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1/27/04:   Posted By:  Mom    Subject:  37 week Update!

WOOHOO!  37 week appointment was exciting.  I was able to see my actual Doc this time.  As of today I am almost 2cm dilated and still 50% effaced.  Guess all the wonderful pressure I've been feeling has meant something over the past week!  Doc said Taylor is right about 7 pounds now, which is kind of big for 37 weeks.  Basically, if I carry to term, she could be 8.5-9 pounds!  OH HELL NO!  So, Doc said if I haven't had her by 39 weeks, she will check the baby's size and see if I need to be induced.  Also, the swelling in my feet and legs has gotten a bit worse, so she's going to be on the lookout for signs of toxemia.  If my blood pressure starts to rise at all - INDUCTION TIME!  :)  I was briefed on when I should call the Doctor (how far apart my contractions need to be) and we are set up for our next appointment next Wednesday, 2/4 at 9am.  21 days to go...could be sooner!  Oh yeah, Doc did comment on how big Taylor's feet are - looks like she's got some Wilson genes!

1/20/04:   Posted By:  Mom    Subject:  9 Month Update!

Our 9 month Doc appointment was today.  9 MONTHS!  36 WEEKS!  *shock*.  Jarrod was able to come to this appointment and we left with all kinds of information.  My Doc was out delivering babies, so we saw the same Nurse Practitioner that we saw at our 8 month appointment.  First things first, her heart rate was 160!  Guess she gets antsy when I get hungry :-)  I am measuring right on schedule at 36 weeks.  I am 50% effaced, no dilation yet (NP says dilation doesn't usually happen in 1st timers until they are 90-100% effaced) and the baby is at a -2 station, meaning her head is in my pelvis, but not fully engaged yet.  We also had an ultrasound to verify her position.  She is definitely head down and she is facing the right way.  We saw her brain, her head (looks big now...maybe that's just my opinion), lungs (fully developed), stomach, bladder, heart and spine.  Oh yeah, we also saw her big ole Wilson feet that like to kick me at any given moment.  I asked the NP if I was going to deliver a 9 or 10 pounder and thankfully she said NO!  She's guessing Taylor will be somewhere between 7 or 8 pounds.  I think I can handle that.  Our next appointment is next Tuesday, 1/27 at 2pm.  Oh yeah, I officially have cankles now (no division between the calf and ankle) - I'm starting to retain a lot of water in my feet and lower legs.  Not real comfy, but only 28 days to go.  What's even more exciting is that I only have 18 days of work left!  WOOHOO!

1/7/03:    Posted By:  Mom    Subject:  8.5 Month Update!

Today was our 34 week check up.  I learned at today's appointment that I tested positive for Strep B (GBS) back when I was 8 weeks pregnant.  I am a tad bit upset that I am just learning about this now...but that's another story.  To sum it up, Strep B is a bacteria that has flared up in my body and while it does nothing to me, it can pass to the baby when she makes her run through the birth canal.  If she catches the bacteria, there are some pretty nasty infections she could get that would NOT be good.  SO, to make sure we have a healthy baby, I have to have two strong doses of penicillin BEFORE delivery.  The chances of her catching the bacteria after I've had the antibiotics are slim to none.  BUT, we will have to stay in the hospital a minimum of 48 hours after delivery so the pediatrician can do blood tests on her and make sure she is ok before we are released.  So, that was kind of a bummer.  But our goal is a healthy baby, so at least we know what to do and there is a "plan of action".  Other than that, Doc checked her heart rate and measured me.  I was too caught up on the whole GBS thing to ask the details on heart rate and measurements this time!  So...you'll have to wait until the next appointment for those details.  Speaking of, our next appointment is 1/20.  That appointment will mark the start of my once a week appointments, which means there isn't much time left before her big debut!  HOORAY!

12/23/03:    Posted By:  Mom    Subject:  8 Month Update!

Our 8 month check up was today.  We are now 32 weeks along.  Jarrod is on vacation so he was able to attend today's appointment with me.  My Doctor was unfortunately out of the office delivering babies, so we had to see the Nurse Practitioner.  I've gained another 3 pounds.  I'm very pleased with my overall weight gain and am hoping it stays in control over the remaining 8 weeks.  My glucose test came back fine - no gestational diabetes.  Taylor's heart rate was in the 140's today and I am measuring 30 weeks (a bit behind).  The Nurse Practitioner told us that Taylor is "head down" and she showed us what was her butt, back and head.  Taylor has been causing a tad bit of discomfort (all right, a lot of discomfort) because she likes to "hang out" high and on the right side of my abdomen.  It makes for some VERY uncomfortable moments.  All in all, it was pretty routine.  My appointments now move to every two weeks until I am 36 weeks, then I go every week.  So, next appointment is 1/6 .  Until then...patiently waiting!

11/26/03:    Posted By:  Mom    Subject:  7 Month Update!

