Princess Taylor - the 3rd Season

Age Two and beyond...

Taylor taking a bath (1/14/07)

Helping Mommy wash bottles (1/8/07)

Taylor playing on the floor (1/6/07)

This is what happens when you smell markers (1/1/07)

Lost in a sea of stuffed animals

There she is!

Can you find Taylor?  (12/30/06)

"Where's my Prince Charming"?  (12/29/06)

The Little Mommy (12/26/06)

Keeping up with her personal hygiene (12/15/06)

Taylor doing her Advent calendar with Daddy (12/8/06)

Checking out the Christmas snow globe (11/30/06)

Taylor's bubble hat and bubble sweater

Taylor's bubble beard "just like Papa Wilson" (11/21/06)

Happy Birthday Daddy!

More trick-or-treating


Making sure the candy goes in her bag

Away she goes!

Ready with bags and glowsticks

Another shot of the cowgirl

Taylor and Simon on Halloween

Our Cowgirl on Halloween (10/31/06)

The finished product!

Strategically placing each sprinkle...

Adding sprinkles to Daddy's cake (10/30/06)

All done wrapping Daddy's present!

Applying 20 pieces of tape to the present

Wrapping Daddy's present all by herself

Mixing is fun!

Ready to add the OIYAH to the cake

Making Daddy's birthday cake (10/29/06)

Taylor's Halloween pumpkins 2006

Taylor and her painted pumpkin

JB concentrating on his pumpkin carving

Apparently it's more fun to paint her feet

Checking out the inside of a pumpkin

More pumpkin painting

Painting her pumpkin

Taylor in her Halloween outfit (10/28/06)

Thank goodness Payton hadn't arrived yet...(10/26/06)

Ta Da!  Pumpkin peeps decorated by Taylor!

Tasting her creation

This is FUN!

More peep decorating

Taking a sneak taste of the frosting

Decorating pumpkin peeps (10/24/06)

The official Pumpkin Patch photo

I'm outta here Daddy!

The two year old and the one with an MBA trying to figure out how to get out

Going through the hay maze with Daddy

Checking out the cow with Daddy

Decorating her pumpkin with Daddy

How tall this fall?

I think I found the perfect pumpkin!

Riding a tractor

Taking a break from pumpkin searching

Searching for the perfect pumpkin

Pumpkin Patch 2006 - Mommy this pumpkin is BIG! (10/20/06)

Ice cream cones are fun!

1st ice cream cone

Can you feel her excitement?

So excited about riding the train by herself!

Happy girl on the train

Playing the Bug Stomp game

Riding the Merry Go Round at Amazing Jakes with Daddy (9/30/06)

Taylor's door

Payton's door

This used to be our office and a storage room lol...

Running at the park

Climbing up the arched ladder


More slide action

Slide action

Playing at the park on top of the climber (9/24/06)

Taylor and her pink boots

The "cheese" smile with the boots

Every girl needs a pair of pink cowgirl boots!

The "cheese" smile (9/23/06)

Taylor at gymnastics on the mat

Taylor at gymnastics on the balance beam

Taylor at gymnastics on the trampoline (9/22/06)

Taylor and Sean sitting for a brief moment in time...

Taylor and Sean saying CHEEEEESE before dinner

My best friend Jeanene with her daughter Haley

Taylor with her baby shower gift from Michelle

OH BOY!  It's a Dora dinner set!

Taylor opening her baby shower gift from Cousin Amy and Aunt Debbie

Taylor with her baby shower gift from Auntie Roxy and Uncle Justin (9/16/06)

Taylor and Sean watching the ducks waddle by

Taylor and Haley (9/14/06)

The bouncing birthday group

More on the bounce slide

Going down the bounce slide

Time for a quick "cheeeeeese" to the camera

The bounce Queen - she had a blast!

Taylor bouncing away

Climbing on the bouncer at Jordan's B-day party (9/9/06)

Walking her fake dog in her princess shoes (8/20/06)

Pretty in Hot Pink (8/19/06)

Our little spaghetti chef

Helping Daddy make dinner (8/17/06)

Two peas in a pod (8/12/06)

She wants a picture every time we do a "pony" in her hair (8/11/06)

Sliding into the pool is FUN!

