noise that sounds like a bubble.  That's the best way I can describe it :-)  Today, 6/4, little missy has shown us that tooth #2 is at the gum line and there is only a thin thin thin layer of gum separating this 2nd tooth from canine freedom!  I bet it will be here by Friday!  I hope so, because then she can stop being crabbypants and go back to sleeping through the night like a good girl.  Speaking of sleeping through the night, we are going to have to let Payton cry it out in the morning *gasp*.  She is waking up at 5:15-5:45am with her trademark pterodactyl scream (it's a playful scream, not a crying scream).  This dinosaur call can last for an hour to an hour and a half so we usually run in and get her before she wakes up Taylor.  Well, Taylor may be in our room for a couple days because this child is going to learn to sleep until 7!  That's all for now!  Payton is growing up!  Eating stage 2 foods, size 3 diapers are getting snug and 12 -18 month clothes are hanging in the closet. 

5/13/07        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Almost 6.5 months old!

I'll try to keep this organized so I can get caught up.  HEALTH  On 3/21 I took Payton to Urgent Care because I was convinced she had an ear infection that couldn't wait until the next day for her Pediatrician.  Payton's official diagnosis:  FUSSY BABY.  YES!  It says that on the paperwork!  I felt like a total moron and one of the front desk ladies even asked me if this was my "first" when I told her nothing was wrong when she went looking for our nonexistent prescription.  On 3/22/07 Payton had her 4 month well check.  She weighed in at 17 pounds (90th percentile) and was 26.5 inches tall (94th percentile).  She was in perfect health and that night Payton rolled from her belly to her back!  FINALLY!  She did it three times while all three of us were cheering her on, then she decided it scared the living daylights out of her and she would try to "catch" herself before she rolled over.  On 4/2 I took Payton back to our trusty Pediatrician because my EIdar went off again (that's ear infection radar) and she did have the start of an ear infection in her left ear.  I know I shouldn't be happy, but I was secretly jumping for joy because if I had been given another diagnosis of "fussy baby" I might as well have just turned my kids over to someone who was a better mom lol.  Since we were leaving for CA in two days, the Doc prescribed Augmentin for us to start Payton on. antibiotic that needs to be refrigerated and given twice per day for VACATION! :-)  On 4/23 I took Payton to the Doc because she had been running a 102-103 degree fever for 24 hours.  The doc checked everything, ears, urine, throat.  Nothing wrong there.  He said it was a virus and to treat the child, not the fever.  So, we kept Payton loaded with Tylenol and the fever broke a day later, then a weird rash followed for about 5 days.  Payton weighed 19 pounds, 4 oz at that Dr's appt.  GROWING UP  Our baby is growing, that is for sure!  The day before we left for Disneyland, we took the infant carrier out of my Explorer and put in the roomier "Triumph" car seat that Taylor was in until about 3 months ago.  Payton looks like a wee little baby in the roomy papasan-like car seat.  She loved the extra room on the long drive.  We have left the infant carrier in Jarrod's car because Payton isn't sitting by herself yet, so we need a place to put her when we eat out (which is a lot).  Hopefully within the next month she'll be sitting and we can get rid of the infant carrier for good!  Payton is trying SO HARD to roll from back to belly.  She will get all the way onto her side, even a bit past her side, then she gets stuck and flops back onto her back.  She is very into the world around her, so it won't be much longer until she gets all the way over.  We are also working with Payton on sitting up.  She will do the "tripod" sit for a couple seconds here and there, other than that, she likes to push back as soon as we sit her up, so no real progress there either lol.  While on her belly, Payton can maneuver around and face the opposite direction.  Just yesterday she was on her belly and she was pulling her knees up towards her belly.  Maybe she will army crawl in the next couple of months.  Payton's trademark is the "pterodactyl call".  It sounds like a dinosaur.  It is high pitched and comes out of her at full volume at all hours of the day and night.  Yeah...try waking up to that at 3am lol.  On 5/9, Payton expanded her vocabulary.  Up until then, she did the pterodactyl call, ahhhs and raspberries.  Now she will babble DA DA DA DA DA DA DA!  It is so cute!  When she knows what it means I will count it as her first word lol.  Payton is teething like a mad woman.  Taylor never liked to chew on teething toys.  Payton chews on them ALL THE TIME.  I'm surprised she hasn't gnawed her way through a couple of them actually!  No teeth yet...just two little bumps on the bottom.  I bet she holds out another couple months just like her sister.  JUST STUFF  Payton is such a joy...she is seriously such a happy baby.  Her big gorgeous blue eyes just light up whenever someone talks to her.  Especially attention by her big sister.  Just tonight, Taylor and Payton were lying on the floor and Taylor was singing a Taylor tune and Payton was just laughing her little butt off.  She thinks her big sister is SO funny.  When Payton was sitting on my lap and I told Taylor to give her a kiss goodnight, Payton grabbed Taylor's face in her hands and just started giggling.  This went on for about 5 more minutes.  UPCOMING EVENTS  Payton's 6 month Dr appt is 5/24.  Stay tuned for an update.  Payton will be baptized at our church on 6/23 at the 6pm Saturday service.  I think we will have a small party with dessert and drinks back at our place afterwards.  Payton's Godmother, my Cousin Amy, will be flying in for the event.  We can't wait to see her!

