Princess Taylor - the 2nd Season

From One Year to...


Clapping when Mickey Mouse came onto the ice

Watching Nemo with Auntie

Her eyes were glued to the show (most of the time)

Mommy and Taylor at Nemo

Waiting for Nemo to start

Checking out their seats at Nemo on Ice (1/28/06)

Wearing her favorite Mickey Mouse sweater

VIDEO:  She thought Uncle Luke was silly (1/23/06)

Secretly reformatting Mommy's hard drive (1/22/06)

Taking a break with Daddy

A girl on a mission

Taylor and Amelia scooping the purple ice

Taylor scooping purple ice

Taylor, Amelia and Lindsay playing in a water activity

Taking a break

Taylor and Amelia playing at one of the ice activity stations

Taylor's friend Amelia on the snow mountain with her Daddy

Taylor and Daddy going down the snow mountain at daycare (1/21/06)

11pm on 1/19/06...her first night in the big girl bed

Not quite sure how to get off the bed...

Making sure the guard rail works

VIDEO:  Testing out her new bed

Taylor on her new big girl bed reading a book

Just a few more turns...

Figuring out if she needs a flat head or a phillips

Taylor helping Mommy and Daddy put her big girl bed together! (1/19/06)

Playing with her doll house (blankie and back up blankie close by)

The ONLY thing she will sit still for is Shrek or Wiggles! (1/18/16)

Cousin Amy trying to break the Wiggles concentration

Vacuuming the kitchen floor for mommy

Wild child

Taylor's Godmother, Amy, Pastor Holm, Mommy, Taylor and Daddy

Taylor and Mommy after the baptism

Pastor anointing Taylor with the sign of the cross

Receiving a blessing up at the front of the church

Happy to be baptized

Taylor being baptized (you can barely see her head by my right arm)

Pastor Holm pouring water into the baptismal font

Eating goldfish in Church

Taylor, Mommy and her Godmother, Amy (good pic even with closed eyes)

Close up of the three of us

The three of us in front of Church

The back of Taylor's baptism dress

Taylor in her baptism dress (standing on the counter is not the 'norm') 1/8/06

Big hugs for Cousin Amy!

Taylor with Daddy and Cousin Amy at dinner (1/7/06)

Even Cousin Amy can't resist the Wiggles quack song!

Taylor dancing along to the Wiggles "quack quack, cock a doodle do" song (1/6/06)

She climbed into Daddy's chair all by herself! (1/5/06)

A dream come true...the WIGGLES!

She had to drink out of the Princess goblet for the rest of the evening

Twist and Shout Elmo is the BEST!

Holy smokies...a piano!

Opening presents in the evening

Simon loved the Princess Bike

The Dynamic Duo tearing down Woodburne Drive on their new modes of transportation

Taylor taking a juice break while Mommy smiles with Funshine Bear

Tearing off the wrapping paper

YIPPEE!  A silly parts talking Elmo!

Check out the Cinderella shoes from Grammy and Papa Bowser

Handing out presents in the afternoon

Santa just couldn't eat ALL the cookies that Taylor left out

Putting her Hello Kitty chapstick in her purse

Riding her new bike

Santa left Taylor a Princess Trike!

Checking out the purse that Santa left

Santa came to visit Taylor!  (12/25/05)

Taylor and Daddy on Christmas Eve

Taylor and Mommy on Christmas Eve

All dressed up and ready to go to church on Christmas Eve

The presents were driving her crazy! (Just like her mommy lol)

Brushing her teeth on this fine Christmas Eve

Happy girl with cute pigtails

Another family shot in front of the tree

Family shot in front of the Christmas tree

Her curiosity has been sparked!

Taylor and Daddy at our Christmas party

Taylor and Mommy again

Taylor and Mommy at our Christmas party (12/17/05)

She can't WAIT until Christmas!

Marking off the days until Santa comes (12/12/05) Look at all her curls!

