Princess Taylor - the 1st Season

From birth to 12 months...

Taylor A Few Minutes Old:  Fresh out of the oven!

Taylor and her Proud Papa:  He was speechless, but his smile spoke a million words!

Taylor and Dr. O'Sullivan

Taylor sleeping

Taylor eating:  Doing what she does best!

Taylor sleeping #2

Taylor's nursery picture #1

Taylor's nursery picture #2

Taylor looking pretty

Family Picture:  Getting ready to leave the hospital

Taylor all ready to go home

Taylor in her crib

Taylor and her Daddy

Taylor and her Mommy

Taylor saying "hi" to her Grandmas

Taylor's belly button:  No more umbilical cord!

Bath time:  She really loved this duckie towel!

Chillin after her bath:  Taylor was pooped out after her bath.  She just laid there forever!

Comfy Baby

The Dads and their Babies

Car Seat Pic #1:  taken 2/15/04

Car Seat Pic #2

Taylor & Mom on Valentines Day

Princess T on her due date #1:  taken 2/18/04

Princess T on her due date #2  taken 2/18/04

Taylor with Grandma & Grandpa Bowser

Daddy loves his girl


Baby Boiler:  Watch out Purdue...

Taylor 1 month picture (lace)

Taylor 1 month picture (pink)

Taylor 1 month picture (hat box)

Our little sleepyhead

Taylor sleeping on the quilt her Great Gramma Moore made her

Taylor holding her head up

Taylor smiling

Little Miss Fussy asleep in her swing

Here's another smile  taken 3/12/04

Bath time  3/17/04

Bath time #2  3/17/04

Taylor 7 weeks old

Taylor 7 weeks old

Taylor 7 weeks old

Taylor 8 weeks old  (holding head up)

Taylor 8 weeks old  (lounging around)

Taylor 8 weeks old  (sleeping)

Showing her pearly whites

Aunt Roxy made her laugh...

Taylor and Mommy on Taylor's 1st day of school at Bright Horizons!

Today she learned that her hands can hold cool things like rattles

Holding her rattle #2

All toweled up after her bath

Someone had too much fun at daycare today!  (4/2/04)

Getting ready to go see the Easter Bunny!  (4/3/04)

Taylor's 1st pic with the Easter Bunny 

Our Princess after her shots  (4/5/04)

Taylor meets her Great Gramma Moore for the 1st time  (4/8/04)

Taylor, Mommy, Great Gramma Moore and Great Great Aunt Babe

Taylor meets her Papa Wilson for the 1st time (4/8/04)

Gramma Wilson, Uncle SupermanBatman Luke and Taylor

A very proud Uncle Luke and Miss T

Taylor meets her Uncle Matt for the 1st time (4/9/04)

The Bowser Trio (taken at Jill and John's wedding 4/10/04)

Easter Sunday

Happy Girl

Taylor 11 weeks old

Taylor during a breathing treatment

Taylor 12 weeks (4/22/04) My FAVORITE pic of my FAVORITE girl

Taylor 12 weeks #2

She likes to sleep with her blanket around her head???

My sleeping Bowsers

Taylor 13 weeks #1  Can you find Taylor?

Taylor 13 weeks #2 

Taylor and Simon with Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Bowser 5/7/04

Taylor with Great Grandma Boggs 5/7/04

OOOOH Grandpa pick me pick me!

Taylor and Grandma Bowser - takin a break from the AZ heat!

Four Generations - Taylor's Great Grandma Boggs, Grandma Bowser, Daddy and herself!  5/8/04

Four Generations - Taylor's Great Grandma & Grandpa Bowser, Grandpa Bowser, Daddy and herself!  5/8/04

The Bowser 6

Taylor, Mommy and Daddy 5/7/04

Uncle Justin, Aunt Roxy and Cousin Simon 5/7/04

Eight is Enough! - 5/7/04

Taylor 14 weeks - 5/6/04

Taylor and her purple sunglasses

Strollin to the park

Taylor 15 weeks old

Taylor 15 weeks old #2

Taylor and Mommy - 5/22/04

Taylor 16 weeks old

Taylor 16 weeks old #2

OOOH it's a new toy...a Johnny Jumper! - 5/26/04

She's definitely a morning person...she didn't get that from me!

Taylor 17 weeks - 5/27/04 I love my Johnny Jumper!