Well, our 7 month check up was today.  We are 28 weeks (just started the 7th month).  Her heartbeat was 150 today and I am measuring 28 weeks - right on schedule.  I'll stop with the weight gain updates...lets just say the baby has a warm winter coat around her :)  Doc says everything looks good.  I had to do the 1 hour glucose test yesterday...Jarrod went with me so it wasn't too boring.  They also tested for anemia as I have been having some dizzy spells.  We did interview a pediatrician that was recommended to us - we decided he was "worthy" of treating our little bean...so we're all set there.  Other than that, we are just patiently waiting.  We have a lot going on in December and family coming into town throughout the month - so hoping that will make it go quick!  Doc did say she wouldn't let me go more than 1 week past my due date...so if all stays uneventful, 2/13 will be my last day at work and I will return 4/12.  That's about it.  Oh yeah...we start our birthing classes 12/8.  Three 3-hour classes. 
10/29/03:    Posted By:  Mom    Subject:  6 Month Update!

Had our 6 month appointment this morning.  Pretty routine again!  She checked the baby's heartbeat (so funny, about 3 months ago you really had to "find" the heartbeat - not now...put that doppler on my stomach and its THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP).  I am measuring 25 weeks (I am 24 weeks 1 day) but the ultrasound in the beginning of October was measuring me about 2-3 days behind.  Who knows.  All I know is 16 weeks to go! ;)  That's 112 days for those of you who know my "countdown" mania.  Oh yeah, I'm not to eager to share my weight gain anymore...but oh well.  I gained 7 POUNDS in the last 4 weeks!  I am now +11 for the entire pregnancy.  Doc said weight, labs and overall health are great!  She told us to get a car seat and find a pediatrician!  Next appointment is 11/26 and around that time I will have to do my "glucose" test to test for gestational diabetes and anemia.  Fun fun.  Other than that, our little girl has been an active gymnast for the past 4 weeks or so.  She kicks, punches, rolls and flips at any given time (even 3 and 5am).  Will keep you posted!  Until next month....

10/25/03:  We took the prenatal tour of Scottsdale Healthcare Shea today.  What a place!  Decided this is where we will deliver!

10/2/03:  IT'S A GIRL!  TEAM PINK!  No doubt about it this time around!

10/1/03:    Posted By:  Mom    Subject:  5 Month Update!

We're officially halfway done now! :)  Had our 20 week appointment today.  Baby's heartbeat is 151 (old wives tale says over 140 is usually a girl).  I've gained 1 more pound.  Nothing too exciting this time around EXCEPT...Doc wanted me to make an appointment for another ultrasound.  Baby was too small last time.  SO...radiology had a cancellation and we are getting our second chance at trying to find out the sex of the baby TOMORROW at 5PM!  Can't wait!  Other than that, I feel great...Jarrod and I are off to Rocky Point, Mexico Friday morning.  Going with about 20 people - same house we stayed in last year.  Will be sure to email you all tomorrow night!  Fingers crossed for a cooperative baby!

9/25/03:  First time I felt the baby move was today!

9/18/03:    Posted By:  Mom    Subject:  It's a ...

IT! :-)  What we do know: Baby has a brain, 2 kidneys, a heart, a stomach, 2 legs, 2 arms, fingers, toes and a cool looking spine.  Baby thought it would be fun to stay in the "leap frog" position through most of the whole ultrasound!  Radiologist said I am measuring about 3 days behind the Dr's due date - closer now to 2/20.  That being said, she couldn't yet see the 4 chambers of the heart, so I have to have another ultrasound in a couple of weeks.  She did say a couple times that she thinks its a girl, leaning towards a girl, 85% chance its a girl.  She said even though I am measuring a couple days behind, she usually sees some boy parts sticking out by now! ;)  So, now we just wait for the Dr. to call with the results of the ultrasound (about 5 business days) and she will tell me when to have another ultrasound (prolly 2-4 weeks).  That's all for now!  85% girl.  Hoping to up those odds in a few weeks!

9/3/03:    Posted by: Mom    Subject:  4 Month Update

Hello...4 month Dr's appt today!  I FINALLY heard the baby's heartbeat!  It was so cool!  140 beats per minute...it was nice and loud and strong this time!  Seems I'm having a wee bit of a problem gaining weight.  I've lost 2 pounds since my last appt, so for the whole pregnancy, I'm -1 pound from where I started.  Funny...I couldn't loose a pound when I wasn't pregnant and trying to loose weight.  So, I have a little "menu" of protein I need to eat...we'll see how it goes.  And, as of right now, there is 15 days, 6 hours and 21 minutes left until we get to find our what our baby is!  We find out on 9/18 at 5pm.  I bet that day at work drags on forever!  That's about all for now!  The next two weeks are going to DRAG ON FOREVER!

6/30/03:  1st Dr's appointment.

6/15/03:  We told our parents about their impending status as "grandparents"!

6/9/03:  Pregnancy test came back +++++!