Enjoying her Wiggles DVD

How could I say "no" to an animal cookie when she looks like this? (12/5/05)

Riding the train with Daddy, Auntie and Simon at Nate's party

Taylor's buddy Nathan eating a cupcake at his 1st birthday party

Checking out Mommy and Daddy's tree decorating skills (12/3/05)

Visiting with Santa (12/2/05)

Taylor's Christmas picture 2005 #3

Taylor's Christmas picture 2005 #2

Taylor's Christmas picture 2005 #1

Family Christmas 2005 picture

Taylor's Fall school picture - Toddler One

Mommy and Taylor on the train

Taylor and Papa still on the merry-go-round

Taylor and Papa on the merry-go-round

Uncle Luke boxing

Taylor and Daddy on the merry-go-round (she rode this thing 4 times)

Taylor riding the Flinstones mobile

Uncle Luke on the bumper cars #2

Uncle Luke on the bumper cars #1

Taylor and Daddy riding the train

Nana and Taylor at Amazing Jakes

All ready in her Team Princess velour jogging suit! (11/26/05)

The parents and their kids

Our family

Three generations

Mommy with Uncle Matt and Uncle Luke

The Wilson Family take 2 (blonde bomber trying to escape)

The Wilson Family 2005 (ALL OF US! 11/26/05)

Our family at Zoo Lights

Uncle Luke taming the ferocious dragon

Riding the merry-go-round at Zoo Lights

The Dynamic Duo at dinner before Zoo Lights

Taylor and Uncle Luke brave the slide together

Just checking things out at the park

Taylor and Uncle Luke ready to go to the park (11/25/05)

I think Uncle Luke needs a bigger horse!

Uncle Justin and Mommy wishing for 1 million dollars

Nana with a sold out crowd for storytime

The Thanksgiving Feast part 2

The Thanksgiving Feast part 1

Uncle Luke showing off his reading skills to an eager audience (11/24/05)

The shirt says it all...

Little Miss Diva in her hot pink leopard pants (11/19/05)

A great big Halloween Hug to end the night of trick-or-treating madness!

"Simon missed this Tootsie Roll"

Taylor helping Simon sort candy

Simon deciding on Reeses or KitKat

Handing her bag of candy over to Mommy

Taylor taking a break after trick or treating

Simon taking a break after trick or treating

My little butterfly with her candy bag and glow stick

These are two kids on a mission for some candy!

AND THEY'RE opposite directions

Glow sticks to guide the way...

Hanging out with Daddy and Cousin Simon...waiting for the fun to begin

All dressed up and ready to TRICK OR TREAT! (10/31/05)

Passed out on the drive home from Aunt Babe's birthday weekend (10/30/05)

Taylor and her cousin Jake

Taylor with her "Granties" (Great Aunts)

Taylor and Aunt Debbie bonding over a package of hot dogs

Taylor, Mommy and Aunt Babe (not the greatest pic of Mommy, but oh well)

Checking out her goody bag from the scavenger hunt

Taylor listening intently to the scavenger hunt directions

More of T and Uncle Vampire

Taylor & Uncle Luke horsing around at Aunt Babe's birthday party (10/29/05)

Taylor and Mommy on the porch swing at Aunt Kathy's house

Cousin Jake showing T some love!

Taylor admiring her Cousin Jake

Enjoying the sunset at Aunt Kathy's house

Trying to peek over the side of the tree house

Up in the tree house with Aunt Kathy and Cousin Jake

Taylor with Aunt Kathy's dog, Calvary

Trying her hardest to get close to that darn chicken!

Taylor and Aunt Debbie chasing "Ethel" the chicken at Aunt Kathy's house (10/28/05)

Taylor playing dress up in Mommy's shoes (10/23/05)

The whole family lost in the pumpkin patch

Justin, Roxy and Simon at Schnepf Farms

Our family at Schnepf Farms

More pumpkin searching

Taylor having fun with the UP-KINS

Taylor and Daddy looking for the perfect pumpkin

More on the horse...

Ride-em Cowgirl!

Definitely digging the horsie ride

Schnepf Farms - Wondering why Mommy put her on the horsie (10/22/05)

She thinks she lives in Hollywood

Taylor watching the Orange County Lionettes softball team (10/16/05)



Swinging with her swim friends

Pool swings are the best!