3/13/07        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Sweet Peas

Payton is NOT a fan of sweet peas!  I tried to catch the sour awful look on her face when she'd take a bite, but I just couldn't get it!  She did not like peas at all!  She ate it, but not willingly!

3/11/07        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  4 months old

Payton is doing great with her rice cereal.  She eats a small bowl full every night between 5-6pm.  On 2/28 we started Payton on baby food!  We didn't wait for the Doctor's "ok" to start baby food...Taylor was our guinea pig...we do what we want with Payton lol.  So on 2/28, Payton had half a jar of carrots!  She was very "ho hum" about the whole thing.  She did eat a half jar, but was unimpressed :-)  The next night, she started blowing raspberries with a mouthful of carrots.  She would cover herself, the highchair and me with one good ole "pppphhhhhhhtttttt".  After about 3 days of trying to scrub carrots out of everything, we decided to mix the carrots in with the rice since she doesn't raspberry the rice.  That will be our method until she stops the "ppppphhhhhhhtttt".  On 3/4 we added apple prune juice to her diet.  1oz juice:1oz water.  She was VERY excited about juice and gobbled it right down.  After a couple nights of night waking, on 3/5 I took Payton to the Doctor because I feared her ear infection had returned (or never went away).  Payton weighed in at 16 pounds, 13 ounces!  For those keeping track, she is +2 pounds heavier than Taylor at this stage!  Doc said Payton's ears are clear (hooray) and he stuck his finger in her mouth and said she is teething.  This is the same doc that told us Taylor's two bottom teeth were "right there" at 4 months and they didn't show until she was 10 months old!  We know she is teething as she has given her fingers hickies they are in her mouth so often.  Thankfully, that night she went back to sleeping through.  Maybe it was a growth spurt.  She seems to have grown another inch as her 6-9 month sleepers are getting a little snug in the length department.  On 3/6 Payton tried squash.  We are still mixing the baby food with rice and Payton eats every last bite!  She was also massively teething much that she "burned" her cheeks with all the spit on her hands!  Her cheeks were SO rosy and dry!  On 3/11 Payton started bananas with her lunch bottle.  Daddy fed them to her and she seemed to like them.  Payton is trying VERY hard to roll from her back to her tummy.  She will get about half way then give up.  She will try occasionally to go from tummy to back.  I'd bet within the next month she will be rolling.  Payton has about 7 "stations" around the house that we play in daily.  She has her (1) swing (2) bouncy seat (3) bumbo seat (4) play gym (5) blanket with toys (6) exersaucer (7) johnny jumper.  Between all those stations, she gets a pretty good work out and she is now starting to stand up real well (when we hold her).  We think Payton is having a bit of separation anxiety.  She is happy go lucky until we all walk out of the room.  She will immediately start crying with big ole tears!  Poor baby!  That's all for now!  She is growing like a weed and has entered into the "fun" baby stage (giggles, grins, baby talk, milestones, SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT)!

2/20/07        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Ear Infection #3

Payton has been waking up A LOT in the middle of the night lately.  Well, last Saturday, her eyelids started getting purplish and then she had some goop in her eyes.  My ear infection radar finally went off and I ran Payton over to Urgent Care.  Payton has ear infection #3.  Thankfully it is only in one ear this time.  Her ear infection has also given her a bout of pink eye.  She is on 10 days of Omnicef for the EI and Tobramycin drops for her eyes.  I just feel so bad for her.  She has probably had an ear infection for a week or longer and it just didn't occur to us!  She is on the mend now.  Payton has taken a liking to Baby Einstein videos and she will watch them intently from the confines of her bouncy seat.  Payton is also starting to get frustrated with the baba (pacifier) and actually prefers to suck her index finger.  Maybe, just maybe, we won't have a baba girl this time!  Payton made Jarrod and I her first Valentine.  It was a white piece of construction paper with her footprints in red *insert beaming mom here*.  Payton had her first official babysitting experience yesterday (daycare doesn't count).  Since daycare was closed on President's Day, Payton and Taylor spent the entire day with Grammy and Papa Bowser.  Grammy took great care of Payton and she had lots of fun watching her big sister put stickers on Murphy the dog :-)

2/13/07        Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  I never should have...

