Princess Taylor - the 4th Season

Age Three and beyond...

Taylor with a baby in her tummy (1/27/08)

More Taytterfly

Taylor the butterfly (1/24/08)

She loves playing with those Princess dolls

Playing Princesses with Daddy (1/10/08)

Playing "make-up" (check out the green eye shadow lol)

Vanity fun - powder puff

Vanity fun - combing her hair (12/27/07)

Trying out her new vanity (12/25/07)

Seriously, who can sleep on the night that Santa is supposed to come!?

Taylor in her Christmas jammies ready for Santa (12/24/07)

Taylor and Payton driving Amelia's jeep

Taylor and Amelia driving Amelia's jeep

Silly, silly girls

Taylor and Amelia exchanging Christmas presents

Taylor and Amelia

Taylor and her best buddy, Amelia (12/23/07)

Very excited about her Christmas "dress" (aka: nightgown)

Taylor opening her Christmas jammies from Great Aunt Debbie (12/16/07)

Taylor ready to go see the Nutcracker

Taylor all decked out for the Nutcracker (12/7/07)

This is why they call her "Hollywood" at school (12/7/07)

She had had enough of the papparazzi!

Nooooot real interested in singing songs with her class lol

Taylor in her Sunday School Advent Play (12/2/07) she refused to wear the sheep hat

Taylor & Uncle Luke (11/23/07)

Helping Mommy make stuffed celery (11/21/07)

Taylor sporting her clip on dangle earrings (11/16/07)

Sleeping with her doll in matching jammies (those were P's jammies from last year) (11/11/07)

Just a typical Taylor smile for the camera (11/5/07)

A sneak peek at the Ariel Halloween costume

Ready for Sunday School in her Halloween dress (10/28/07)

Enjoying an apple while playing computer games (10/27/07)

Pretty girl ready for church in her "fall" dress (10/21/07)

In Taylor's Pre-School room at the Fall Festival (that's her art on the bottom right) (10/19/07)

Taylor put this washcloth over her face and said "HAHA I'm Papa Wilson" (10/18/07)

The first time Taylor wrote her entire first name (10/17/07)

Taylor was so excited that AJ was letting her pet him! (10/14/07)

A sneak peak at Taylor's Christmas "Princess" dress (10/8/07)

Chef Taylor (9/23/07)

Taylor spelled her name all by herself on the fridge (9/9/07)

Sleeping with her "ni-night" (8/17/07)

Taylor enjoying a hot dog at the Bright Horizons luau (8/10/07)

Taylor's Pre-School room #4

Taylor's favorite part of Pre-School

Taylor's Pre-School room #3

Taylor's Pre-School room #2 (the middle pic in the middle column is T's).

Taylor's Pre-School room (8/10/07)

Bouncing down the hall

The bouncer in motion

Taylor on her Dora bouncing ball from Mikey and Coco (7/21/07)

Playing Dora games on the computer (no that's not her wine glass) (7/15/07)

Taylor helping grate cheese for dinner (7/8/07)

Princess Taylor Aurora

Taylor in her new Princess Aurora dress (7/6/07)

Taylor's painted face

Miss Kelly did face painting at Pre-School today (7/3/07)

Taylor waiting at the airport for "Fairy Godmother Amy" (6/22/07)

Eating lunch with the birthday boy

Bathing Beauty

Ready for Jacob's birthday party (6/9/07)

Taylor at the movie theatre to see Shrek 3 (5/27/07)

Trying to distract a boy playing with magnets

Taylor and her best buddy Matthew (5/23/07)

Taylor and Daddy's 1st swim of 2007

Taylor's soccer picture - she didn't want to hold the ball...go figure

Team "Black"

    Top:  Willie, Grant, Cort, Taylor, Coach Shannon

    Bottom:  Joe, Simon, Nathan, Chris

    Missing:  Tony and Haley

Taylor and Coach Shannon with her soccer trophy (5/19/07)

Taylor doing "pretty ballet"

Taylor's first pigtails (5/11/07)

Gotta learn how to keep this kid occupied! (5/7/07)

I can't get enough of this shirt (5/1/07)

Taylor in her favorite "twirl" dress (4/22/07)

Thirsty girl from playing so hard...NOT!

Taylor before yet another soccer game

Simon and Taylor playing before soccer (4/28/07)

Warming up at another soccer game (4/21/07)

Taylor in her Princess Belle t-shirt (4/14/07)

Little Miss Soccer Attitude

Skipping down the soccer field

Daddy happy our team scored a goal

Watching the ball go past her

Game time

Taylor and Daddy waiting for the game to start

Daddy running warm up drills with the team

Taylor and Simon being silly

We should all be so lucky as to have a best buddy like this...