Taylor 17 weeks - Bath time

Ready to hit the pool! - 5/30/04

Swimming with daddy #1

Swimming with daddy #2

Swimming with daddy #3

Swimming with mommy

Taylor passed out after swimming

Happy girl on Memorial Day 5/31/04

1st rice cereal from a spoon! - 6/2/04 can you tell she didn't like it?

1st rice cereal #2

What is this thing called a spoon?!

Taylor 18 weeks - 6/3/04 "Meet my friends...Teddy and Bear"

Taylor 18 weeks #2

Taylor loves her friends beary much!!!

MMMMM....carrots!  - 6/6/04

Taylor trying to hold her softball for Grandpa - 6/10/04

Sitting on her "potty seat"

Taylor 20 weeks - 6/18/04

Taylor 20 weeks #2

Taylor 20 weeks #3

Professional Shot #1 - 3.5 months May 2004

Professional Shot #2 - 3.5 months May 2004

Professional Shot #3 - 3.5 months May 2004

Taylor in the pool on Father's Day - 6/20/04

Pool time on Father's Day

Pirate Taylor in her Pirate Whale Floatie

Taylor and her Daddy in the pool on Father's Day

Taylor and Daddy in the pool #2

Taylor 21 weeks

Blowing raspberries

Purdue cheerleader #1 - 6/27/04

Purdue cheerleader #2

Purdue cheerleader #3

Taylor's new toy - an Exersaucer!

"I don't like you staring at me Mr. Giraffe"

"I think I'm going to win the staring contest!"

22 weeks old #1 - 7/1/04

Taylor 22 weeks old - 7/1/04 Standing up tall like a big girl!

Taylor thinks her Daddy is REALLY FUNNY!

Taylor 23 weeks old - 7/8/04

Taylor 23 weeks old #2

Taylor says Aloha!

She's on Island Time

Taylor and Mommy - 7/10/04

Taylor still loves her exersaucer - 7/24/04

"This is my friend Sean...he is SOOOOO funny!" - 7/24/04

Sean tried to teach Taylor how to "Hi-5"

Taylor and Jeanene (Mommy's best friend)

Taylor's friend Sean from CA

Taylor and Sean #1

Taylor and Sean #2

The Moms and their babies

Family Picture - 7/25/04


Sean and his Mommy

Taylor 25 weeks old #2

Taylor sitting all by herself - 7/26/04

Taylor sitting #2

Taylor 25 weeks old

In case you don't recognize the's Taylor! - 7/28/04

In her spare time, she is a professional sleeper

Taylor 26 weeks old

Taylor in her big girl bath seat - 8/8/04 (approx 27 weeks old)

Taylor 28 weeks old

Taylor 28 weeks old #2 - 8/11/04

Taylor 29 weeks old

Taylor 29 weeks old #2 - 8/13/04

Grandma Wilson & Uncle Luke

First trip to the zoo! - 8/14/04 (with Papa & Grandma Wilson & Uncle Luke)


The "fam" at the zoo

Sleepy girl after a busy day at the zoo - we did NOT place her finger like that!

Uncle Luke at the park - 8/15/04

Uncle Luke & Papa Wilson playing baseball at the park

Taylor and Uncle Luke playing

3 generations - Wilson/Wilson-Bowser/Bowser :-)

1st teething biscuit...what a MESS! 

Taylor visiting with her Great Nana Lewis - 8/22/04

Taylor and Uncle Luke - 8/22/04

Taylor's 1st trip to Newport Beach to see the ocean and sand! - 8/22/04

Beach #1

Beach #2

Beach #3

Taylor and her Daddy at the beach

Taylor & Daddy beach #2

Taylor and Luke at the beach

Riding the Merry Go Round at Balboa Island

Taylor and Uncle Luke (again) - 8/23/04

Taylor meets Mommy's friends from her old work in CA (Tom)

Taylor meets Mommy's friends from her old work in CA (Nancy)

Driving home from CA...just teething away!

This is how T wakes up in her crib every morning - sideways and at the foot of the bed!

7 months old #1 (8/29/04)

7 months old #2

Taylor practicing for the 2020 Olympic Softball Team

Trying to make her own web page...

Taylor and Mommy (9/4/04)

Gotta love this outfit!