I should have never put in writing that Payton was sleeping through the night.  Over the past week, she has hit a massive growth spurt and is waking once or twice each night to eat.  Payton has been to the Doctor twice since my last post, once to make sure her ears were cleared up (they were and she weighed 14 pounds, 6 oz) and once last week because she had pink eye (we caught it fast with T’s antibiotic eye drops so it only lasted 1 day).  As of 2/8 Payton weighs 15 pounds, 5 ounces!  We have upped Payton’s feedings from 4.5 oz to 5 oz and will probably up them again here in another week to 5.5oz.  We started Payton on rice cereal from a bowl about a week ago and she is starting to get the hang of it.  She gets about half a tsp before her bedtime bottle.  I think we’ll be upping that to 2 tbsp here in another week or two.  Girl is constantly hungry.  Payton’s latest thing is to blow raspberries at us.  She gets her upper lip over her bottom one and blows real hard and it sounds (and looks) so funny!  She is also starting to mimic facial expressions (sticking her tongue out and making her mouth into an “O”).  Payton loves her bouncy seat…she kicks and bounces so much that we have to remember to strap her in!

1/23/07        Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  Stupid ear infections

Well, for anyone who thought we'd have better luck with the ear infections with Payton...I hate to break it to you, she is just like her sister.  Payton went back to the Doc for a follow up last Thursday (1/18) and both of her ears were STILL infected!  Payton is now on 10 days of Augmentin to try to clear the infection up.  Payton weighed in at 13 pounds, 13 ounces.  She is growing like a weed.  Payton is eating 4.5 ounces per feeding now and is doing really well sleeping through the night.  Every night for the past 3 weeks or so, she gets a bedtime bottle at 8-8:30pm, then she lays down in her crib and settles herself to sleep.  She typically sleeps until about 6-6:30am.  Occasionally she will wake for a early morning feed around 2am.  My girls love to sleep!  Payton has discovered her tongue and loves to chew on it and stick it out at anyone or anything.  She has the most beautiful smile and also loves to show that off lately.  Payton is starting to "talk" now...lots of noises and coos.  She is wearing 3-6 and 6-9 month clothes (6-9 month for the length...girl is tall).  Her hands have finally opened up and she isn't keeping them in fists all day long anymore.  Maybe she'll start grabbing or holding things soon!

1/8/07          Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  Sleep & Ear Infection

Last Thursday, Jarrod took Payton to the Doc for her 2 month check-up.  She had a cough for a week prior to that and had lost her voice.  We thought it was just a cold or from the RSV.  NOPE!  Can anyone guess what it was (hint:  following in Taylor's footsteps)... it was a double ear infection!  Poor baby can't catch a break!  She is on 10 days of Amoxicillin for the ear infections and she goes back on 1/18 for a follow-up.  Payton weighed in at 13 pounds and is 24 inches tall.  Her lungs sound perfectly clear!  Payton has been "toying" with sleeping all night and last Saturday night, she slept from 9:15pm until 7:45am!  HOLY COW!  The excitement was short lived on Sunday because she ate every two hours all day long to make up for the feedings that she missed!  Payton is really starting to "talk" now and like to smile at her sister.

1/2/07          Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  1st day of School

Today was Payton's 1st day of "school" at Bright Horizons.  Taylor was VERY excited to have Payton accompany her this morning and she proudly helped me deliver our little princess to the Infant 1 room.  She told Miss "AHWEEZ" (Louise) that "Paytie was ready for school"!  Miss Louise was also one of Taylor's caregivers so it's a little comforting knowing that Payton is in the same room and has the same teacher.  Payton was a champ last night and ate at 8:20pm, then 2:00am, then slept till 6:00am when my alarm clock went off :-)  When we arrived at school she was sleeping, so I placed her in her crib, kissed her goodbye and headed on down to Taylor's room.  For some reason it was a lot harder to leave Payton that it was to leave Taylor.  I'm not sure why, she just seems so little compared to Taylor.  Anyways, today was also my 1st day back to work and I only called to check on Payton once :-)  The teachers at school even let Taylor go down to Payton's room in the middle of the day so she could check on her sister.  They said Payton did really well today and that she is a great baby.  Other than that, Payton came down with a cold or laryngitis last Thursday.  She is much better today, but we didn't leave the house for three days.  She still barely has a voice and you can barely hear her cry.  Other big news, Payton met her Papa Wilson on 1/1/07.  Uncle Matt and Papa came in for the Fiesta Bowl football game and they stopped by our place so Papa could see his new little granddaughter.  She even gave him a couple smiles.