Swimming after school (8/7/06)

Vacuuming in her dress up shoes (8/5/06)

Taylor and Mommy on Mommy's 29th Birthday (8/4/06)

Playing at Chuck-E-Cheese (7/28/06)

Miss America at 2.5 yrs old

Taylor at 2 years, 6 months old

1st time in big girl undies

Taylor in her Elmo big girl undies (7/23/06)

Close up...say cheeeeese

Taylor looking pretty in her new outfit from G.G. Aunt Babe (7/22/06)

Caught sleeping in front of her gate on the floor again (she laid out wipes to put her head on) 7/19/06

Taylor, Papa Wilson and Uncle Luke still dancing

Taylor dancing with Cousin Chris

The dollar dance with Cousin Chris

Wishing so hard that she was one of the "big girls"

Getting her "groove on"

Waiting patiently for the dance floor to open up

Taylor dancing with Daddy

Posing for a picture by a rock fountain

Taylor, Mommy, Daddy and a big ole belly (baby Payton)

Taylor and Uncle Matt

Taylor, Papa Wilson and Daddy

Taylor relaxing before the reception

Taylor and Uncle Luke before Cousin Chris' wedding (7/14/06)

Taylor, G.G. Aunt Babe and Mommy

Taylor and Great Great Aunt Babe (7/14/06)

Eating a lemon (yes she likes it) 7/13/06

Taylor and Amelia loosing steam, but still watching

Taylor and Amelia getting better fireworks seats

Taylor and Daddy watching fireworks

The family on the 4th of July

9:00pm and waiting for fireworks!

Relaxing in her pool

Baby Aidan getting in on the pool action

The slide INTO the pool was a GREAT idea!

Miss Amelia in the beloved whale floatie

Taylor floating on the raft

Taylor's friend Amelia floating on the raft

4th of July pool fun

Having fun on the 4th of July

She fell asleep at her door (7/3/06)

More dress up in Mommy's veil

Taylor in Mommy's veil (6/19/06)

Little Miss Thang in her Cinderella dress up shoes (6/19/06)

Taylor and Daddy (6/10/06)

All done with her 1st swim lesson of 2006

Swim lessons #4

Swim lessons #3

Swim lessons #2

Swim lessons with Daddy (6/10/06)

Crazy hair after a bath (6/6/06)

Very proud of her pink pony, pink shirt, pink shoes and belt (5/27/06)

VIDEO:  Bounce house fun

More fun in the bounce house

Jumping in the bounce house at school (5/25/06)

Watching the Wiggles

She got stuck trying to undress herself to get in the tub (5/14/06)

So proud of her 1st "belt" - just like Daddy (but Daddy's isn't pink) (5/6/06)

It's a stare-off

VIDEO:  Taylor dancing at the Wiggles (4/29/06)

Daddy helping Taylor see the last of the Wiggles

It's blurry, but it's the WIGGLES!

She clapped and danced for over an hour!

All the "cool" kids had these light wands at the Wiggles concert (4/26/06)

Taylor is happy to be home from vacation and in her own bed! (4/19/06)

"Here comes me!"

VIDEO:  Taylor and Uncle Luke jumping off the bed

Taylor just trying to fit in with the boys (4/17/06)

Easter - Daddy, Mommy, Taylor, Uncle Matt and "BOZZIE"

Easter - Taylor, Uncle Matt and "BOZZIE" (Boz)

Easter - Taylor and Uncle Luke relaxing after Easter brunch

Easter - Checking out her Easter goodies from Nana, Papa, Uncle Luke and Uncle Matt

Easter - Happy girl on Easter morning

Easter - More basket action

Easter - Taylor checking out her basket

Easter - Taylor found the Easter basket that the Easter Bunny left! (4/16/06)

Sea World - Taylor, Daddy and a Clydesdale Horse

Sea World - Taylor, Uncle Luke and Nana

Sea World - Daddy don't let the shark teeth get me!

Sea World - More Sharks

Sea World - Sharks

Sea World - Taylor, Uncle Luke and Papa

Sea World - Shamu

Sea World - Daddy and Taylor watching the rest of the Dolphin Show from afar

Sea World - The beginning (and end for us) of the Dolphin Show

Sea World - Daddy and Taylor waiting for the Dolphin Show

Sea World - Mommy and Taylor waiting for the Dolphin Show in the SOAK ZONE

Sea World - Taylor, Luke and Daddy with the Penguins

Sea World - Penguin

Sea World - Taylor with a Penguin

Sea World - Who needs a stroller when you have Uncle Luke!