Taylor in her cute denim overalls

This is what happens when we blow raspberries with a mouthful of sweet potatoes

Taylor in her big girl jammies

7.5 Months

Taylor and Mommy at the 9/11 Memorial (9/11/04)

Taylor and Daddy at the 9/11 Memorial

Ready to go shopping with Mom (9/25/04)

Is it too early to ask Santa for some teeth?

Look how big she is!  Compare this pic to the one up top "Taylor in her crib"

Just woke up...

Princess T and her "wand" (yes, it's a rubber spatula)

Princess T and her loyal subjects

Wonder what that remote goes to?

"If I can't change the channels, I will eat the remote!"

8 months young (9/29/04)

8 months young #2

Trying her hardest to crawl FORWARDS! (10/10/04)

Playing "steamroller" with her stuffed animals (notice how red her knees are)

Trying to crawl is hard work!

Playing her favorite game..."where's Taylor"

When you crawl backwards, you wind up in peculiar places!

Taylor at the Schnepfs Farms Pumpkin Patch (10/23/04)

She thought this pumpkin was a keeper!

Showing Mommy her pumpkin

Riding the Merry Go Round at Schnepfs Farms with Auntie & Cousin Simon

"Daddy I don't like the goats!"

"Now this is more my size!"

She picked her little pumpkin

Taylor & Daddy

Taylor's 1st Halloween - our little pumpkin! (10/31/04)

Taylor's 1st Halloween and Daddy's Birthday!

Taylor & Daddy with the jack-o-lantern

"Look Daddy, Megan has a REAL WAND!"


Taylor crawling to her Mommy  (11/4/04)

Crawling to Mommy #2

Sleeping with her favorite Teddy Bear

She fell asleep sitting up in her crib...notice she tipped forwards over her legs!

Taylor LOVES her new hat and gloves (and coat) from Great Aunt Debbie & Great Uncle Terry

Gloves are FUN STUFF!

Waiting in the airport with Auntie, Uncle Justin and Cousin Simon (11/12/04)

Taylor's 1st airplane trip (to see Grandma & Grandpa Bowser)

Just arrived in Chicago to see G&G Bowser!

Taylor loves her Grandma!

She's ready for a blizzard!

Taylor and Mommy at G&G Bowser's house

Taylor and Daddy at G&G Bowser's house

Family pic in front of Cedar Lake at G&G Bowser's house

Taylor, Simon, Grandma and Grandpa Bowser

Taylor and Mommy at Grandpa's Retirement Party (11/14/04)

Taylor, Mommy, Cousin Jeannie and Cousin Jake

Taylor, Daddy, Cousin Nick and Cousin Jake

Who would have ever thought Nick and Jeannie's wedding would lead to this...

Coming home from Indiana on the airplane

A sneak peak at our family Christmas pictures

A sneak peak at Taylor's Christmas pictures

LOOK!  I can stand up in my pack n play now!

Taylor's 1st trip to see Santa Claus! (11/26/04)

Taylor and Daddy (11/27/04)

10 months old!

Taylor pulling herself up on Daddy's computer (uh oh)

"Cmon this hat really necessary?" (12/4/04)

Standing up with her walker and holding on with one hand!

She's a cheeseball!

Playing on the stairs

Taylor has discovered the Christmas tree

I LOVE this Christmas Tree!!!

"Hmmm, something else I can get into!"

"Can a girl get some juice around here?"

Taylor's new friend, Nathan Yetka (2.5 weeks old) (12/18/04)

This is how Taylor sleeps now.  On her tummy, legs tucked up, bumm in the air!

6:00am and ready for ear surgery! (12/22/04)

Christmas Eve, going to dinner

All bundled up to look at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in front of the tree

Santa's first delivery to our house!  (12/25/04)

Daddy and Taylor on Christmas morning

Taylor looking at what Santa left for her

"Santa brought me binkies!"

Taylor on her rocking horse with her binkies

"How did Santa know I love books?!"

Our first family Christmas morning photo

"What am I supposed to do with all these wrapped boxes?"

Taylor and her Caterpillar book from Mommy and Daddy

"OOOOH...Lilly sings and talks to me!"

Taylor opening presents

Taylor and Simon playing with presents

"I want to play with her!"

Taylor in her new playroom (12/28/04)

Does life get any better than this?

Just being silly

Playing in her room

Here is a preview of her 1-year pictures "ensemble"


That completes Season One!