12/27/06      Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  Follow up Doc visit

Today was Payton's follow up visit with Dr. Steve.  She weighs 13 pounds, 6 ounces (in clothing) and her lungs "sounded great".  Her O2 was at 99% and her ears were clear.  Dr. Steve said she was a very lucky little girl to have such a quick turn around.  Her cough will linger for about another week, but she is definitely past the worst part of it.  THANK GOD.

12/25/06      Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  Hospital Stay

We went to Urgent Care at 7pm on 12/22.  Payton's oxygen levels at Urgent Care were at 91 when we arrived.  She was coughing a lot (in spasms of like 10-15 coughs) and was wheezing.  Urgent Care gave her 1 albuterol treatment and told us if they couldn't get her O2 up to 95%, then they would be sending us to the ER.  Well, after the breathing treatment, her O2 was 93% so they gave us some paperwork and sent us the ER.  We dropped Taylor off at home with Grammy Bowser and headed to Banner Desert Medical Center where they have a Pediatric ER.  Upon arrival (9pm), we gave our name, address and Payton's age and then the Registration Nurse and an ER Nurse said Payton was a "3" and the ER Nurse walked us past about 10 people in the waiting room and straight back into a bed in the ER.  The ER Nurse (Oliver) told us that he took Payton right back because her nostrils were flaring while breathing, indicating stress.  Here begins our adventure.  The ER Doc came in and confirmed that Payton was having problems breathing, her O2 was 95% and they needed to run tests for pneumonia and RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus).  Keep in mind Payton has now been awake since our Urgent Care visit at 7pm.  In the ER, we took her for chest x-rays, she had an IV put in her foot that they also used to draw all the blood for her blood work, they did an RSV test, which consisted of shoving skinny metal wire looking things up her nose and down into her throat.  They also did a nasal wash and suction, which consisted of spraying a tube of saline up one nostril and suctioning it out the other nostril.  This all happened over the course of 3-4 hours.  During this time, Payton's coughing got significantly worse and she was having coughing spasms that would last 20 coughs.  She could not catch her breath and she was having what they called "retractions", where her sides and above her collar bone would cave in with each breath she took.  She was on an O2 monitor the whole time and it would range from 86-95%.  Respiratory came in and did two breathing treatments while we were in the ER (not at the same time).  The breathing treatments caused Payton's pulse to skyrocket to 210-215 (they like it to be around 150), so she was put on O2.  About 1:30am, she had hit the point of no return and was crying hysterically, coughing and she couldn't catch her breath.  About this time, I lost it too as I didn't know what to do for her.  The Nurse came in and gave her some Tylenol and swaddled her while Respiratory did another breathing treatment.  At 2am, the ER Doc came in and broke the news.  Our sweet little baby had tested positive for RSV and had bronchiolitis.  RSV in people 3 and older presents as the common cold (what we have all had).  In infants and children under 1, it causes lower respiratory  illnesses like pneumonia and bronchiolitis.  RSV is a virus that causes infection of the lungs and breathing passages.  Symptoms are severe cough, wheezing, abnormally rapid breathing, difficulty breathing and low O2 levels.  In infants with severe RSV infections, there are retractions of the muscles between the ribs and the baby struggles to draw breath into infected breathing passages.  Doc said that our little princess would have to be admitted to the hospital.  :-( 2:30am, I headed home to relieve Mom Bowser and to catch a few hours of sleep.  Jarrod stayed with Payton and they were finally transferred to a room around 3:30am.  Payton's O2 was continuously monitored and she was still on oxygen.  Around 6:00am (Payton still hadn't slept), the Nurses came in to "deep suction" her airway.  In short, they thread tubes up her nose and down into her airway and turn on the vacuum.  Jarrod said he couldn't watch, but he never left the room.  Payton was absolutely hysterical, but after it was all over, her vitals shot right up and the rattle in her chest was gone.  Payton also hadn't eaten since about 7pm the night before and was on a "no feed" order until the Doc saw her.  This made for a long morning for Jarrod as our little Moose was starving.  The Nurses finally got a hold of the Doc and he lifted the no feed order. Payton's room was a "precautionary room", meaning anyone (staff) who entered had to wear a gown, mask and gloves so as not to spread the RSV to other patients.  I got back to the hospital around 9:30am to relieve Jarrod and we saw the Pediatrician.  He said her lungs sounded much better and that he was going to cut back her IV fluids since she was starting to eat.  He also said no breathing treatments or deep suction unless she needed it.  He said she needed to maintain O2 of 90 while asleep and 92 while awake to be *hopefully* released on Christmas Eve.  So, Payton and I relaxed in the chair in her room until Jarrod came back around 4:30pm.  She did real good during the day and even had O2 levels around 95-96% while sleeping.  We desperately wanted her to keep up the good work so she could be home for her 1st Christmas.  Around 6pm, I left the hospital and Jarrod took over while I picked up Taylor and came home.  Payton did really well all through the night and the Nurses were amazed at her quick turn around after the deep suction.  At 7:30am on Christmas Eve, Jarrod called me and said to head to the hospital, Payton had been discharged by the Doc!  WOO HOO!  Taylor and I flew over to the hospital to grab her before they changed their minds :-)  We got there around 8am and there was our Princess, no IV, no O2 monitor, just asleep in her car seat wearing her pink Princess track suit.  We were VERY lucky that we didn't have to spend Christmas in the hospital.  Most infants Payton's age average 5-7 days in the hospital for this illness.  We took Payton in at JUST the right time.   Had we waited another night, it could have been a much scarier outcome and a much longer hospital stay.