My little dolphin

Last swim lesson #2

Walking to her last swim lesson of the summer (10/1/05)

Taylor and Mommy (9/24/05)

Caught red-handed emptying her drawers

A girl cannot have too many blankies! (9/22/05)

Taylor does NOT like to wait for the tub to fill up! (9/21/05)

My big girl brushing her teeth before bed

Taylor playing "dress up" - no comments from the peanut gallery! (9/20/05)

Riding in Chuck E Cheese's car

Taylor and Kenna at Chuck E Cheese

Group shot...Lisa, Blake, Makenna, Me and Taylor

Taylor and Lisa

Eating lunch on this fine 100 degree day

Taylor, Kenna and Mommy on the slide

Taylor and Mommy on the big kid slide

The cyber twins swinging at the park (9/18/05)

The tail end of a Taylor/Kenna hug.  I missed it!

Taylor opening her present from Kenna (1st 100 Words Book)

Taylor and Kenna horsing around...getting to know each other

Taylor and Makenna meet for the 1st time! (9/17/05)

Taylor and Miss Liz (her 1st Infant Teacher) on Miss Liz's last day at Bright Horizons (9/12/05)

Learning to jump in with a life vest

Learning to float with a life vest

Swim lesson #3 - Just T and Daddy (9/10/05)

Giving her baby a bottle of juice (wink wink)

Feeding one of her babies

Eating one of her favorite meals (spaghetti) in her big girl booster seat (9/8/05)

I think she is excited about her new big girl potty seat!  (9/6/05)

Another Halloween sneak peak

Taylor is going to be a butterfly this year for Halloween! (9/5/05)

2nd swim lesson - waiting for class to start

Good students arrive to class early so they have the WHOLE pool to themselves!  (8/27/05)

We told her it was time for swim lessons and away she went to the front door!  "Weeming" she calls it!

My little bathing beauty after swim lessons

Sitting on the wall ready to jump in to Daddy

1  2  3...JUMP!

More fun in the water

Daddy and Taylor getting ready for the Hokie Pokie

Playing "motor boat motor boat" with all the other kids

More gliding on her tummy

"Wheeeeeeee" - Gliding in the water on her tummy!

Just getting used to the water with Daddy

Not too sure about this whole "swimming" thing...

Taylor is in the water for her 1st swim lesson

Getting a little closer to the pool with Daddy

Daddy providing some reassurance on Taylor's 1st day of swim lessons (8/20/05)

After feeding herself spaghetti...(8/3/04)

Taylor and Daddy at Buca's

Roxy, Justin and Simon at Buca Di Beppos (7/31/05)

NEW - 18 month pic - white background #4

NEW - 18 month pic - white background #3

NEW - 18 month pic - white background #2

NEW - 18 month pic - white background #1

NEW - 18 month pic - brown background #4

NEW - 18 month pic - brown background #3

NEW - 18 month pic - brown background #2

NEW - 18 month pic - brown background #1

NEW - 18 month pic - black background #4

NEW - 18 month pic - black background #3

NEW - 18 month pic - black background #2

NEW - 18 month pic - black background #1

Taylor all dressed for her 18 month pictures (7/30/05)

Reading with Daddy (two lounge lizards) 7/27/05

Playing dress up in her fairy tutu #3

Playing dress up in her fairy tutu #2

Playing dress up in her fairy tutu #1 (7/24/05)

Taylor's 1st Big Girl BOW!

Princess with her BIG GIRL BOW playing with her Care Bear phone (7/20/05)

Big girl doesn't let Mommy or Daddy feed her anymore! (7/17/05)

Pushing Baby all around the house

Taylor's new toy...a stroller for her baby! (7/16/05)

Taylor at the park, avoiding the water sprinklers at all cost (7/10/05)

Taylor's 1st big girl pigtail (7/9/05)

Taylor and her 1st fireworks show!

Taylor and Mommy waiting for fireworks to start (7/3/05)

Time for some extra shade!

Good times in a pint sized pool

Playing with the toss rings in her elephant pool

Cruising in her whale floatie, working on her tan

Her elephant pool squirts water from the tail...she loved it!

Taylor and Daddy in the pool (7/3/05)

A tired girl on the big swing at Chuck-E-Cheese

Taylor driving with Chuck-E-Cheese

Still riding rides...