Sea World - Taylor checking out the small dolphins

Sea World - Crazy Uncle Luke and Taylor

Sea World - Luke showing Taylor the Atlantis ride

Sea World - The entire "gang" (4/15/06)

USS Midway - Blonde Bomber

USS Midway - Taylor thinking she is a pilot

USS Midway - Daddy and Taylor in ejection seats

USS Midway - Taylor and Daddy next to a jet

USS Midway - Taylor driving away with a jet

USS Midway - Daddy and Taylor at the edge of the Flight Deck

USS Midway - Daddy checking out all the jets

USS Midway - Taylor and Mommy next to a plane on the Flight Deck

The U.S.S. Midway

USS Midway - Taylor and Daddy by the U.S.S. Midway

S.D. Zoo - Wiped out after the zoo

S.D. Zoo - Taylor's favorite, two Hippos under the water

S.D. Zoo - Taylor and Mommy on the aerial tram

S.D. Zoo - Polar Bear

S.D. Zoo - Taylor with more Flamingos

S.D. Zoo - Mommy Panda sleeping on a rock

S.D. Zoo - Baby Panda sleeping in a tree

S.D. Zoo - Sleeping Sun Bear

S.D. Zoo - Taylor with the Sun Bear

S.D. Zoo - Checking out the Orangutang (4/14/06)

Wild Animal Park - T and Mommy

Wild Animal Park - T and Mommy

Wild Animal Park - The tram ride was apparently boring :-)

Wild Animal Park - Lots of Giraffe

Wild Animal Park - Rhinos up close

Wild Animal Park - Rhinocerous

Wild Animal Park - Tiger (they said this Tiger is NEVER out)

Wild Animal Park - Elephant

Wild Animal Park - Happy on the tram ride

Wild Animal Park - Eating her favorite lunch

Wild Animal Park - More Giraffe

Wild Animal Park - The highlight of her trip!

Wild Animal Park - T and Daddy feeding a "RAFF"

Wild Animal Park - Giraffe up close

Wild Animal Park - T with more Flamingos

Wild Animal Park - T with more "Rillas"

Wild Animal Park - T with Daddy and the "Rillas"

Wild Animal Park - Feeding the ducks with Daddy

Wild Animal Park - Flamingos (4/13/06)

Taylor thought the seagull from Nemo went to San Diego with us

Pit Stop on the way to San Diego (4/12/06)

Taylor bunny foo foo

Simon bunny foo foo (4/7/06)

Taylor and Mommy (3/24/06)

Taylor's BIG NEWS!

More fun in the bathtub

Playing in the bathtub (3/19/06)

VIDEO:  Singing her ABC's (turn up the volume!)

She had places to go and people to see!

Working very hard on Papa Wilson's birthday card (3/11/06)

VIDEO:  Just chattering away.  She likes to look at the pictures on the computer (the screensaver flashes all my pics) and she points out everybody! (3/2/06)

Vacuuming with Mommy (2/23/06)

Apparently Elmo wasn't "listening" (2/19/06)

More fun at Gymboree

Spinning around in a big parachute

Trying to catch bubbles

Sitting at the birthday table

Crawling through a colorful tunnel

The Blonde Duo in action

Playing with the birthday girl and another friend

Climbing on all the cool climbers at Gymboree

Running around playing the maracas

Taylor at Amelia's b-day party at Gymboree (2/18/06)

Taylor with her V-Day flowers from Daddy

Relaxing at the park

Taylor enjoying Simon's birthday cake

Sitting at the picnic table with Simon at his birthday party (2/5/06)

2 year picture #8

2 year picture #7

2 year picture #6

2 year picture #5

2 year picture #4

2 year picture #3

2 year picture #2

2 year picture #1

Little Miss Diva with her new hair-do

VIDEO:  All done with the haircut (time for a prize)!

The stylist put her hair in pigtails with ribbon

All done!  We have finished the 1st haircut!

Watching a movie during her haircut

Trimming the baby mullet

The 1st snip of her hair!

"Mommy, help me!  What is she doing?"

First haircut!  Spraying her hair with water (2/3/06)

Taylor loved her necklace from Nana, Papa and Uncle Luke

Opening her present from Nana, Papa and Uncle Luke

Stomping on bubble wrap (1/30/06)

VIDEO:  Stomping on bubble wrap (and getting too close to the pool)

VIDEO:  Going down the slide

Ready to go shopping with her purse and Cinderella shoes

Relaxing after her birthday party

More presents...what a lucky girl

Opening presents on her TAYLOR chair

Family pic...she was really tired at this point

Singing Happy Birthday

Taste-testing her cake

Testing out her slide

Taylor's present from Mommy and Daddy...a slide!

Taylor and Daddy watching the party from afar

Taylor's Wiggles cake

Taylor and Mommy

Taylor in her birthday outfit (we really don't stand on the counter often) (1/29/06)