12/22/06      Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  Cough not sounding good

Well, Payton's cough is getting worse.  She will cough now like 10 times in a row and seems to be having a hard time catching her breath.  Her cough doesn't sound real good either.  We are going to dinner with Jarrod's parents tonight and we may run her to Urgent Care after dinner to be checked out.

12/20/06      Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  Dr appointment and met her teacher

This morning I ran Payton to the Doctor because she started coughing yesterday.  It doesn't sound real good, so better to get her checked out.  We saw Nurse Beth and she said Payton's lungs are clear and she just has a cold (so does everyone else in the house).  We need to elevate her crib mattress and spray saline drops in her nose to help with the congestion.  Get this...Payton now weighs 13 pounds, 2 ounces!  After her Dr's appointment, I took Payton to Bright Horizons so she could spend some time in the Infant Room with her teacher, Miss Louise.  Miss Louise was also Taylor's infant teacher and we are very happy and lucky that we got her for Payton.  We dropped off two bags of stuff that she will need at school and sat with Miss Louise on the rug for a bit.  Payton will start school on Tuesday, January 2nd.

12/15/06      Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  Smiles all around

I just love her smile!  She is getting really good at it and when you talk to her she opens her mouth and does this HUGE open mouthed smile.  Looks like she will have a dimple on her right cheek.  Payton is also starting to kick her feet in her bouncy seat and "talk". 

12/11/06      Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  Moose

Payton has officially been dubbed "Moose" by Jarrod and I.  She eats ALL THE TIME!  She is up to 4.5 ounces now and has started spitting up a bit.  She has also outgrown anything 0-3 months that is footed.  She is just too tall!  I can't believe she is wearing some 3-6 month clothes at 1 month old!

12/4/06        Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  1st smiles

Payton had her first smiles today when Jarrod and I talked to her.  I hate to keep saying this, but she looks JUST like Taylor when she does it.  It is simply the cutest little smile ever!

11/20/06      Posted By:  Mom       Subject:  Growing again

She must be growing.  She is eating A LOT and FREQUENTLY!  Apparently sleep is not needed to live.

11/18/06      Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st Girls outing

Today I braved going in public with both myself.  We took Taylor to SnipIts to get her hair cut and then we all went to Red Robin for lunch!  Payton slept through the whole thing!