Riding rides at Chuck-E-Cheese

Playing games with Daddy

Mommy and Taylor riding the bus

Trapped in Chuck-E-Cheese's schoolhouse

Going down the Chuck-E-Cheese slide

Cruising in a convertible with a crazy rabbit!

Taylor's new friend Bob the Builder

Riding Bob The Builder's Tractor

Enjoying some french fries at Chuck-E-Cheese (7/2/05)

The world stops when the Wiggles are on TV!

Cowgirl Taylor on her horsie

Fingers make great teething toys!

Taylor on her 17 month birthday

I'm sensing a promotion from Diva to Princess in the near future!

The Diva in mommy's sunglasses with the phone (6/20/05)

Pint Sized Princess #2 (ignore the knife block behind her please)

Pint Sized Princess #1 (6/17/05)

Princess loves her bananas (or "nanas" as she calls them)

All dressed and ready for water play at daycare! (6/15/05)

Good times with Grammy

Taylor playing with Grammy at Grammy's house in ARIZONA!

This is what she does when you say "close your eyes" (6/14/05)

Chasing her ball at the park

Throwing the ball to Mommy

There goes the Slide-A-Holic

She went down the slide at least 15 times!

Pondering life at the top of the slide

Swinging at the park (6/12/05)

WHOA...Grandpa Bpwser's chair is making us sleeeeeepy

WHEEE!  Grandpa Bowser's chair is FUNNNNN! (6/11/05)

Taylor's current obsession...putting on our shoes

The Lounge Lizard (she loved that seat!) and Mr. Nathan trying to tickle her toes

She climbed in Nathan's bouncy seat when I wasn't looking!

Taylor and her buddy Nathan (5/29/05)

Not a fan of the pool just yet...

Daddy trying to convince Taylor that the pool is FUN!

1st dip in the pool in 2005! (5/28/05)

My little bath junkie!

Taylor sporting her palm tree "tattoo" at the daycare Luau (5/26/05)

This is what her hair does in the back now...she has a constant "flip"

Just cruising around in her Princess PJ's

Taylor took a "header" off the chair at the Dr's Office (5/25/05)

Reading the ingredients on the lotion bottle

Just looking cute on this fine Monday (5/16/05)

Daddy isn't looking...time to play with the remote

Reading is so much fun she can do it upside down!

Reading about Frosty the Snowman (can you tell she LOVES books?)

Getting a new book to read

Reading Sleepytime Farm A G A I N

Taylor is eyeballing her book cubby

Taylor sporting her new purse from Janet (Nana Wilson's sister)

Busy girl walking towards Mommy

I think she is calling her Cousin Simon to see if he can play

The phone is ringing...must be one of her boyfriends!

I just love the look on her face here...she looks so grown up!

Taylor reading her favorite book...Sleepytime Farm

"Flying" with Daddy...

CHEESE!  I'm 15.5 months old now!

Giving her lamb a great big HUG

Taylor looking cute on her 15.5 month birthday! (5/14/05)

"Mommy!  I'm trying to read!  Stop taking pictures!"

Reading on the way home from California (yes, it's upside down)

Family Photo at Disneyland with Walt and Mickey

Taylor, Mommy and Daddy at Disneyland

Taylor in Minnie's kitchen

Taylor LOVED the inside of Minnie's house!

Taylor, Mommy and Minnie Mouse

She wasn't too sure what to think about Minnie

Taylor meeting Minnie Mouse

Uncle Luke with the dinosaur bones on Big Thunder Mountain

Taylor passed out from exhaustion about half way through the day

Looking at all the stuff inside It's a Small World (she was overwhelmed!)

Break time - kisses from Mommy!

Outside It's a Small World with Daddy

Uncle Luke driving Mommy in the cars

Daddy and Taylor flying with Dumbo!

Nana and Uncle Luke on Dumbo

Daddy and Taylor on Dumbo again

Daddy and Taylor on Dumbo

My big girl on her horsie!

Mommy and Uncle Luke (Merry-Go-Round)

Daddy and Taylor (Merry-Go-Round)

Taylor on the Merry-Go-Round

Uncle Luke on the Merry-Go-Round

Taylor didn't want to try to pull the sword out...

