Some of these videos we took using our digital camera.  To view them you will need QuickTime on your computer. 

Go here to download it.


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Taylor - batting practice #2 (4/20/08)


Taylor - batting practice #1 (4/20/08)


Taylor and Cassandra at the Spring Fling (4/11/08)


American Idol 2013? (4/10/08)


Easter Day - Egg Hunting at Grammy and Papa's house (3/23/08)


Taylor singing along with Noggin (3/18/08)


Payton walking like a Pro #2 (3/5/08)


Payton walking like a Pro (3/5/08)


Taylor & Makenna playing the Bee Game (3/1/08)


Payton Walking (1/30/08)


Celebrating Taylor's Birthday at Pre-School (1/29/08)


Taylor testing out her Princess Vanity (12/25/07)


Taylor and Payton riding the Jeep Christmas evening


Taylor riding her Jeep on Christmas morning


More Advent Play


Taylor being Taylor during the Advent Play


Taylor in the Sunday School Advent Play (12/2/07)


Payton LOVED the tissue paper from her gift from the Luxes! (11/12/07)


Payton eating her birthday cake (11/3/07)


This is how Payton gets around town (9/23/07)


More fun at the beach


Payton was not a fan of Newport Beach :-)


More good times at the beach


Taylor was SO excited to see the ocean (Newport Beach 9/2/07)


Jarrod humming BILLY JEAN during the Cranium game (8/4/07)


RATED PG-13 - Coco finally gets an answer in the game!  (8/4/07)


Payton's scream and clapping (7/29/07)

I don't know how to make it rotate, so tilt your head and enjoy.


Taylor bouncing on her Dora ball (7/21/07)

I don't know how to make it rotate, so tilt your head and enjoy.


Payton's pterodactyl scream (7/8/07)


Trying to get Payton to talk (6/11/07)


Payton bouncing in her exersaucer (6/7/07)


Fun in the tub (6/4/07)

Taylor's Pirate Song (6/15/07)

Taylor's Pirate Dance (6/15/07)

Taylor's Bedtime Prayers

Payton's 1st Bath