11/16/06      Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st time without Mom and Dad

We are all sick except for Payton.  All three of us are coughing, sore throats, head and chest congestion and Payton is just peachy!  So today, Grammy Bowser came over to watch Payton and Taylor so Jarrod and I could go to our Doctor.  Grammy was a great first babysitter!  After our appointment, Jarrod and I took Taylor and Payton to the Doctor for their appointments.  Payton now weighs 9 pounds, 10 ounces and is eating 3.5-4 oz per feeding.  I am expressing my milk now and Payton gets about half formula and half mommy milk each day now.  I'm a numbers girl and just couldn't live with not knowing how much she was drinking!  After some feedings, Payton takes an additional 2 ounces as a "topper".  Must be hitting a growth spurt!  Payton is settling into a 3-4 hour routine and likes to be awake from 5-8 pm.  Doctor Steve says Payton looks great.  Her belly button is still a bit goopy, but should dry out soon.  She is eating like a champ and knock on wood, she doesn't have any spit up or reflux issues yet.  Big Sister Taylor LOVES to give Payton her baba (pacifier), in fact, she gets mad if she doesn't get to do it.  Taylor also loves to hold Payton and bring diapers to Mommy and Daddy. 

11/15/06      Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  More Visitors

Payton is popular!  Today, Cindy Yetka and Rachel Parsons came over to meet Payton!  They arrived just after Payton finished up with her first real bath!  We bathed her in the kitchen sink and she absolutely loved it!  She was probably just happy to get some of the "stink" off after 2 weeks!  She did really well, didn't cry and loved being in the water.  Now she smells all clean and her HAIR is combed and pretty :-)  Have I mentioned that we still can't believe she has hair?

11/13/06      Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1st day of "modified" work

Today was my first day of going into work for a couple of hours with Payton.  We went in for about 3.5 hours and Payton slept the entire time!  I'm sure this won't be the norm, but it made for a little less stress.  I'm not sure what I was thinking when I agreed to do some work from home and come in 2 days a week for a couple hours while on maternity leave.  We'll see how this goes!  EVENING UPDATE:  Payton's umbilical cord FINALLY fell off!  It is really goopy inside her belly button so I'm not sure if we should give her a bath yet! 

11/12/06      Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Family Visitors

This morning, Payton met her Nana Wilson, Uncle Luke, Great Nana and Great Papa Lewis.  They were all in Tucson visiting Nana Wilson's sister and they stopped by our place on their drive back to CA.  Everyone seems to think that Payton looks just like her sister, just a little bit bigger :-)  Nana Wilson took lots of pictures for Papa Wilson and we hope to see him soon!

11/11/06      Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  More Visitors

Tonight the Knight Family came over to meet Payton!  Taylor's friend Amelia held Payton and Taylor stayed right by her side keeping a watchful eye.  Payton is still such a quiet baby.  She only cries when she is hungry or tired.  Sure wish her umbilical cord would fall off so we could give her a much needed bath!

11/9/06        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  1 week Doctor's appointment

Today was Payton's 1 week check up with Dr. Steve.  Payton weighs 9 pounds, 3 ounces and is "perfect in every way"!  Taylor really enjoyed going to the Doctor since she wasn't the patient!  Today is also Payton's due date.

11/8/06        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  6 days old

Today we took Payton to my work so she could meet everyone who put up with me during the past 9 months!  We also decided to put Payton in her crib tonight.  Having her sleeping in our room so close is just not working out.  We can hear every little noise that she makes (which are a lot) and none of us are getting the sleep that we need.  So...time for Payton to enjoy her pretty nursery and cool surfer bedding :-)

11/6/06        Posted By: Mom        Subject:  First Outing

Today was Payton's first official "outing".  We all three went to Bright Horizons to pick up Taylor from school and show our little baby off!  Taylor was VERY excited and she proudly shouted to anyone who would listen "Look at the Baby!  That's my Baby Sister"!

11/4/06        Posted By: Mom        Subject:  Coming Home

After waiting until 4:00 pm for the Staff Pediatrician who was supposed to be there between 1-2 pm, we were FINALLY discharged from the hospital.  We had Payton dressed in a little pink sleeper that said "The Fairest Of Them All".  We did stuff Payton into the newborn headrest (newborn headrest fits inside the baby headrest in the car seat) for the ride home and quickly realized that our tall little girl would NOT need the newborn insert to hold her in place :-)  Payton's discharge weight was 8 pounds, 10 ounces and I lost more than half of what I gained just with the birth!  On our way home, Grammy loaded up Taylor (and a wonderful lasagna) and met us at our house.  We had a great dinner, unpacked a bit and spent some time with Taylor.  Payton slept in our room on my side of the bed so I could nurse without having to drag myself down the hallway. :-)

11/2/06        Posted By:  Mom        Subject:  Payton's Birthday!