Taylor and Mommy outside of Cinderella's Castle

Taylor with Mommy & Daddy at the entrance of Disneyland

Taylor's 1st trip to Disneyland!  (4/25/05)

On the tram heading to Disneyland!

"I love jumping on the bed with my Uncle Luke!"

Uncle Luke taught Taylor how to jump on the bed!

Taylor and her Uncle Luke (can you tell she adores him)?

Mommy and Daddy at a wedding in Huntington Beach (4/23/05)

I can't get enough pictures of the barrette in her hair, can you tell I am excited?

Taylor loves to be admired by her Daddy

I did not glue the barrette to her is actually CLIPPED on her hair!  :-)

Evidence that I have succeeded in getting a barrette to STAY in Taylor's hair!  (4/16/05)

Taylor looking pretty

"Go Horsie Go!"

"Mommy, I want my nails done now please" (4/12/05)

There she goes...she is walking more and more each day! (4/11/05)

"Yeah, clap for me!"

This is the face of a girl on a mission!  (Actually, it's kind of a crazed look, don't you think?)

This is what our playroom looks like at the end of each day (note how empty the shelves are)

Taylor and her Grandpa Bowser - he was protecting her from Sammy (black lab - wouldn't harm a fly)

Taylor showing her best "I don't waaaaaaannnnna" face

One of these days I will remember that I can't leave her alone...

Taylor's visit with the Easter Bunny

Taylor all done with her Easter baskets

Taylor reading her Easter book from Great Aunt Debbie

This is the look the Little Princess gave me when I tried to help her get the Little People out of the tube

Taylor's Easter basket from the Easter Bunny...he left her a tube of Fisher Price Little People...her favorite!

Opening her Easter basket from Great Aunt Kathy

Taylor thought her Easter duck from Great Aunt Debbie was too funny! (3/27/05)

I think this is a recipe for disaster!  (3/26/05)

Time to buy another pack of cabinet locks... (3/14/05)

Once again, I turned my back for a minute

The Big Helper...helping Mommy unload the dishwasher (3/14/05)

It was too quiet while I was upstairs... (3/13/05)

Still swinging...

She loves to swing

Good times swinging at the park

Taylor is SO happy to be swinging in the sunshine!

Taylor & Simon swinging at the park (3/13/05)

Waiting at the car wash with Daddy

Taylor in her b-day outfit from Grammy Bowser (3/12/05)

All strapped in and no place to go!

Taylor in her "little girl" jammies. 

Taylor loves to play with Daddy's shoes!

Look how tall Taylor is getting! (3/9/05)

This is her "innocent" look!

Check out Taylor's teeth!

BIG TALL GIRL!  Standing all by herself!

"I like this card from Cousin Amy"

Opening birthday presents from Cousin Amy (her flight was cancelled on T's birthday)

Taylor's favorite thing to do (open & close the cabinets)

She possesses a talent like no other...

Daddy gave Taylor a Care Bear card

Taylor & Daddy on Valentine's Day with her Lily (2/14/05)

Taylor's official 1-year shots #1

Taylor's official 1-year shots #2

Taylor's official 1-year shots #3

Taylor's official 1-year shots #4

Taylor's official 1-year shots #5

Taylor's official 1-year shots #6

Taylor's official 1-year shots #7

Taylor's official 1-year shots #8

Taylor's official 1-year shots #9

Practicing her walking with Daddy

Taylor's newest buddy, Nathan Yetka

Ahhhh...cheerios to the rescue

Can a girl get some food around here?

Taylor carried this balloon around with her ALL day today...

Taylor and Uncle Luke (she LOVES her Uncle Luke)!

Taylor and Daddy at the park 1/30/05

Taylor and her new cheesy smile

Taylor practicing her walking

Taylor and Mommy again

Taylor and Mommy after the birthday party (this is her new "cheesy" smile)

Opening presents #4

Opening presents #3

Opening presents #2

Opening presents #1

Taylor, Mommy and Daddy on Taylor's Birthday

Destroying the cake with a spoon

Liking the cake a little bit more...

She did NOT like her cake!

Taylor "tasting" birthday cake

Taylor's birthday cake

Taylor & Simon at T's Birthday Party

The Birthday Princess and her new wand!  1/29/05

The Birthday Girl