Princess Taylor - the 5th Season

Age Four and beyond...

Taylor practicing for her first manicure - too bad this was as far as we got! (5/9/08)

Going down the slide with Hannah

Addison, Taylor, Miss Toni and Hannah

Going down the slide with Cassandra

Going down the slide with Cassandra and Hannah

Taylor on the bouncy slide at the Bright Horizons Spring Fling (4/11/08)

Artsy #3

Artsy #2

Just some artsy fartsy pictures before her "baby face" is completely gone

Another shot at my first attempt at double french braids

Taylor's first double french braids!  I've waited so long to do this! (4/10/08)

Enjoying her morning waffle (4/6/08)

Taylor during "quiet time" on Mom and Dad's bed

This is the final product of the clothing selection for "tomorrow"

This is step two of the clothing selection for "tomorrow"

This is step one of the clothing selection for "tomorrow" (3/18/08)

Taylor wore this headband ALL day at school on St. Patty's Day (3/17/08)

Taylor with her bear "Cutie" from Build-A-Bear (3/1/08)

Taylor enjoying her haircut (2/23/08)

Cassandra's Birthday Party 9 - Taylor and Hannah on the slide

Cassandra's Birthday Party 8 - Inflatable slide

Cassandra's Birthday Party 7 - In the middle of a giant leap in the foam pit

Cassandra's Birthday Party 6 - The giant foam pit (Taylor, Tyson, Addison)

Cassandra's Birthday Party 5 - The girls (From L to R:  Taylor, Nicole, Addison, Hannah, Cassandra, Stephanie)

Cassandra's Birthday Party 4 - Climbing

Cassandra's Birthday Party 3 - Hanging on the bars

Cassandra's Birthday Party 2 - Taylor in motion on the mats and the bars

Cassandra's Birthday Party 1 - Taylor and Addison (pre-schoolmate) on the runway trampoline (2/17/08)

Valentine's Day "cheese" in typical Taylor fashion

Taylor's cute Valentine's Day outfit (when did she become so grown up?)

The Valentine's Day cookie...I'm thinking pastry chef?!

Making a cookie at the Valentine's Day party

Passing out her Valentines to her classmates

Listening intently to the Valentines pass out rules

At her Valentine's Day party at Pre-School (2/14/08)

Taylor's Valentines for Pre-School that I made (2/10/08)

Taylor and Daddy at Snow Day

Taylor and Mommy at Snow Day at Bright Horizons (2/9/08)

A Royal Horse for her Aurora doll!

Woo Wee!  Her first tankini!

Taylor opening gifts from Great Aunt Debbie and Uncle Terry (1/31/08)

All 5 kids at Taylor's party

Opening doll house rooms from Payton

PHEW!  She liked it!

Opening her doll house from Mommy and Daddy

Concentrating on the Princess Primer book from Grammy and Papa

Cool Fairy book from Great Grandma Bowser

She concentrated very hard on opening the presents this year lol

Reading her Dora birthday card

Taylor and a not so happy Payton lol

Opening presents with Amelia's help

Princess Taylor ready to open presents

Aidan LOVED the cake frosting lol

More cake madness

Cake madness

Blowing out her candles

Getting ready to blow out her candles

Family picture on Taylor's birthday

Taylor and Amelia playing dress up at her party

Taylor's Hello Kitty cake

Taylor and her best friend Hannah

Taylor and her buddy Nicole

Taylor and her "cat art" on the Art Board

Taylor and her classmates enjoying birthday cupcakes

Taylor during the singing of "Happy Birthday"

Taylor's birthday celebration at pre-school (she helped her teacher make her crown)

Taylor at 6:50am on her 4th Birthday with her Hello Kitty birthday balloons (1/29/08)