Yes, we all know I did NOT type this on Payton's birthday!  Better late than never right?!  On 11/1 at my "almost" 39 week appointment, Doctor O called Scottsdale Healthcare Shea to schedule my elective induction.  I had officially had enough of being pregnant and we were ready to meet Payton!  On November 2nd at 6:50 a.m., the hospital called and said "come on in"!  We had to laugh because she asked if we could be there by 7:30am and I had to remind the lady that we lived in Chandler and it would be rush hour traffic in about ten minutes lol.  We jumped out of bed, Jarrod called his mom to come over and we got ready!  Taylor woke up shortly thereafter and we told her today would be Paytie's birthday, to which she responded "it's not Christmas" followed by "we need birthday hats"!  We left for the hospital at 7:15 am and joined the rest of the East Valley on the 101 North.  We really didn't talk much on the drive there.  It was really weird going to the hospital and not being in labor.  I had a million scenarios running through my mind of how this induction was going to go.  I knew I was not really dilated at all and we would be starting from scratch and I was scared of Pitocin (the drug they use to bring on contractions).  Side note, we did not eat breakfast before we left, so my last meal was dinner the night before at 7pm.  This becomes important later in my story.  We arrived at the hospital at 8:30 am, signed some papers in admitting and we were in our room (Room 2429) by 8:45am.  Carol Naso was my labor/delivery Nurse.  She was a real petite lady and was super nice.  Over the next hour, I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and I answered a million questions for Carol.  Carol checked me and actually DOWNGRADED me to 1cm (from Doctor O's 2 cm) and 50% effaced.  She entered that as her "starting" point and told me it would probably be a longer process since I was starting from square one.  By 9:55 am, I was hooked up to the Pitocin and there was no turning back :-)  I was pricked twice this time for my IV, one less than Taylor.  Pitocin is an interesting drug.  It was upped throughout the day every half hour or so, but at this point in my story, it was just making me contract like the day before, every 3-4 minutes and not too bad.  I could feel the contractions, but they were just a nuisance.  At 10:10 am, we called Mom B. to check in and Taylor was busy eating a popsicle.  It would definitely be a fun couple of days for Taylor!  By 11:40 am there was still nothing happening.  The contractions were picking up in intensity and I started to breathe through some of them.  Carol said Doctor O wanted my water broken and that the male Doc on call would come do it for me.  I didn't want a male Doctor, so I told Carol I would wait until a female was available.  She said it could be a couple of hours until she found someone willing to do it and I told her I didn't care.  At 12:28 pm, the contractions were coming every 1.5 minutes and Jarrod says I "lost my sense of humor".  At 12:34 pm, Carol came back in and told me I needed to relax my shoulders.  I think I rolled my eyes at her :-)  She took my temperature, updated my chart and we were still playing the waiting game.  No female Doctor to break my water yet.  At 12:36 pm, we called so I could talk to Taylor.  She was busy having a tea party with Murphy so I was told she was "busy".  Between 12:30pm and 2:15pm, I was breathing through every contraction.  They remained steady, every 1.5 minutes and I started to not like Carol when she came in to "up" my Pitocin.  Around 2:15pm, Jarrod went to get some snacks and a drink.  About 2:25pm, Dr. Moore came in with Carol to break my water.  Jarrod wasn't there and it was a good thing because it hurt and I would have made him leave the room :-)  So, she broke my water (which was clear) and I was 3cm, 70% effaced.  Jarrod got back in the room about 2 minutes after Dr. Moore left.  Contractions were still pretty intense, tolerable, but intense.  Carol asked if I wanted my epidural yet (she had ordered it, so it was ready) and I told her I was ok.  She kept at me about the epidural and I finally decided to go ahead and get it now.  No reason to keep feeling the Pitocin contractions; 5 hours of those suckers was enough.  So, Carol called for the epidural and the Anesthesiologist arrived around 2:55pm to put it in.  He was a nice Doctor, did a great job, I barely felt a thing.  I did feel the catheter thread through my spine...that was weird.  This time I had an epidural pump.  I didn't know until later on in the evening that I could push a button and I would get a dose of epidural.  This becomes important to my story in a bit :-)  By 3:10pm, the epidural was in and Jarrod said "my sense of humor returned and life was good again".  Carol checked me again...still 3cm, 70% effaced.  I was told to nap, that I would need it.  At this point in the day, I was starving and every commercial on TV was a food commercial.  