Warm up

Ready for another soccer game (4/14/07)

Fast asleep in her Dora tent

She's my daughter...this is as close to camping that she will ever get! (4/13/07)

Taylor's School Picture - Pink

Taylor's School Picture - Fur

Taylor's School Picture - Cowgirl

Simon ready for some soccer action

Walking to her game with Daddy

The back of Taylor's jersey

Taylor's 1st soccer game (3/31/07)

Running with the soccer ball

Running with Coach Shannon

Having fun at practice

Dribbling the ball at soccer practice (3/29/07)

Playing dress up with mommy's stuff

Trying on her newest summer hat

This is what happens when you say "go play while I feed your sister" (3/27/07)

Enjoying a "go-gurt" after school (3/25/07)

The final product

Moving right along with the egg dying

Amelia and her pink egg

Taylor and her blue egg

Dying their first eggs

Ready for an egg (and sniffing the vinegar mixture)

The 2 little artists ready to color Easter eggs

Little Miss Socialite

The girls in their handcrafted custom clothing

Taylor's final dress up product


Taylor and Amelia hit the "dress up" box (3/24/07)

Taylor in motion

Taylor and Nathan practicing their "balance" skills lol

Running back to the line after kicking a goal

Waiting for soccer practice to start (3/15/07)

Taylor eating dinner at the coffee table watching Dora (I'm not up for Mother of the Year)

Taylor watching Dora after school (3/12/07)

Taylor doing one of her chores (3/11/07)

Voila! All done!

She thought the hair clippies were hysterical

Getting her hair cut by Miss Bre

Taylor at Mommy's hair salon for a haircut (3/10/07)

The dynamic duo after a 30 minute practice

Playing with their teammate

Soccer practice

Kicking the soccer ball

Still working on "no hands"

Soccer practice with Cousin Simon

All ready for her 1st soccer practice (3/8/07)

My bathing beauty (3/6/07)

Soccer Diva #2

Soccer Diva #1 (3/5/07)

My two little computer geeks

One more shot of the ponytail

Admiring her ponytail

Taylor's 1st "REAL" ponytail (3/4/07)

Hurricanes Taylor and Joslynne

Taylor and Joslynne (3/3/07)

Taylor and Daddy (3/2/07)

Taylor showing her glitter lip gloss from Nana and Papa (2/28/07)

Caught red-handed with the peanut butter (2/23/07)

Taylor with her Valentines Day flowers from Daddy

Taylor's hand decorated shoe box with Valentines inside from her friends (2/14/07)

Taylor's Valentines for Pre-School

My little Dora the Explorer (2/11/07)

If this doesn't say "spoiled" I don't know what does!

Happy to have a Dora bag and book!

Opening some birthday presents (2/10/07)

3 year professional picture #12

3 year professional picture #11

3 year professional picture #10

3 year professional picture #9

3 year professional picture #8

3 year professional picture #7

3 year professional picture #6

3 year professional picture #5

3 year professional picture #4

3 year professional picture #3

3 year professional picture #2

3 year professional picture #1 (2/10/07)

Taylor's first day of Pre-School (2/5/07)

The t-shirt says it all...

A giant Dora puzzle!

Dora Candyland!

Opening her present from Uncle Matt (1/31/07)

Terrific to be Three!

Taylor's buddies Mark and Matthew having a cupcake

Taylor with her birthday cupcakes at school

Taylor showing how many old she is

Taylor on her birthday (1/29/07)

Taylor playing with her presents after a very long nap

Opening presents #8

Opening presents #7

Opening presents #6

Opening presents #5

Opening presents #4

Opening presents #3

Opening presents #2

Opening presents #1

Payton finally awake during the party

Matthew, Aidan & Connor eating cake

Eating cake

Blowing out her candles

Time for cake!

Family shot with the 3 year old!

Taylor and Amelia

Connor ate every last bite of his pizza

An overview of T's 3rd birthday party

Payton really enjoyed the pizza party!

Taylor with her birthday party lunch

Matthew (from school) and Amelia

Nathan being a good sport and letting me take his picture

Aidan & Connor patiently waiting for pizza

Taylor & Simon enjoying each other's company

Simon & Connor at T's birthday party

Taylor and her buddy Jacob

Taylor riding the ice cream truck at her party

Little Missy with her Dora birthday cake

Taylor in her birthday outfit (1/27/07)