I was stuck with ice chips and water lol.  At 4:19pm I was checked and I was 4cm, 75% effaced.  The epidural was working wonders because I was asleep by 4:30pm.  At 5:23pm I was 4 cm, 90% effaced.  Things should start speeding up now!  After this point in the game, details get a little hazy and Jarrod's notes from the hospital are short.  Between 5:23pm and 6:15pm, I snoozed off and on while "That 70's Show" was playing on the TV.  In and out of my haze, I started to feel contractions and pressure again.  I didn't feel the pain of the contractions, but I felt intense pressure that I was having to breathe through.  I buzzed Carol and told her I thought the epidural was wearing off.  THIS was when I learned that I had an epidural pump.  She told me I could push the button and get another dose, which I quickly did. wasn't working like I wanted it to.  It made my left leg completely dead, but I could still feel pressure with each contraction.  Carol said that was normal, that as long as I wasn't feeling pain, it was working.  Considering I wanted to feel nothing, we differed on opinion here.  At 6:22pm, I was dilated 5-6cm and 95% effaced.  I continued to doze in and out of consciousness until about 6:50pm.  It was then that I started to feel intense pressure and some pain again and I felt sick to my stomach.  I knew what was happening, the baby had dropped and it was show time.  HOWEVER, I did not want it to be show time unless my epidural was working properly.  I did NOT want to feel childbirth.  At 6:56pm, I was 9.5cm and 100% effaced.  Upon hearing this, I started to hyperventilate and cry because my epidural was NOT working right.  I could feel pain and intense pressure and I wanted it to go away.  Carol was really nice and got me calmed down and I begged to have another dose of epidural, which I gave myself.  At this point, you could have stuck a knife in my leg and I wouldn't have felt it.  Too bad my left leg couldn't have the baby because I couldn't even tell my leg was attached to my body!  At 7:00pm, Carol called Doctor O, told her it was time and then, it was SHIFT CHANGE!  Lucky me!  About 7:15pm, the new Nurse came in and I have no idea what her name was.  She was really nice though.  She set me up for some practice pushes around 7:20pm and just like with Taylor, after 1 push to a count of 5, she told me the baby was right there and that I should not laugh or cough or she would be delivering our baby.  She put my legs back down and called Dr. O and told her to pick up the pace :-)  Doctor O arrived around 7:30pm and I started pushing.  I pushed three times (I think) and then Doctor O said "stop pushing, this baby is delivering herself".  Doctor O was delivering the head and said "look at this baby's cheeks"!  The Nurse told me to look, I told her I didn't want to and she pushed me up and made me look.  I'm glad she did because I saw our daughter enter the world.  Jarrod also looked this time...she was so big Jarrod thought her head was her torso.  I didn't push anymore and at 7:42pm, Payton Leigh made her grand entrance into the world!  I am pretty sure after I asked if she was ok, I asked if she was a girl.  Jarrod and I kept saying how much she looked like Taylor.  The resemblance really was uncanny.  Doctor O, the Labor Nurse and the Baby Nurse (who was the same Nurse who was Taylor's Baby Nurse) were all betting on Payton's weight.  They kept saying how huge she was even though she looked awfully tiny to me!  Payton was placed on my tummy right away and Jarrod cut the massive umbilical cord.  Doctor O's actual words were "I could tether a boat with this thing" :-)  It was thick and huge.  Payton was definitely well fed while inside of me :-)  After the cord was cut, Payton was taken to the little baby station in my room to be cleaned and weighed.  She weighed 9 pounds, 1.2 ounces and was 22 inches long!  I think both our jaws hit the floor!  I cannot believe I delivered a 9 pound baby that easy!  Payton is a beautiful little baby with lots of light brown hair and blue eyes.  I still can't believe we had a baby with HAIR!  After Payton was cleaned up and given back to me, she nursed for a little bit then we were told we would be moved to our Postpartum room.  I tried to tell the Labor Nurse that my left leg was 100% dead, but she thought I could still pivot on it and into the wheelchair.  BOY WAS SHE WRONG!  The second I put any weight on that leg, I went straight down to the floor!  *sigh*  So, after that little mishap, Jarrod and the Nurse got me in the wheelchair and Payton and I were on our way!  About 10:00 p.m., Payton had her first visitor, her big sister Taylor!  Jarrod held Payton down on Taylor's level and Taylor got a real good look at her little sister.  Grammy and Papa Bowser and Auntie Roxy were the next visitors.  On the 3rd, Uncle Justin, Simon, Courtney and Mike Dancz came to meet our little princess!  We are just thrilled with our new little girl and can't believe what a good and quiet little baby she is!